April 26, 2007

Europe has three choices – or in reality rather two

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An extraction:

The Much Exaggerated Death of Europe
by Richard John Neuhaus

Copyright (c) 2007 First Things (May 2007).

“Philip Jenkins begs to differ. But first a word on the discussion that prompts his dissent. Over the years, FIRST THINGS has devoted substantial attention to the thesis that Europe is a dying continent. In the fine phrase of David Hart, Europe is dying of “metaphysical boredom.” We were among the first to give a sympathetic hearing to the work of Bat Y’eor, who
argues that Europe is, probably irreversibly, on the way to becoming “Eurabia.” Catastrophically low birth rates, combined with a burgeoning Muslim population, led the sage Bernard Lewis to comment in 2004: “Current trends show that Europe will have a Muslim majority by the end of the twenty-first century at the latest. . . . Europe will be part of the Arab West-the Maghreb.”

Then there was George Weigel’s “Europe’s Problem-and Ours” (February 2004), later expanded into his influential book The Cube and the Cathedral, in which he asks us to envision the prospect of a “Europe in which the muezzin summons the faithful to prayer from the central loggia of St. Peter’s in Rome, while Notre Dame has been transformed into Hagia Sophia on the Seine – a great Christian church become an Islamic museum. “Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum writes in National Interest that Europe is faced with three choices, two of them very stark: peaceful integration of its Muslim population; a reversal of immigration policy, joined to a brutal campaign to expel Muslims; or an Islamic takeover of Europe. ….” end of extraction

Comments from here:

Three choices??

When the first choice presumes a third alternative to lies the number of choices is reduced to between two aternatives.


April 17, 2007

From Sweden, this fine video-report on Balkan

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Ses the movie “The albanian Brooklyn connection” (50 min) to understand that all countries in Europe will have to react in the way Serbia did:



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