November 28, 2006

Europe and Western Europe

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Europe and Western Europe

By Fjordman 28-11-2006


“I keep hearing the claim that “Europe is lost to Islam,” but Islam is more vulnerable than it appears, and Europe is a big place consisting of many rather different countries. Still, although I hope most of Europe can be saved, I cannot discount the possibility that certain areas or nations in Western Europe will indeed be destroyed by the immigration we are witnessing now. Some natives from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Britain and Sweden are already emigrating, but where are they leaving to? Most observers take it for granted that they will move to the United States, Canada and Australia, but these countries have Multicultural problems of their own, although not yet as severe as those in Europe. The most “European” countries of South America, for instance Chile, is another possibility, but one region is frequently overlooked: The formerly Communist countries of Eastern Europe…”

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