November 25, 2006

Does EU Attract the Capital?

From : http://www.finfacts.com/irelandbusinessnews/publish/article_10006611.shtml

“EU25 Foreign Direct Investment 2005; Ireland has disinvestment of €20bn, UK biggest FDI player
By Finfacts Team Jul 18, 2006, 11:10

In 2005, EU25 FDI1 (foreign direct investment) in extra-EU25 countries (outflows) increased by 19%, to €153 billion compared to €129 bn in 2004, while FDI into the EU25 from the rest of the world (inflows) increased by 23%, from €57 bn in 2004 to €70 bn in 2005.

These increases were strongly influenced by EU25 flows with North America. In 2005, the EU25 invested €26 bn in the USA and €9 bn in Canada, compared with €7 bn and €2 bn respectively in 2004. The USA invested €18 bn in the EU25 in 2005 and Canada €7 bn, compared with US investment of €15 bn and Canadian disinvestment of €3 bn in 2004. Excluding North America, EU25 investment in other extra-EU25 countries fell by 2% in 2005, while investments coming from the rest of the world excluding North America remained stable…”

Notice: Luxembourg and Holland compare with table on link represent big investment amounts, covered by financial Holding Companies that are foreigned with international bank connections in Luxembourg and Holland, but with small or no local activity in any member country.


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