February 20, 2007

Half of the total birth cohort in Denmark are children of the most foreing immigrants

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Total fertility in Denmark (a very small country of 5,447,084 inhabitants all in all) is officially reported to be 1.75 child per women. When the most foreign immigrants give birth to 3.5 child per woman in average, and we know for sure, even a figure of this magitude has even reported earlier from Denmark’s Statistics until the end of the 1990s, the Danish women give birth to between 1.05 and 1.30 child in average. The most foreign immigrants then gave birth to about the half of the total birth cohort in Denmark in 2006, when we presuppose that the official reported number of the total population, the total number of births and the total number of deaths are correct reported. This is simple mathematics.

Read total correct account of Danish population concerning 2006 at: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2007/02/18/dansk-befolkningsregnskab-for-2006/ (in Danish)

Speed of influx of immigrant rised by 28 p.c. in 2006, speed of influx of most foreign immigrants rised by 14 p.c. :
http://www.lilliput-information.com/dk07.html (in English)

Corrected status of account of population i Denmark Januar 1 2006:
(in English)

Correction population prognosis Januar 1 2006

http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/20/prognose-pa-korrigeret-befolkningsgrundlag/ (in Danish)

The day’s motto: Be prepared!

Jens Nielsen

February 18, 2007

There are several good proposals – most of them are far from truth

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There are several good proposals – most of them are far from truth

The debate is running right now: http://hodja.wordpress.com (in Danish)
and at

Debate here (in English)

The number of Muslims among the immigrants

(No Western country has legislation that permits registration of religion)

Historian and reporter Lars Hedegaard’s estimation of the number of Muslims in Denmark August 1 2004 in Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten was as far from reality as you can almost get. He counted to 200,000 muslims in Denmark from some random register of names at Denmarks Statistics. Why not the weather forecast? Source has disappeared, indeed: http://www.jp.dk/indland/artikel:aid=2538202/

  1. What decides under the politically correctness is repetitions in the media without any contradictions. Lars Hedegaard certainly succeeded, indeed. Institute of Name Research, University of Copenhagen rejected his summer-activity 2004 as a satirical joke. You do not convert religion by naturalization, and you are not sterilized either by just receiving a letter from Folketinget. Price: ddk 1000 per head.
  2. Your children do not convert from Islam – death penalty according to Sharia! 192,871 have been granted the Danish citizenship since 1979. Their children and their grandchildren the same. More than 90 p.c. of all naturalizations concern most foreign immigrants (outside Western Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand) of which about 75 p.c. originate from muslim dominated countries/areas.

You can then expect a little more than 500,000 in Denmark included the naturalized and their descendants. You do not come much closer to reality than this per January 1 2006.

To this you can add 75%*11.087 for 2007 plus the number born children with muslims parents in 2007 (which is not registred).

They contributed to the development of Danish population by lack of children among the Danes – atmost the half of the needed 2.05-2.1 child a woman in average – and even got the population to rise by 19,625 to 4,447,084 January 1 2007

A half of the Birth Cohort in Denmark

February 18 2007

J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (economics)

February 16, 2007

The Danish Account of Population is a Farce – and been for 16 years

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The statistical account of immigrants a Farce in Denmark

“The statistics are useless. It certainly does not incount the number of a lot of decendants. Some immigrants of second generation leave the statistics, because their parents get the Danish citizenship. Other are not even registered, and the entire third generation of immigrants is not included in the official account.”

Member of the Danish Parliament Eyvind Vesselbo reports this – unfortunately 15 years too late – about the problems with the Danish accounts of population including the individuals of foreign background in five articles October 2nd 2006, three articles in Berlingske Tidende, one i Aarhus Stiftstidende, and one in Randers Amtsavis.

Thinktank member Erik Bonnerup and Eva Hofman-Bang, director of the School of Commerce in Ishoj and Taastrup agree with Vesselbo. Both of them underline however that they just focuse on the problem with the accounts related to the so-called integration and the problems in this connection.

Minister of Integration Rikke Hvilshoj who followed Bertel Haarder on the post refuses that the official statistics are problematic.

One of the articles in Berlingske Tidende October 2nd 2006 was actually aninterview of confirmation with E. Vesselbo by jte(?). In this way the newspaper secures that Vesselbo does not go off the rails. His answer to one of the five sharp one about the political motives behind his critic: “ Yes, if you say that is just the second generation of immigrants that has problem in the schools, you are wrong. And this has to be handled with. When you have an account, you could as well get the right one”, Vesselbo answers.

These five article on the foreigners’ statistical account were incidentitally the only ones on the subject in Danish newspapers for the last two years. Even not in February 2006 when a corrected account for the last 26 years of citizenships by naturalization and births was presented we were meant to hear or read anything at all on this subject. Both innovations went in due form to the whole Danish Press.

It was of no interest.

Why? :

  • The question of the real number of foreign immigrants and their decendants January the 1st 2006 is not a subject that the Danes have know anything realistic about.
  • How the number of foreigners will increase for the next 40-50 years is not a subject to be concerning the Danes.
  • When the Danes do not know some realistic facts they are not able to correspond verbally to what they are told.
  • Call it a Democracy?

That the consequences of the continuing intake that even increased last year is becoming a catastrophe within a very short range of years, has to held secret.Yes, even if the immigration were stoped right now, the catastrophe would just be postponed 10-12 years.

Six Good Reasons: http://www.lilliput-information.com/six.html orhttp://lilliput-information.blogspot.com/2006/03/six-good-reasons.html orhttps://dissidentpress.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/22/

Correction of 26 years’ defects: http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html

Especially the number of Turks and Pakistanis: http://www.lilliput-information.com/engtyda.html

Our Future – Interested? : http://lilliput-information.blogspot.com/2005/10/our-future-demografically.html

Will Europe be darkened: http://www.lilliput-information.com/engeudark.html

Europe does not need immigrants: https://dissidentpress.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/europe-does-not-need-immigrants/

Welfare a practically Study: http://lilliput-information.blogspot.com/2005/11/welfare-practical-study.html

The Swedes a minority year 2050, say at Swedish official researcher:http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/20/svensk-forskerne-svenskerne-i-mindretal/ (in Danish)

Danish University Professor cannot use the official statistic of population: http://www.lilliput-information.com/forehel.html (in Danish)

29 October 2006

J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics)

February 14, 2007

Sweden will be taken over by Muslims – but Denmark has read the writing on the wall (??)

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For your orientation – hope somebody will forward this email or send an email with the same content under his own name.

The Weekly Standard
1150 17th Street, NW
Suite 505
Washington, DC 20036


“Sweden are being taken over by muslims but in Denmark has read the writing on the wall concerning the muslims immigration”

Dear Weekly Standard
To the editor

The basic reason why you can wrongly write on your frontpage that the rulers in Denmark have read the writing on the wall concerning muslim immigration is explained in English here:


Absolutely nothing but unfulfilled expectations have happened in Denmark. Immigration continued at an even 28% higher speed in 2006 than the year before:

Qualified documentation of this in Danish based on a corrected version of the Danish account of population – that has been called “chaos before order” since 1991:


Six Good reason why we should count them correctly

You have perhaps the media power contribute to make it even more catatrophic than it already is by suppressing of the truth further or at least secure it will remain suppressed longer than necessary. Why not be informed by facts and reason?

Thanks, Yours Sincerely

from an allied in the coalition

Director J. E. Vig, M. Sc.(Economics)
Information of Denmark

“If your heart is filled use your brain”

February 8, 2007

Mark Steyn – a remarkable personality

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Mark Steyn:

Described as “an idiot of the week” or characterized by “arrogance of no bounds”:

Substantial supplements:


Jens Nielsen

Preparation of Terror in Balkan

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Dr. Shaul Shay holds the rank of Colonel in the Israeili Army. He is a graduate of the Israeli National Defense College and completed both MA and PhD at Bar Ilan University in Political Science – International Affairs. Dr. Shay is a lecturer at Bar Ilan University, senior research fellow of the International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzilya and heads the Department of Military History of the IDF.

Buy this book

Dr. Shaul Shay is really controversial in his view:

“Shay believes that it is, “Incorrect to analyze the war in the Balkans [Bosnia and Kosovo] as the war between Christianity and Islam. The conflict was based on political and humanitarian ground. The western support was significant in protecting Muslims in both wars, mainly in Kosovo.” Shay claims that, the West intervened to prevent, “ethnic cleansing and crimes against the Muslims. I am afraid that people at that time,” continues Shay, “ did not take into consideration a long-term consequence of the emergence of these Islamic terror infrastructures in the Balkans….”

Read about it on: http://www.serbianna.com/columns/borojevic/049.shtml

Jens Nielsen
Will Europe be Darkened

Warning Indicators for the Development

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According to: http://www.serbianna.com/columns/borojevic/049.shtml

“The war in the former Yugoslavia ended eight years ago but illegal arms trade and training of Islamic terrorists continues across the Balkans, particularly in Bosnia and Kosovo currently administered by EU / UN Missions.
Reports of such developments came also from Gregory Copley. In his article “Strong warning indicators for new surge in European Islamic terrorism” he says that, “Intelligence sources in the Balkans and Middle East indicate that the Iranian and Osama bin Laden terrorist networks, assets and alliances built up in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Southern Serbia and elsewhere in the Balkans are preparing for significant new slate of operations.””

Jens Nielsen

Will Europe be darkened: http://www.lilliput-information.com/engeudark.html

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