March 4, 2007

Fascists, Death Cult Devotees and Camp Followers of the Media are the ingredents in the Coctail

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Fires in the streets, burning cars, smashed shops and stores and destroyed schools – Christianhavns Gymnasium and another school i Hjörring. I would say: not typically Danish.

The media abroad are astonished.

But why, it’s just like Paris and Lyon.

Responsibility: The authorities let the youngsters occupy a house belonging to somebody else for years. The authorities let Copenhagen be overswamped by officially 30 p.c. youngsters – less than 18 years old descendants of immigrants from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa – in reality even a much bigger percentage.

Please, don’t establish an useless investigation-group for research to find out this time.

I have just told you the truth.

Shortest formulation: Figureheads are lying


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