November 30, 2006

The Background – From A Realistic Point Of View

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As I would like to see it:

The same ideological elite stirve for total control. In doing so it has to have a crowd of subjects by which they may explain their public doings.
As the tax-based welfare state grew in size they had to call for almost all the women to go to work too.
The main purpose of all this was taxpayments/tax-revenue and nothing else and by this a steadily growing public sector.
Then the women stopped giving birth to the second perhaps the third child, and with long educations they began to give birth for the first time – if they did – in much higher age.
The total result of taxation and draining too high wages from businesses as well made a lot of Danes unemployed. The high educated women seldom got more than one child if any child at all, and unemployed did not dare to give birth. Result: Too few children to replace the deads from 1981.
So from 1983 they began “to import” the problems from all over the world with a law of insane including a jurisdiction extended to the whole world.
Before the welfare state 2/3 of all Danes lived in their own houses on one income. Today they have the biggest problems to pay the rent for the family without two incomes.
For further development of the unlimited public need and unlimited public satisfaction – in the brains of ideologists.
Ideologists of all kinds are the same: They have a book telling them how the world should have been, and particulary how the human being should have been.
The book give them the way to transform the world and human being to fit into the theory written in the book.
The only problem every ideologists has is this: The world and the human beings are something else, much different from the prototypes of textbook.
This fact disturb the mind of the ideologist, and he/she concludes:
We just have to get rid of the wrong ones, then we will get the world we aimed for in our theoretical consciousness of which their whole lives depends.

Shortly spoken:
Theory simply has everything for the purpose, the goal (in the clouds from where you cannot see and hear the Earth)… everything but the one single thing that is needed.
(Freely after Soeren Kierkegaard)

Don’t ask for the judge, he will decide in end with the a little help from his unideological but still earthly small helpers.

The other judges were appointed by the idelogists anyway. So their jobs are those of marionets.

We have the total Danish welfare history in Danish too right from the beginning, nothing has been left to casualty:

Back to reality:

A new monetary system:

If you heart is filled use your brain


Please, tell us how you see the background and the reasons to what is happening, and I will bring your comment as an entry on this blog


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