October 28, 2007

The first and also the last ideology

The first hidden disastrous ideology-lie is the last in the 20th and also in the 21th Century – exposed in a very short version

That ideologies have their starting point in the systems of ideas of Hegel and of Platon a.o. can definitely not be refused. But it is very faulty to disregard the general influence of the thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment have had on the emerge of the idea about a community of the world starting with the Socialistic Internationale in the 1840s. That is what is done e.g. in the book signed by Henry Morgenthau Junior (the former American Finance Minister) just after World War II. ‘Germany is our problem’ is the title. It was written by H. D. White (originally Weiss) but signed by H. Morgenthau. “Theological considerations”, John Maynard Keynes – who was chosen to make the bizarre agenda of macro-economics in the Western World after World War II – called the similiar reactions after the World War I (i 1919).

Doctor Wundt and his bestial experimenthal-psychology should have been mentioned as well as Hegel and his mad philosophy about God’s consciousness before the Creation. It is not fair to ignore Wundt’s internationalism. Now we perhaps can see why. Perhaps The Truth… from which this is an extract will help you further. “They, who sign the Versailles Treaty will sign the death sentence to many millions of men, women and children”, J. M. Keynes wrote on page 147 in his book ‘The Economic Conquences Of ´The War’, published December 12th 1919. He was thinking of Germans.

To ignore communism at the same time he proposes that Germany is transformed to an agriculture-state can not be ascribed to wise American thinking. Other explanation are certainly needed. Communism is dead. Oh, I see, I did not notice. What about Comm-UN-ism.
Germany could supply about 40 mill. with foodstuffs, when Germany was an agriculture nation, John M. Keynes wrote. So early in the industrial development it would have had the consequence that about 15 mill. have had to try to emigrate from Germany, Keynes wrote. Keynes also goes through the pure possibilities that such an emigration-project might have succeded. An accept of the consequences of a similiar arrangement after the World War II, as proposed by Morgenthau, has to build on even worse – let us say the same – ‘theological considerations’.

I wonder if another puppet will propose the same solution for the third time, when the European Union collapses with the EURO. Notice that Internationalism of today was the first and last ideology in reality since 1776.

Short on Science – development

‘if your heart is filled use your brain’


Ideology replaces reality

Ideology replaces reality

07/17/2007 on http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1195 Fjordman claimed as following:

“American military historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson talks about how mass immigration is the product of a de facto alliance between the Libertarian Right and the Multicultural Left. The economic Libertarians can be represented by Swedish writer Johan Norberg, author of the book In Defence of Global Capitalism. Norberg can have valuable insights into the flaws of the Scandinavian welfare state model. However, his commitment to a “free market, open border” ideology blinds him to the threat posed by Muslim immigration, an ideological blind spot that is almost as big as the ones we find in Marxists. According to him, “at the moment there is a problem. The right supports one part of globalisation — the free movement of capital and goods – while the left tends to support another part, the free movement of people.”

An ideologist does certainly not understand reality; or it is simply not his intentions to do so. Victor Davis Hanson I have to conclude understand. In a Libetarian’s limited vector-space of a certain number of variables culture and religion for example have no impacts on the teoretical model – mostly because they have not found suitable ways to measure the possible impacts teoretically.

Reality has been drawn for example psychedelically, and thereby perhaps it is replacing life, but this does not matter, as the model of life has priority one. Next to the model of life, death (to dissidents) gets priority two.

You cannot talk about a taxfinanced welfare-system that is neatral over the lifetime in a meaningful way (except for holding a Marxist-agenda) allowing fertility to drop, and as a implication of this forbid the distribution of ages to change, if you base this model of more than 1-2 generations (the selfishness in the ideological top has been described).

It is easy in the model of life, but it is impossible in reality. All ideologies has the same ends: Joined happiness for the camp followers and death to the dissidents. All ideologists Fjordman included are bound to express their potential warnings against things they have not understood themselves.

Islam, a lot of Libertarians and a lot of multicultural Internationalists are still on that same lime twig.

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J. E. Vig, 28 october 2007

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