September 28, 2006

Number of crimes related to number of inhabitants – national comparisons

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Offences related to the number of inhabitants,

year 2001– Offences per 100,000 inhabitants

Source: www.interpol.com

Information of Denmark published these comparisons in 2003 on:

http://www.lilliput-information.com/emgintkrim.html  (without any reduced table)

No such thing will ever be avaible again

It is obvious that ”Homicides/Murder” and “Theft, totally” happened about twice as often in Sweden than in USA. “Rape” happened about 10% more often in Sweden compared with USA.

When it comes to ”Homicides/murder” and ”Rape” there still is a difference when you compare Sweden and Albania. “Homicides/murder” happened most infrequent in Finland and England, but about six times as often in Sweden compared with that. “Theft totally” was about twice as frequent in Sweden, when you compare to the other Nordic countries, and also more frequently than in England. Narco-criminality in Norway is about three times as frequent, when you compare with the other Nordic countries. The long coastline play an important role. Here is no available registrations for USA.

Table notes:Where the table shows a dash there are either no available registrations or the division of categories cannot be compared with the figures in other countries. There are other sexual characterised offences, but the categories do not seem to harmonize from country to country.

Description:If ”Serious assault” has been defined identical in the single countries is difficult to say. For a few of the countries registrations from year 2002 have been published.

Interpol’s table, last column assign room for figures of how many offences that were made by foreigners. None of the countries have any registrations here. As matters develop with naturalisations and a disordered account of population it is not becoming easier to divide the criminal offences between foreigners and the ordinary populations. To enlighten what is going on I have to tell that Finland has the most restrictive law of immigration, when you compare with the other Nordic countries.


A propos Sweden: ”It goes on very well for Sweden”, it is often said. But the need for the state to borrow increases from 27 (Amer.) billions sw.krones to 41 billions. That was the first forecast of the Bureau of State-Debt for 2004. The forecast is based on prosperity-business-cycles (compare the Keynes-theories that are just theories). The uncertainty is large for the future development, and the Bureau of State-Debt consider it likely that the state will need to borrow more, not less money. The Swedish State-Debt is rising and the amount is 1,517 billions or 1.517 (Amer.) trillions sw.krones (about $190 billions) now. The tax-revenue is decreasing substantial at the same time. Sweden had in average 8,909,128 inhabitants in 2001. What concerns Denmark is not entirely different, even though you hear something else.Denmark had 5,349,212 inhabitants in 2001.

Some supplements on especially New York and Washington in 2004:


More Endlish Files from the same group: http://danmark.wordpress.com/category/english-versions/



Joern E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics)

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