February 14, 2007

Sweden will be taken over by Muslims – but Denmark has read the writing on the wall (??)

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For your orientation – hope somebody will forward this email or send an email with the same content under his own name.

The Weekly Standard
1150 17th Street, NW
Suite 505
Washington, DC 20036


“Sweden are being taken over by muslims but in Denmark has read the writing on the wall concerning the muslims immigration”

Dear Weekly Standard
To the editor

The basic reason why you can wrongly write on your frontpage that the rulers in Denmark have read the writing on the wall concerning muslim immigration is explained in English here:


Absolutely nothing but unfulfilled expectations have happened in Denmark. Immigration continued at an even 28% higher speed in 2006 than the year before:

Qualified documentation of this in Danish based on a corrected version of the Danish account of population – that has been called “chaos before order” since 1991:


Six Good reason why we should count them correctly

You have perhaps the media power contribute to make it even more catatrophic than it already is by suppressing of the truth further or at least secure it will remain suppressed longer than necessary. Why not be informed by facts and reason?

Thanks, Yours Sincerely

from an allied in the coalition

Director J. E. Vig, M. Sc.(Economics)
Information of Denmark

“If your heart is filled use your brain”


  1. I believe the swedes need to stick up for themselves or the country and its
    beauty in peace will be takin over by aribs and muslims. Whoever is setting the
    rules for this insane imigration is insane. If this does not stop the country
    is lost forever. “LOST FOR EVER”. A perfect example is the city of Malmo. Crime
    is the highest its ever been. Rape is the highest its ever been and schools are
    set on fire almost on a daily basis. The real question is who will survive the sword of the muslims? The wall to nowhere. The political people on highchairs that do
    nothing about this should be thrown to the radical muslims (The lions den) So they
    can wake up and smell the coffe. Are the people that have control over the rules
    going to forfeit everything that their forefathers have worked for? If their
    forefathers knew about this, they would have beaten some since out of these
    people. Are they going to die in their graves knowing that they wimped out?

    Comment by Wes — May 26, 2010 @ 10:00 am

    • What your fear I am afraid is going to happen. Perhaps some of the Swedes
      will try regain their country, but it is too late, if we do not have a war.

      Comment by jensn — May 31, 2010 @ 3:59 pm

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