November 4, 2007

When Reporters, Historians and Priests count Muslims – and nobody else can

It is beyond me

The problem handled in this entry covers not just the matters in Denmark, but all over Western Europe false underestimated figures of immigrants, descendants including the number of Muslims are published in the press, other media and in the blogs.They are almost false all of them, meaning underestimated, not just when the official institutions informs, but also when resistance groups inform critically of the mass immigration. The problem – the distance between the official counted number and the real number – grow even bigger every year.

On http://snaphanen.dk/2007/10/23/lars-hedegaard-the-growth-of-islam-in-denmark-and-the-future-of-secularism/ I read this part:

“…Even the number of Danish Muslims is unknown. Statistics Denmark does not keep track of religious affiliation, and estimates vary wildly – anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000 or more. In May 2006 the now famous daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten estimated the number of Muslims in Denmark to be 207,000 although it didn’t specify the method whereby it came to that figure. However, I am inclined to believe that the number – slightly over 4 percent of the population – is correct. It corresponds well with the figure I reached in August 2004 based on a count of male first names. I came to 191,000 as of January 2004 – a figure that had risen 25 percent since 1998…”

This is an extraction of a lecture at Counter-Jihad Conference in Brussels 18 October 2007

As you read above Lars Hedegaard (LH) points out that Jyllands-Posten does not specify its method by which it estimates the number of muslims in Mai 2006. LH states that his own method presented by Jyllands-Posten 1 August 2004 is based on counting the number og “Christian” names (that we found out originates from this database of names at Statistics Denmark: http://www.dst.dk/Statistik/Navne/HvorMange.aspx )

As a surprise to a lot we get as a supplement the following in LH’s JP-article 1 August 2004: “… Muslims represent 38 p.c. of the growth of the population in Denmark…”

How could LH state this, when everybody else with a scientific insight in the question (“in the critical camp”) could not state anything at all on this subject. As a reporter and as a historian LH was/is able to do so even without any documentation at all, and without to give any hint about a method that he might have used to get to the result.

Just from “Christian” name to religious connection there is some distance – even a very random distance, I would say. The connection of name and religious connection must from what we can read be based entirely on LH’s own choise.

[Contradictions against this has been made both toward Jyllands-Posten and toward LH’s statements of numbers and against the apparent lack of a method, but it continues. None of those contraditions were found worthy to be published in any Danish newpaper]

We wonder what the purpose might have been??

Institute of Name Reserarch strictly rejects that such a homemade form of counting has any generally useful pupose.
Institute of Name Research, University of Copenhagen: Approved female- og male names are to be found: www.hum.ku.dk/navnef/index.htm. Approved here means approved names for Church christening. Muslims call their children what they want to and what their tradition tells them.
Which name are muslim is rather complicated. That will be shown in the following publications on the subject:
HUSAIN, Akhlaq: Muslim Parents. Their Rights & Duties. pp. 95-101: Giving good names to the children. Karachi 1990.
JAFARI, Fatima Suzan Al-: Muslim Names. American Trust Publications, 1977.
MOHR, Muhammad Ismail: Muslimische Vornamen. Lützelbach 1993.
SCHIMMEL, Annemarie: Islamic Names. 1989.
UMMAH PUBLICATIONS: Structure of Muslim Names.
Some muslims names, internationally: www.geocities.com/~abdulwahid/muslimarticles/names.html
Betydningen af nogle ‘muslimsk’e navne: Names According to Quran and Sunnah

femalenames http://www.angelfire.com/me/anneesa/gname.html

malenames http://www.angelfire.com/me/anneesa/mname.html

We still wonder why the number of muslims in Denmark should be mentioned as about 200,000 by Jyllands-Posten in Mai 2006 and by LH 1 August 2004 about 200,000 with an echo to all media both the years to the end, when religious connection cannot legally be registred.

[I would rather not hope it is a question of organized mind control]

From other serous sources:

“Jerusalem Post 30/4 2005 – a review of
Bat Ye’ors Eurabia, The Euro-Arab Axis :

“How is it that ten percent of France is Muslim, 15% of Denmark is Muslim and close to half of the births in the next generation will be Muslim? Imperious mosques and lawless Muslim neighborhoods dot the landscape of major European cities. And Spain willingly and meekly chose to acknowledge its Islamic past, and that pro-Arab opinion is rampant and anti-Israeli sentiment vitriolic…”

We cannot get 200,000 to amount to 15 p.c. of the number of inhabitants in Denmark in neither 2005 nor 2004. We must grant LH that his undocumented statement include the percentage 4 p.c. That is correct. There is a pretty good distance between 4 p.c. and 15 p.c., actually a factor of a little less than 4.

Finally I can inform that my account 1 January 2006 estimated the number of naturalized and their offspring since 1979 and the implication was that Denmark had been forced to give room to 687.477 from countries and areas outside Western Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The number had to built on calculations and (well-motivated and well-documented expectation) when it came to the offspring.

We then had to claim (based on experience with 20 years’ official accounts) that 70-75 p.c. of those immigrants and naturalized in the mentioned category above through the years descend from countries or areas dominated by islam.

Here you reach 500,000, the closest you on any serious avaible basic get to the number of Muslims in Denmark primo 2006. Since then even more and more immigrants included Muslims and more and more child births in each of the years.

Its the same all over Western Europe.

And that’s the truth.

J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics), Denmark


  1. Go Denmark! The Islamofascists are the racist ones. They are against the Christian Race, and the Jewish Race and the Buddhist race and the Atheist race and the…

    draw not Muhammad –
    Islamic law can only
    apply to Muslims…

    Muslims not bound by Buddhist
    Christian or Jewish doctrine

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    you have NO rights

    to hate religions
    that demand to convert you

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe calls
    for sick ideologies

    that deny human rights
    KILL adulterers and gays

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t learn about jihad

    wanting to know or teach it
    is RACIST say the WACKOS



    Comment by uspace — November 5, 2007 @ 1:49 am

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  3. I don’t want to know or teach jihad. I would say, I am very well able to imagine, and history also give me a clue.
    My first interest was to count the number potential jihadists to give some dimension to the problem that I did not want be made for us.


    Comment by jensn — November 5, 2007 @ 9:09 am

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