November 14, 2007

Liberalists lost – Internationalists won – or …ists always win until truth take over


‘Liberalists’ lost – ‘internationalists’ (who

basically are identic) won by cheating

Translated by Michael Laudahn at: A fairy tale of 1001 nights – from H C Andersen country Denmark and added a supplement

The Rockwool Foundation has now reached a similiar result which the Danish Welfare Commission furnished a year ago.

The group of non-western immigrants as a total receives twice the amount of cash aid and cash-equivalent services, than this same group as a total pays into the cash register through taxes and duties. Put differently, non-western immigrants charge the public sector
– which gets its spending power from businesses and their tax-paying employees – on average twice as much as they contribute.

That’s the way the development has gone since 1984, the year we got the famous ’83 foreigners law, which basically opened the country for free access and stay within its borders, while the foreigners’ legal matters were treated applying appeal after appeal, along with a reversed onus of proof and a worldwide jurisdiction. After this election Denmark become a non-constitutional state where applicants can stay and work, where (by law) rejected applicant can stay and (by law) rejected applicants can work. The present government still has the absolute majority, included the party that tolerates it; but nothing has happened since 2001 and nothing shall happen in the furture. As the country’s best brains had warned right from the start how the result would look like, one imagined that they (tn: the government) would find to reason, after all.

However, this is as illusory as the idea that the worst ideologists would convert to the world of reality.The treason committed against the country is so heavy and the situation so comfortable for the worst (tn: the foreigners), that this development may continue until the total deletion of the danes.

The balance equation from the country of the blissful (theory): influx of non-western migrants plus growth of the number of non-westerners by births, covered by number of naturalisation documents = number of fled ethnic Danes.

According to the balance equation from the country of the blissful (practice), the exchange of the country’s rightful citizens procedes as planned, quietly and calmly, even unnoticeably. Of course, this costs enormous amounts and expensive standstill afterwards, which has been determined through calculations by Rockwool Foundation and the Danish Welfare Commission. But just imagine how good the country will be once the population has totally been exchanged against non-westerners.

On the way there, there sure was plenty of noise at the warning signals, and the economy didn’t get the manpower they allegedly were short of. The Danes were good for nothing, and public servants steered – along with the ‘internationalists’ of the redeemer industry – the influx of new foreign clients into the country, whom the public officials in charge were supposed to practice their art on and earn their living with. There was the number of expelled from the unemployment funds, but were not counted – like in Sovjet – not to destoy the good feelings towards the official number of unemployed.

Behold, this is a true fairy tale. And they all lived happily ever after.


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