November 3, 2006

Out of Africa

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 A short extraction: 

Each year, more than 240,000 illegal African immigrants are entering Europe. Behind these huge operations of migrant trafficking are powerful criminal African and North African organizations which bribe the police, customs officials and other local officials as well as government ministers. Each illegal immigant has to pay up to 3000 Euros to the trafficking organizations. These mafia organizations receive some 300 million dollars (237 million Euros) annually for their clandestine services (bribing of officials, document forgery, etc.), according to a recent United Nations report (July 2006). Many of these organizations are run by Nigerians, the report says.[1] Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in Africa. The trafficking organizations offer complete packages. Sub-Saharan Africans first travel to Senegal, Mali and Niger from where they are transported accross the Sahara. The Nigerian traffickers cooperate with criminal organizations in North Africa. They also built strong networks in Europe. In southern Spain, for example, there are operational networks consisting of Moroccans, Algerians en Mauritanians. The networks are also very efficient in “shipping” thousands of Africans to the Canary Islands, putting them in large canoes or wooden boats (”cayucos”) and providing GPS (Global Positioning System for navigation)…….”

Read the whole article:  http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=vermaat82906.htm



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