July 15, 2007

Immigration-costs in Sweden amounts to almost 29.7 p.c. of the public budget (in 2001)

Immigration-costs in Sweden
amount to almost 29.7 p.c. of the public budget (in 2001)

Dansk udgave

It is the largest expenditure on the public Swedish Budget, but you cannot find it. Associated professor Lars Jansson publiced the book ‘Mångfall eller Välfärd’ in 2002. Latest Jansson refers to the period The Economist from June 2003 that writes Sweden is tortured by big economic problems caused by the burdens of the tremendous immigration, and that Sweden is the poorest country in Scandinavia today.

In the preface of the book Jansson writes: “The Swedes cliam information of the price of immigration, and how it has been financed. The immigrants cause the biggest expenditure of the public budget. Every municipality ought to give the information about the price of immigration.” Jansson estimates the immigration cost of the Swedish state to $33 bill. And refers to that just $778 mio has been shown on the Swedish public budget.

(In Swedish:)
Lars Janssons original calculation method is shown in the book “Mångkultur eller välfärd”, June 2002.

The economic load of Denmark caused by the foreign immigrants amounted officially to $1.63 bill. of a total public budget of about $86 bill. We had to correct this strongly misleading official expenditure: In 1997 the immigrant load in Denmark amounted to more than $15 bill., in 2001 to more than $22 bill.

Documentation of the corrected immigrant-expenditure in Denmark: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/21/immigrant-load/

When Sweden has more than the doubled number of immigrants compared with Denmark and also a substantial extra unemployment we find it a little funny to experience that the immigrants officially just cost a little more than the half of those in Denmark.

The load–budget has earlier been used to estimate expenditures of children, pensioners and school-children in Denmark.

The $22 bill. in Denmark is an estimate of course, but it is light years closer to reality than the public figure that does not even pay the rent of the flats of the immigrants.

After the Danish Welfare Commission wrote in the newspaper Borsen December 1st 2005 that the foreign immigrants consume 40 p.c. of the total welfare in Denmark caused by the facts that they are paid transfers and consume public service more than three times as often compared with the Danes, our calculation has become a little easier. Thanks to the commission.

In Sweden and in Denmark the power brokers have chosen the welfare-consuming foreigners and do without welfare to the weakest Danes already.

England 2006, Immigrants drain the economy:

Jansson wrote: “A relatively expensive welfare was chosen in Sweden as well as in Denmark caused by a collective tax-financing over a lifetime (not taking or even taking into account the droping of fertility among Westeners). But the need for jobs has also driven the cost of the immigrants to destructive proportions.”

The Swedish and the Danish alternative calculation of the immigrant-load are totally independent, but the result is that the doubled number of immigrants cost about the doubled amount of money in almost the same culture. Not surprising, I hope.

But will the power brokers take the consequence of this?

Latest update concerning Sweden (In Swedish:) Invandringens Ekonomi januar 2004 en sammenligning af Lars Janssons og Jan Ekbergs beregningmetoder: http://www.bgf.nu/kostnader/ie.html


Complement dealing with the actual results of tax-financed welfare model (including the decreasing and matching fertility) :


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