November 28, 2007

US Agenda and EU Agenda with opposite priority

Some of what happened after the exposure with

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Tech Central Station Bio – Reiter

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Documentary)

International Herald Tribune 1/11/07
as reprinted on Paul Driessen’s EcoImperialism.com

Financial Post (Canada) 04/06/06
Open Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The EU-View:

Let the Bali Eurospin Begin
November 28, 2007| Chris Horner, CEI
EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas gave a press conference to claim victory where there is none, which message was picked up by the home-grown press and doubtless to be recycled at the upcoming talks in Bali, and reminding us more than any other issue “climate change” statements out of Europe require parsing.

Global Warming Well Down List of Issues, Even for Democrats
November 27, 2007| Iain Murray, CEI
It is often suggested that global warming and/or the environment is becoming more important in deciding how Americans vote. The latest poll figures, from the Washington Post and ABC News, suggest that for Democrats in the crucial state of Iowa, that is far from the case.

EU Claims Perfect Accounting (Whatever Its Auditors Might Say)
November 27, 2007| Chris Horner, CEI
The European Commission’s reply–“Any allegation that there would have been double counting is pertinently incorrect.”


Ideology has replaced Reality – even the news make distance to reality and misses their contents

Ideology has replaced reality – and very soon you have an example of an idelogical end in Denmark

07/17/2007 on http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1195 Fjordman claimed as following:

“American military historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson http://www.victorhanson.com/ talks about how mass immigration is the product of a de facto alliance between the Libertarian Right and the Multicultural Left. The economic Libertarians can be represented by Swedish writer Johan Norberg, author of the book In Defence of Global Capitalism. Norberg can have valuable insights into the flaws of the Scandinavian welfare state model. However, his commitment to a “free market, open border” ideology blinds him to the threat posed by Muslim immigration, an ideological blind spot that is almost as big as the ones we find in Marxists. According to him, “at the moment there is a problem. The right supports one part of globalisation — the free movement of capital and goods – while the left tends to support another part, the free movement of people.”

An ideologist as you see here Fjordman does certainly not understand reality; or it is simply not his intentions to do so as far as I can judge. In a Libetarian’s limited vector-space of a certain number of variables culture and religion for example may have no impacts on the teoretical model – mostly because they have not found suitable ways to measure the possible teoretically impacts from religion and culture in a meaningful way. For example reality then has been drawn psychedelically in the model, and thereby perhaps it replaces real life, but that does not matter, as long the model of life definitely has priority one. And that is the point: Next to perhaps the well-being of the ideological followers, death (to the dissidents) gets priority number two.

Take welfare as an explicit example from reality today but evolved/develop from an pure ideological concept by substituting wealth for welfare:

You cannot talk about a taxfinanced welfare in a society without allowing fertility to drop, and as a implication of this also accept the distribution of ages to change, if you base your model of more than 1-2 generations. The selfishness in the ideological top http://danmark.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/top-and-buttom/ has been described, and don’t ever believe this selfishness range at a lower priority than one. It is easy to make another priority in the model of life, but it is impossible to go on for more two generations on ideological agenda in reality once it has stepped into reality. Basicly because man is involved.

All ideologies have the same ends in theory as in reality: Joined happiness for the camp followers and death to the dissidents. All ideologists Fjordman included are bound to express their potential warnings against things they have not understood themselves, because they do not allow logic to enter before ideology. You could with Soeren Kierkegaard claim ‘essense before existense’ to correct them.

Islam, a lot of Libertarians and a lot of multicultural Internationalists are still on that same lime twig.

‘Liberalists’ lost – ‘internationalists’ won‘

On ideology and why it goes wrong

November 26, 2007

Drawing illustrates the way back to reality from tax financed welfare – without a war

Back to reality

Most of the European welfare systems are to a very high degree built on tax-payments and public expenditures distributed over the lifetime –the Danish almost entirely. That’s the reason why they were heading for ruin from beginning in 1970s. In Denmark the non-Western immigrants cost the society, in the end the businesses 2.5 mio. ddk a individual in average a lifetime, the Danes cost 750,000 ddk in average (the difference is a factor 3.3). These calculations originate directly from the Danish official Welfare Commission that was reported in the newspaper Boersen 1 December 2005.

Let the green oval illustrate the Danish public sector, and the blue the private, free trading sector in the drawing below.

As matters stand in Denmark it is impossible to force the development from the upper to lower structural relation of sector sizes, because the public sector drains the possibilities of private sector too much to make innovation and expansion along with all the other costs. If we continues to demand a public sector of size almost as at present in the long, there has to be a temporary reduction of the public sector.

There are no other possibilities and the international competition forces us to act today instead of tomorrow or we shall loose every public impact.

The red arrow indicates the impossible choise or the ideological way. The black arrow shows the possible way. There is no other way. If the structures are not changed very soon in the two biggest European nations on the European mainland, and even if international competition combined with the steadily increasing problem of financing welfare made by the increasing share of pensioners and at the same time the decreasing accession to the labour force plus the self-created miss of a solution to the problem with missing European fertility substituted by Middle East fertility and immigration – with the results illustrated in the calculation on Danish relations in the first part – Europe will go bankruptcy again or become an Arab caliphate. ‘Eurabia’ is just an ideological construction with a unwanted distance to reality enjoyed for a short time by the European Elite.

Until now they have chosen to lie about matters and surrender to Arabic oil countries and/or face another war. The more years the solution is postponed the bigger the collapse. It is pure mathematic.



November 21, 2007

Its a MUST: Islam: What The West Needs To Know


From the abstract:
“…The most important characteristic of Islam not understood by the West is that it is more a system of government than a personal religion. Throughout its history, Islam has never recognized a distinction between the religious and the secular/political. Islamic law governs every aspect of religious, political, and personal action, which amounts to a form of totalitarianism that is divinely enjoined to dominate the world, analogous in many ways to Communism…”

You simply have to download this film. Do it today or it could be too late.


November 20, 2007

‘The dollar is definitely not quite passé’

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinehad recently used the following expression about the American currency dollar at the meeting with the oil producers in Saudi Arabia: “A worthless piece of paper”.

The American dollar has since the last global war (WW2) been substantial overestimated, because USA made an agreement with Saudi Arabia on oil extraction and on foreign and security policy on way home from the Jalta Conference 4-11 February 1945.

It developed further on and petro dollar kept its rate of exchange at a level higher than corresponding to USA’s ability to compete. The dollar was simply kept up, because an enormous amount of monetary units from the oil trade remained abroad and did not returned to USA to demand goods. Dollars was demanded everywhere after WW2.

This phenomenon has the American government aimed to reverse to get closer to its ability to compete in a globalizing world since 2000. In addition Iran was one of the first oil countries that replaced its oil trade to the European compulsory Euro in the Euro-Zone.

A lot of rumours are told – also in Denmark. On the anti-war front it is often reported that USA
is close to bankruptcy. Let me express it in this way: This rumour does distinctly not build on any insight at all. The war expenditures – that is mentioned in this connection – are mostly financed by government bonds. A substantial amount of those has been sold to among others China. This is a kind of safety net, ‘where the believers had hoped they had found a dead dog burried’. It’s just about the time to remember ‘Funny Ali’.

The war of interest-rates that actually has been fought across the Atlantic – as usual I am tempted to remark – has among other things the effect that EU with a strong oil trading currency has severe difficulties with getting the real economy of EU going toward a popular succes. They chose what we have called New-Merkantilism instead of making order on the home front. ‘Naturally it is quite different in Demark, as you might imagine or perhaps heard’. Anyhow we have explained earlier why the Euro is not a protection against international competition, and why the currency rate and speculation do not secure any dynamic capital creation that is the precondition for every responsible society in development, rather on the contrary.

That a new alliance between the Arabic countries and EU – the Mediterranean Process – is emerging might be overlooked by a few ‘weak-sighted’, even though the efforts has been held semi-secrete by the chosen ones and the European Elite. That is perhaps the reason why Iran uses this rhetoric. In addition there is still a lot of sanctions intact against Iran, and a continuing international claim of an effective control with its atomic program.

19 November 2007
J. E. Vig, M. sc. (Economics)

A new international monetary system shall be needed

November 19, 2007

Strategic Patterns – Sources of Threats, Future, Adjustment, Impacts

The European Elite has aimed for a systematic strategy to get the national states dismantled and replaced by an ideological project. The ethnic Europeans are becoming more and more sceptical, but that definitely does not prevent the train in moving on towards Neurope, and Eurabia as long as the oiltrade secures the Euro-consuming European Elite.The ethnic Europeans are simply ignored in all matters concerning them most dearly a lot of investigations show. I addition what concerns the semi-secret alliance-efforts towards the Arabic world the strategic components seen from here are the mentions ones in the links below.

To draw an almost realistic picture of the future in Denmark and in Europe, you have to make some assumptions concerning among other things characterizing patterns that remain unchanged or that are expected to develop along some fairly known directions according to experience. And the expected reactions to this development must also be included if possible.

You may choose between lots of relations that are the building bricks in this model of patterns. Of course this reading is just a sketch, but on the other hand I have chosen building bricks that have been pretty good described until now. If other patterns would be more valid, or easier to forecast or predict something on I will let the reader judges and eventually contibute to:

[You can choose as you like between the strategic patterns/issues that you want to know more about. You open a new window with the contents of each link. When you have finished a link you just close the window again and perhaps you open another via another the link and read what you need to know]

The Mass-immigration-project of ideology fueled from chiefly Muslim dominated areas or Free Muslims Immigration To Europe or The number of muslims or perhaps The distance between official and the real number in Denmark or

Welfare will collapse

The building of the state of Europe with constitution,

Commpulsory currency of unit, and an army as a substitute for those of the nations’

The attack on the economic and financial sovereignity via borrowing according to deliberately misunderstood Keynes-surplus-supply-politics or

Adjustment to the intergration of power including the attack on the menthal condition of individuals amongs strong, active Peoples

The patterns, perhaps these instead, If we will know the dimension of the problem

the threats,

the future,

a supplement or

future in pictures

The final important strategic field that is distintly dominating the development and that the originators/the decisionmakers try to effect where they wisely should adapt instead (as they can do nothing) is a strongly increasing international competition that has been made possible thanks to the technogical developments that I hope everybody should be allowed to enjoy, if they want to. This development might remove the foundation as we have known it for about the last hundred years. But never mind, that has happened lots of times earlier.

My single and only claim: Without Ideology!

J. E. Vig, Danmark, 18 November 2007

Complement: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/eus-southern-drive-is-the-impossible-alternative-ideology/

Take Reality Serious – video

Take Reality Serious
A blog for those who take Reality serious

While Sweden Slept

For the last 2-3 days we had the posibility to make the video: While Denmark Slept. I am sure we will get another chance one of those days.


November 18, 2007

Its a matter of life or death not to overlook any consequences


Baron Bodissey on:

“..No, Islam isn’t reformable. The only possible solution then, apart from a global war to the death which nobody wants, is to separate ourselves from the Islamic world as much as possible…” “…No, I have never suggested expelling all of them, but the most hardcore ones who push for implementing sharia laws here need to be deported, yes…”

The Baron is not thinking entire logically to the end on the consequences: Even if we stopped immigration to Denmark or to Sweden tomorrow mathematics simply implies that the Muslims would become a majority just 7-8 years (source in Danish) later than would be the fact, if it just continued as last year, because there is absolutely no adjustment of fertility towards anything like the Westeners’ fertility – on the contrary (source in Danish) – dispite of what we are told by politically correct media. And it would be stricktly against both the intentions and the intensions of the Elite not to secure an increasing number inhabitants/ subjects by immigration of immigrants who add to the average fertility, especially to do the trick (in Danish):

In short:

The balance of the Bless Country:

the number immigrated muslims plus the number of births from their country-women a year must equal the number of naturalized a year that must equal the number emigrating etnic Danes the same year.

That’s a trick: “Nothing happens, but our mentality and the colors of our eyes”

J. E. Vig, 18 november 2007

November 17, 2007

New Book by a Macedonian: The Coming Balkan Caliphate

kalifatet.jpgOn Tochi Percan blog we find: http://balkanpress.blogspot.com/2007/11/en-ny-bok-coming-balkan-caliphate.html

An excerpt:

Christopher Deliso has written a book with the title The Coming Balkan Caliphate: The Great Radical Islam to Europe and the West. The writer has lived in Macedonia and have investigated the Radical Islamism on Balkan: Bosnia and Kosovo.

Om Bosnien skriver han så här:

It would not be until the watershed events of September 11, 2001, that the role of Bosnia as an incubator and catalyst for international terrorism would become impossible to ignore. This embarrassing truth had long been suppressed by the many Western diplomats, journalists, and public relations hacks who had built large fortunes and careers on protecting this myth of their own making…Preliminary to any historical debate, therefore it must be acknowledged that high-powered Washington lobbyists and much of the Western media purposefully distorted, omitted, and concealed key facts on the ground.

An on Kosovo:

Albanians, whether from Albania, Kosovo, or Macedonia, have scoffed at the idea of a major religious fundamentalist incursion in their midst. So have their Western yes-men. The West heavily backed the Kosovo Liberation Army during the NATO bombing, despite the presence of mujahedin in its ranks, and for Western publics to suspect that this cause has been muddled up with an Islamist one would amount to a public relations disaster for both Clinton-era political veterans and for the Albanians themselves. Indeed, it would call into question the entire rationale for Western intervention in Kosovo…”


Excerpt from: http://www.exilestreet.com/Columns/Gorin/20071030GorinCaliphate.html

The Islamist cause that Deliso refers to is the prevalence of Saudi Arabia, UAE and others who have been active in the Balkans since even before Western interventions there but for whom the interventions were a major boon — and downright coup. Wahhabi groups and “charities” entice Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia with hundreds of dollars per month for every family member who adopts the strictest form of fundamentalist Islam. To that end, the Balkan landscape has been changing, not only with the new, Saudi-style mosques now dotting the formerly Christian lands, always taller than the nearest (and usually vandalized) church, but also with the increasing prevalence of Wahhabi dress and worship.

No apologist for the Serbs, Deliso engages in the standard scolding of the Serbian lobby for its alleged exaggeration of Albanian-connected terror, though he doesn’t go on to debunk any specific exaggeration. Rather, his book demonstrates a terror-laden Balkan reality beyond what even the wildest exaggeration could conceive. Among the revelations in the book is that terror-connected, Saudi-based charities were pulling at least some of the strings behind the big Kosovo pogrom of March 2004, in which 35 churches were dynamited, hundreds of Serbian homes burned, 1,000 people injured and 19 killed. Insider revelations about this episode, however, include that “19″ was just the “agreed” number, with the actual death toll at more than 30 (indeed, initial, pre-damage-control reports had the number at 31). Two other unreported facts are that the rioters killed six NATO peacekeepers and slashed the throats of Serbian farmers’ pigs. Most embarrassing for UNMIK (UN Mission in Kosovo) authorities, reports Deliso, is that the U.S.— and UN-supported Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku’s officers “actively aided the mobs.”


November 16, 2007

What we stand for may differ considerably from the mainstream delivery of so-called information

A few have asked what we stand for

As anti-puppets or perhaps dissidents in a most threatened Europe, here it is:

My aim is to inform facts. I don’t deliver anything I believe in or that I just think of as interesting. Hope you notice my documentation and my objective argumentation. As I see it the immigration-project concerning the establishment of a New Mercantile European state based on oil-trade and immigration to Europe to replace the nations is the most servere problem to warn of. My nation Denmark is about 1000 years old, and I don’t accept that one or two generations shall succed with dissolving it for their own private purpose or any ideological brain-spin .

Those were the words you could have found it by looking a bit for it.

I will add: arrogant ignorance we cannot bear

Jihad has begun in Amsterdam, The Economist wrote three years ago

“Islamic terrorism in Europe

Islamic terrorism in Europe

Nov 11th 2004
From The Economist print edition

“THE jihad has come to the Netherlands.” That was the verdict of Jozias van Aartsen, parliamentary leader of the power-sharing Liberals (VVD), after the violence following last week’s murder in Amsterdam of Theo van Gogh, a film-maker, by a Muslim radical. Attacks on mosques and Muslim schools were met by retaliatory attacks on churches. A raid on a terrorist cell in The Hague turned into a street battle featuring hand grenades and wounded policemen, before two suspects were arrested.

This sorry tale raises a big issue not just in the Netherlands, but across Europe: how far should liberal societies tolerate the intolerant? For 20 years the instinct of many has been to defend the rights and cultures of growing numbers of Muslim immigrants, even radicals. Any other approach, it was feared, would pander to racists. But both multiculturalism and tolerance are now under broad attack. …”



Burning cars all over Amsterdam for at least 6 days, we wrote 22 October this year
Amsterdam er overtaget skrev vi den 22. oktober (in Danish)
We did not write much more than we translated here.

Did you follow the TV-reports on the Amsterdam fires. In Europe there were none.

November 15, 2007

Assyrian International New Agency published an interesting analysis in 2005

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Excerpt from: http://www.aina.org/guesteds/20051206143602.htm

The West Cannot Forge an Alliance With Islam

Priyadarsi Dutta: “…Multiculturalism, Arab Nationalism, Indian Nationalism, Secularism, Communism, nothing has been able to contain the adherents of Islam in peace. It is like sleeping with the enemy; and West has already slept enough over the problem. Mr. Khatami said Islam doesn’t sanction terrorism; Mr. Erdogan said Islam speaks of love. Only two kinds of people will believe it. First, those have not experienced Islam (although television and mass-media acts as substitute to first hand experience) and Second, those who have not studied Islam…”


The war in eks-Jugoslavia ended 8 years ago

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Excerpt from: http://www.serbianna.com/columns/borojevic/049.shtml

The war in the former Yugoslavia ended eight years ago but illegal arms trade and training of Islamic terrorists continues across the Balkans, particularly in Bosnia and Kosovo currently administered by EU / UN Missions.
Reports of such developments came also from Gregory Copley. In his article “Strong warning indicators for new surge in European Islamic terrorism” he says that, “Intelligence sources in the Balkans and Middle East indicate that the Iranian and Osama bin Laden terrorist networks, assets and alliances built up in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Southern Serbia and elsewhere in the Balkans are preparing for significant new slate of operations.”


Free Muslim Immigration to Europe

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Free Muslim Immigration to Europe

Secret European Union-agreements with 10 European and North African Countries

Abstract from the Barcelona – Euro Mediterranean Declaration of 1995:

The Euro Mediterranean Declaration was agreed upon by the EU, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel and comprises:

Comprehensive political partnership, among other things about:

Establishing a free trade area and economic integration to begin in the year of 2010. Considerably more money for the partners Cultural partnership.
Respect for Islam Is Guaranteed by the EU.

Multiculturalism is to be respected in order to promote tolerance between different ethnic groups in society. The importance of a resolute common campaign against racism, xenophobia and intolerance is emphasized.

Close mutual European-Muslim influence on radio, television, newspapers and magazines is to bring about cultural understanding. The EU will actively promote such mutual influences. Youth exchange is one of the instruments for cooperation between future Euro Mediterranean generations. Barcelona declaration adopted at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference [27-28/11/95] [Story continues beyond image insert]

Title page of flyer produced by the Association Dansk Kultur.

The Danish text reads:
Free Muslim Immigration to Europe
Secret EU-deals with 10 Asian and Northafrican countries

The original flyer (pdf) in Danish containing the text of this article
Open letter to the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

from Anders Bruun Laursen, June 27. 2006

To the Prime Minister

Allow me the following three questions:

Question 1: Why have you, our politicians, and the media told us nothing about the Euromediterranean Project, which has been in existence for more than 10 years now?

Question 2: Why is our 1000-year-old identity, religion and culture to be removed and replaced by islam?

[…] thus dismantling our religion and culture, which are called ‘stereotypes and prejudices’.

Question 3: Do you believe, that the credibility of your government and confidence in the undemocratic EU will grow, as we ‘grassroots’ spread knowledge about the Euromediterranean/Euro-Arabian project?

Do you not think it is about time for you and your government to start informing us thoroughly about the Euromediterranean Project and its propaganda machinery?

E-Mail Answers from the Danish Prime Minister – Aug. 29.2006:

Let me begin by correcting the misunderstanding that the work to create a free-trade area with the southern neighbours of the EU is identical with EU-membership… […]

Read all of Anders Bruun Laursen’s questions and the Danish Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen’s answers here.

[continued] The EU Offers the Populations of 9 Muslim Countries Free Movement of Goods, Services, Capital and People into the EU.

In return for concrete political and economic changes the EU offers integration in the expanded internal market of the EU and the possibility to obtain free movement for goods, services, money and people.

Association agreements have been made with all partner countries except Syria (Abstract from 28.11.2003 account of Euro Mediterranean Foreign Minister Conference in Naples held on 2.-3.12.2003!!).

Negotiations about Turkish EU entrance began in 2005.

Note: The account was published by the EU-commission 6 days before the Foreign Minister Conference!
So – who rules the EU? Read the account here: 6th Conference of Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers Naples, 2-3 December, 2003

Confirmed by the Danish Prime Minister on 29.08.06 in correspondence. However, the Prime Minister twice refused to inform why he, our governments and the media have kept absolutely silent about the Euro Mediterranean Project.

Three weeks after the terror attack in 2001 on the WTO Center in New York, the EU knelt before Islam, and the Euro Mediterranean Project is now being used as a lightning conductor.

‘The ministers declined as both dangerous and unfounded any connection between terror and the Arab and Muslim world. In this context the importance of the Barcelona Process was emphasized by everybody as a suitable and recognized instrument to promote a dialogue between equal partners and civilizations.

The ministers agreed to work on deepening the on-going dialogue between the cultures and civilizations, especially wanting to direct attention towards youth, education, and the media’.
Account from the 5.-6.10.2001- Euro Mediterranean Foreign Conference in Brussels.

The European Union and the European Council Want to Remove Our Ancient Identity

‘Cultural policy must avoid the popular distinction between ‘them’ and ‘us’, even mentioning ‘the other’ , as this opens the gate for imposing collective identity on the individual’.

Traugott Schoefthaler, head of the Anna Lindh Foundation, a Euro Mediterranean propaganda apparatus). See Dialogue to Hospitality (pdf).

‘Identity is the root of all conflicts’

(World Culture Forum Alliance, founded by the Ford Foundation, which is inextricably tied to the US Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA. The EU and the European Council are also attached to the WCFA)

The Danish Foreign Ministry is educating us from our ‘stereotypes and prejudices’ towards Islamic culture – and so reflects the program of the Euro Mediterranean propaganda apparatus: the Anna Lindh Foundation, founded by the Arab League, the EU, European Council, and the UNESCO:

Norwegian Flag EU Model
‘We will tackle stereotypes and prejudices and ignorance and change the daily ‘news journalism’ to portray every-day life of ordinary people, which can create identification and fascination – and intercultural understanding. We will tackle our stereotypic images of people from foreign cultures and make new experiments with pictures in public places, in the media, and advertising.

And we will have common projects with people from other cultures. We will develop the intercultural skills of journalists, school pupils and artists and exchange people from these groups with (muslim) colleagues. We will manage art and cultural productions. We will train the school teachers and influence their education to be multicultural.

And we will influence the curricula of the schools to become multicultural by means of revision of existing textbooks and educational materials.

We will arrange giant Muslim Youth Festivals – like the ‘Images of The Middle East’, which lasted 6 weeks in 2006 in Denmark.

(Also read Speech by the head of the ‘Danish Center for Culture and Development’ (CKD) – run by the Danish Foreign Ministry – on the 13.05.2005 in Rabat). Olaf Gerlach Hansens speech in Rabat, Morocco 13. Juni 2005 | Danish version

In a correspondence the Danish Prime Minister on the 12.09.2006 refused to inform why his government gives in to the above educational policy initiated the Arab League and the EU.

The EU and the CKD of the Danish Foreign Ministry have made cooperation agreements with the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, which aims – according to article 5a of its charter – to spread Muslim ways of thinking and living in the entire world. Charter of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – ISESCO | ISESCO aftale underskrevet

The Euro Mediterranean Project is a Great Step towards the One-World State

‘When limitless continental democracies and cooperative assemblies are possible global democracy is just around the corner’ (translated quote from ‘Bud på en helt ny dagsorden’ (pdf)

Zealous Muslim immigrants crowding to Denmark are being heartily welcomed by the Danish government (Caption under the flyer’s reverse side image)

Our Politicians Believe That Our and Islam’s Aim (i.e. the aim of the ‘Holy’ Quran) Is the Same

‘Our obligation to the values that mean most to us – freedom, tolerance and justice – has grown even stronger and deeper since the London bombs. So has our relationship with the Islamic world, which also shares our common ideals, today.’

(Margaret Beckett, the UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten on the July 7 2006)

Our Media Are Managed by Higher Authorities and Keep Totally Silent on the Euro Mediterranean Project

‘The Freedom of expression is central to the values and traditions of Europe. But its preservation depends on responsible behaviors by individuals. By extension, we do not believe the media should be regulated from outside, but rather that you find ways to regulate yourselves.

In considering the question of self-regulation, I would also ask you to think about the need for monitoring from within your own professional bodies. I am convinced that will have a significant impact.’

(Benita Ferrero Waldner, European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighborhood Policy)
Benita Ferrero-Waldner – Intercultural dialogue: the media’s role Speech/06/321 [scroll down on that page]

‘We will identify a nucleus of journalists and analysts around which to develop a structured, sustainable system of information exchange and publication focused on North-South understanding.’

From Euromed & The Media

Where do they learn this?

In 2005 the Audio Visual Observatory of the European Council held a Symposium in Moscow to learn all the tricks from the Russians, who have great experience in this field. Euromed & The Media (pdf)

All internet links were valid June 11. 2007

Published by The Association Dansk Kultur in protection of the Danish Constitution of 1953.


Support this folder – giro 1-688-7250

Translated into English by Anders Bruun Laursen from a flyer distributed by Dansk Kultur. Layout, formatting and added images by Balder.org.

German translation of this article

Dansk version


More comments from Anders Bruun Laursen:

The Greatest Act of Treason in History

Who can mention an act of treason to Europe greater than the Euro-mediterranean Declaration and Project (EMP)?

The added flyer has been issued in Denmark in comparatively few copies – but has nevertheles aroused some stir.
The flyer does not include the tremendous efforts made by the Euromediteraneans to brainwash our youth. Look here, for instance:

For 12 years now European politicians and media have remained entirely silent about the formidable Euromediterranean Project. And, in fact, it even began already in 1973 with the European – Arab Dialogue, which was nothing but submission to Islam (Bat Ye´or: Eurabia 2005).

The EU grants free movement to muslims from 9 countries into Europe. Thereby, the EMP will change our demographic composition and so our ancient European culture, religion and identity into a totally foreign and unwanted Islamic identity in a few years after this opening of the floodgates to a rapidly increasing desperate and fanatic Islamic birth surplus without room or means to survive at home. Already now Muslim birth rates in Europe threaten the survival of European culture.

Our politicians seem to use Islam as a deliberate ram to crush our identity, culture, Christian religion and national states in the name of globalism – which was originally called The New World Order – mentioned five times by president Bush sen. during the first Iraq war. Significant Dates in the Creation of the New World Order. And this latter term is still used by Mikhail Gorbatchov.

The EMP is not only a brick for the globalistic masons: It is their ideal model for a one-world state. Eurabia The Euro-Arab Partnership

Anyway, knowledge about the contents of the Euromediterranean Project should be able to bring about further “No”s in national referenda on the new EU-Treaty, which is a prerequisite for the implementation of of the Euromediterranean as a Union. By the way, since 2005 a Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly convenes regularly. Margot Wallström – The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Euro-Mediterranean partnership

However, it seems that our politicians are scared of more referenda – and will try to see a “mini-treaty” through on the sly, instead.

Are we helpless against these dictatorial initiatives by the EU?

No. If we can mobilize enough protesters via the blogs, we might gain access to the media.

Especially if we give notice to terminate our newspaper subsciptions, if these papers will not bring our protests. Mass protests could still turn our politicians away from their dangerous way to the Euromediterranean dictatorship and sharia.

Can we organize to stop the Euromediterranian frenzy?

Anders Bruun Laursen

Comment at Balder Blog:
Articles published at Balder Org solely reflect the opinion of the authors. Publication here does not necessarily mean we endorse or agree with the views or opinions expressed.


Translated into English by Anders Bruun Laursen from a flyer distributed by society Dansk Kultur (Danish Culture). Layout, formatting and added images by Balder.org.

India and China is more than a moon shot

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Now that oil age comes to an end, when you look at the known and used resources:

13 November 2007, Financial Times
“The increase in
China’s energy demand between 2002 and 2005 was equivalent to Japan’s current annual energy use.”

China’s demand for energy for the industrial sector is expected to be dubbled in the next 15 years, and the Chinese demand for electricity is expected to dubble in the next 10 year, and to be multipied with four before 2019.

India and China is more than a moon-shot


Excerpt from: http://www.iea.org/Textbase/npsum/WEO2007SUM.pdf

“As they become richer, the citizens of China and India are using more energy to run their offices and factories, and buying more electrical appliances and cars. These developments are contributing to a big improvement in their quality of life, a legitimate aspiration that needs to be accommodated and supported by the rest of the world…”

According to World Energy Outlook 2007

If governments around the world stick with current policies – the underlying premise of our Reference Scenario – the world’s energy needs would be well over 50% higher in 2030 than today…”

“The world’s primary energy needs in the Reference Scenario made by http://www.iea.org are projected to grow by 55% between 2005 and 2030, at an average annual rate of 1.8% per year. Demand reaches 17.7 billion tonnes of oil equivalent, compared with 11.4 billion toe in 2005…”

“…Developing countries, whose economies and populations are growing fastest, contribute 74% of the increase in global primary energy use in this scenario. China and India together account for 45% of the increase in demand in this scenario…”

“…China, with four times as many people, overtakes the United States to become the world’s largest energy consumer soon after 2010. In 2005, US demand was more than one-third larger…”

“…OECD countries account for one-fifth and the transition economies the remaining 6%…”

“…World oil resources are judged to be sufficient to meet the projected growth in demand to 2030, with output becoming more concentrated in OPEC countries – on the assumption that the necessary investment is forthcoming…”

”Just since the continents began to interact politically about 500 years ago, Eurasia has been the center worldpower”.

Eurasia is all land east of Germany and Polen. The key to control Eurasia, Brzezinski say, is the control of the central Asiatic republics including the Middle East and India. The key according to Brzezinski is Usbekistan.


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