November 16, 2006

Back to Reality

Back to Reality

Dansk version

Most of the European welfare systems are to a high degree built on tax-payments and public expenditures distributed over the lifetime. That’s the reason why they were heading for ruin from the beginning. In Denmark the non-Western immigrants cost the society, in the end the businesses, 2.5 mio. ddk an individual in average a lifetime, the Danes cost 750,000 ddk in average (the difference is a factor 3.3). These calculations origin directly from the Danish official Welfare Commission that was reported in the newspaper Boersen 1 December 2005.

Let the green oval illustrate the Danish public sector, and the blue the private, free trading sector in the figure below.

As matters stand in Denmark it is impossible to force the development from the upper to lower structural relation of sector sizes, because the public sector drains the possibilities of private sector too much to make innovation and expansion along with all the other costs. If we continues to demand a public sector of a size almost as the present in the long, there has to be a temporary reduction of the public sector.

There are no other possibilities and the international competition forces us to act today instead of tomorrow or we shall loose every public impact.

The red arrow shows the impossible or the ideological way. The black arrows shows the possible way. There is no other way. If the structures are not changed very soon in the two biggest European nations on the mainland, and even if international competition combined with the steadily increasing problem of financing welfare made by the increasing share of pensioners and at the same time the decreasing accession to the labour force plus the self-created miss of a solution to the problem with fertility – illustrated in the calculation on Danish relations in the first part – Europe will go bankruptcy again or become an Arab caliphate. ‘Eurabia’ is just an ideological construction in good distance to reality.
The more years the solution is postponed the bigger a collapse.

It is pure mathematic.


J. E. Vig, Denmark


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  2. […]  Up Re: A fairy tale of 1001 nights – from H C Andersen country Denmark    Author: Sonia Date: Nov 29, 2006 14:47 As I see it: The same ideological elite stirve for total control. In doing so it has to have a crowd of subjects by which they may explain their public doings. As the tax-based welfare state grew in size they had to call for almost all the women to go to work too. The main purpose of all this was taxpayments/tax-revenue and nothing else and by this a steadily growing public sector. Then the women stopped giving birth the second perhaps the third child, and with long educations they began to give birth for the first time – if they did – at much higher age. The total result of taxation made a lot Danes unemployed. The high educated women seldom got more than one child if any child at all, and unemployed did not dare to give birth. Result: Too few children to replace the deads from 1981. So from 1983 they began "to import" the problems from all over the world. Before the welfare state 2/3 of all Danes lived in their own houses on one income. Today they have biggest problems to pay the rent without two incomes. For further delopment of the unlimited public need and unlimited public satisfaction – in the brains of ideologists. Ideologists of all kinds are the same: They have a book telling them how the world should have been, and especially how the human being should have been. The book give them the way to tranforme the world and human being to fit into the theory written in the book. The only problem every ideologists has is this: The world and the human beings are something else, much different from prototype from textbook. This fact disturb the mind of the ideologist, and he/she concludes: We just have to get rid of the wrong ones, then we will get the world we aimed for in our theoretical consciousness of which their whole lives are depending of. Shortly spoken: Theory simply has everything for the purpose the goal (in the clouds from where you cannot see and hear the earth)… everything but the one single thing that is needed. (Freely after Soeren Kierkegaard) Don’t ask for the judge, he will decide in end with the help of his unideological but still earthly small helpers. The other judges were appointed by the idelogists anyway. So their jobs are that of marionets. Sonia connections: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/top-and-buttom/ http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/10/29/danish-account-of-population-a-farce/ http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/11/02/hvorfor-lyver-de-om-andelen-fremmede-i-holland-sverige-og-danmark/ We have the total Danish welfare history in Danish too right from the beginning, nothing has been left to casualty: http://nytdanmark.blogspot.com/2006/05/dansk-velfaerds-historie.html Back to reality: https://dissidentpress.wordpress.com/2006/11/16/back-to-reality/ If you heart is filled use your brain Michael Laudahn eOpposition wrote: > Found at > http://dendanskeforening.dk/side1-cid-1-aid-1385-mid-1-params-2.html > > Original at > http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/11/25/liberalen-tabte-internationalen-vandt-med-bedrag/ > > > ‘Liberalists’ lost – ‘internationalists’ (who basically are identic) > won by cheating > > > The Rockwool foundation has now reached the same result which > Velfærdskommissionen furnished a year ago. > > The group of non-western immigrants as a total receives twice the > amount of cash aid and cash-equivalent services, than this same group > as a total pays into the cash register through taxes and duties. Put > differently, non-western immigrants charge the public sector – which > gets its spending power from economy and tax-payers – on average twice > as much as they contribute. > > That’s the way the development has gone since 1984, the year we got the > famous ’83 foreigners law, which basically opened the country for free > access and stay within its borders, while the foreigners’ legal matters > were treated applying appeal after appeal, along with a reversed onus > of proof and a worldwide jurisdiction. > > The present government has the absolute majority, included the party > that tolerates it; but nothing has happened. As the country’s best > brains had warned right from the start how the result would look like, > one imagined that they (tn: the government) would find to reason, after > all. > > However, this is as illusory as the idea that the worst ideologists > would convert to the world of reality. > > The treason committed against the country is so heavy and the situation > so comfortable for the worst (tn: the foreigners), that this > development may continue until the total deletion of the danes. > > The balance equation from the country of the blissful (theory): influx > of non-western migrants = growth of the number of non-westerners, > covered by naturalisation documents = number of fled ethnic danes. > > According to the balance equation from the country of the blissful > (practice), the exchange of the country’s rightful citizens procedes as > planned, quietly and calmly, even unnoticeably. Of course, this costs > enormous amounts and expensive standstill, which has been determined > through calculations by Rockwool and the former Velfærdskommission. > But just imagine how good the country will be once the population has > totally been exchanged against non-westerners. > > On the way there, there sure was plenty of noise at the warning > signals, and the economy didn’t get the manpower they allegedly were > short of. The danes were good for nothing, and public servants steered > – along with the ‘internationalists’ of the redeemer industry (tn: > Oxfam & co) – the influx of new foreign clients into the country, whom > the public officials in charge were supposed to practice their art on > and earn their living with. > > Behold, this is a true fairy tale. And they all lived happily ever > after. > > > > > > — > > Anglo-saxon limitations to free speech: > > ‘… things like child pornography, false statements that result in > demonstrable harm (defamation), the exposure of national security > information, commercial fraud, and the proverbial shouting of "Fire!" > in a crowded theater’ – nothing else. > > http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/012/055sbhvq.asp no comments diggit! del.icio.us! reddit! […]

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