November 15, 2006

We are Being Deceived with the Distribution of Criminal Acts – part 2

I Suppose the Truth has to be Told – or

perhaps rather not

– a retrospect of the two generation of welfare with respect to crimes and accounts of them, part 2

After new categories of counting were introduced in Denmark in 1991 – a small country with fewer inhabitants than Berlin or Paris – how did the Danish Ministry Justice then count the number of crimes in 2005 for 2004

The ministry of Justice made an account of criminal offences distributed between Danes and individuals with foreign origin. The account just includes the first generation of descendants with foreign origin. This is the fact when you look at the number of criminal acts, the offences of later generations are included in account of Danes. But much worse, the basic of population include just about half – probably less – of the group with foreign origin. This implies that the surplus criminality of immigrants is strongly overestimated.

Briefly explained: If few immigrants are here the spread of criminality seems much larger compared with the percentage of group of immigrants. That criminal acts done by later generations are counted as done by the Danes draws a bit in the other direction. Therefore the accounts of charges for 2004 cannot be of any use. This mess are fundamentally due to the registration based on the new concepts immigrants and descendants from 1991. Those concepts were/are not scientific reliable. The immigrants do not show a surplus criminalty of more than 5 times compare with Danes as the account shows, but rather 2-4 times depending of which offences of the Criminal Act you look at. It is correct that the surplus criminality is largest, when it comes to the crimes that give the hardest punishments.

Source: The unit of Investigation of Ministry of Justice: Charges 2004 distributed betweenbackground of immigration and countries of origin. http://www.jm.dk/image.asp?page=image&objno=73956

We recognize the most funny consequences of the official account via the information on for example TTV2 2005/10/02:

In the town Ringkoebing 46 Danes were charged, but 800 immigrants of 1000 individuals in the population. This implies a surplus criminality of 17.4 times. In another Danish town Assens 41 Danes and 400 immigrant of 1000 individuals in each population. This implies a surplus criminality of close to 10. It has to be underlined that the surplus criminality substantially origin from desendants of immigrants. In 2004 the surplus criminality among foreign youngones and children less than 18 years old in Copenhagen was 11.7 times, compare with http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/24/indvandrerkriminaliteten-blandt-unge-vokser-voldsomt/ (in Danish)

Anyway it was maintained in the information from TTV2 that the surplus criminality of the foreigners was accounted totally to 5 in the Denmark all in all. If had been true – the investigation from the Ministry of Justice does not mention it – there has been manipulated with some part of the investigation that has been published. Several times it has been maintained that the account has to be corrected due to the difference in the distribution of ages among immigrants and descendants compared with the distribution of ages among Danes, even thought the Danish population has not not have any influence in this choice either. If we ignore these hypoteses, we have to ask: If the surplus criminality really is of the official reported size among immigrants, especially among their descendants, can the surplus criminality then be even 3 times higher in Ringkøbing, a little fishers town in the Western Jutland, and 2 times higher in Assens than in the country as a whole. We don’t believe it, and for at good reason.

We actually had a good reason to expected the quite opposite: the surplus criminality was substantially higher in the big towns and in the city of Copenhagen.

It’s poor nonsense, and it will not be corrected with the form of account they are planning use.

We could get the suspicion that you to get to 5 times had to admit that there is a great deal more immigrants present in Denmark than we were told by the media, and we could try to control in at defect system of even official accounts. A more correct System-Population-Account is what is needed. The Danish Minister of Justice and other can study this system on : http://www.lilliput-information.com/atda.html (in Danish)

Go to history behind in part 1


J. E. Vig, Denmark


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