November 8, 2007

It has gone totally off (since) – with this as a relatively minor detail to start with

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To Daniel Pipes on Something Rotten in Denmark?

You see Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard, Denmark gave a contribution not fully catching the truth, and one week earlier Jyllands-Posten tried to get the more than mistake-filled article on the number of immigrants that seemed to decrease while it definitely increased substantial instead.

Submitted by Joern E. Vig, August 20, 2005 at 10:41

It has gone totally off

Denmark’s Statistics reported in the serie News From Denmarks’ Statistics no August 9th 2005 of fewer Somalis in Denmark, and of a decrease in the number of immigrants in Denmark in second quarter of 2005 while 125 Somalis more arrived here. And that is certainly not the worst: The Jyllands-Posten’s reporters got it all wrong, because they did not notice that 3052 were given the Danish citizenship on June 14th this year and because they chose an useless statistic – the one accounting matters not individuals. It is the truth!
The result was that the number of immigrants officielly went down with 315 in the second quarter of 2005 even though the number really went up by about 6,000-7,500.
Then I am asked, who has to bear the heaviest responsibility. Nobody, of course. Perhaps we should ask the court of law? I would say: CERTAINLY NOT!

Joern E. Vig

Full documentation in Danish on:

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  1. […] nonsense in English too as Jylland-Posten was not able to let us reject its serious mistake until Daniel Pipes had let us in August 20 2005. Jyllands-Posten still stands less than two kilometers from […]

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