November 15, 2007

Free Muslim Immigration to Europe

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Free Muslim Immigration to Europe

Secret European Union-agreements with 10 European and North African Countries

Abstract from the Barcelona – Euro Mediterranean Declaration of 1995:

The Euro Mediterranean Declaration was agreed upon by the EU, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel and comprises:

Comprehensive political partnership, among other things about:

Establishing a free trade area and economic integration to begin in the year of 2010. Considerably more money for the partners Cultural partnership.
Respect for Islam Is Guaranteed by the EU.

Multiculturalism is to be respected in order to promote tolerance between different ethnic groups in society. The importance of a resolute common campaign against racism, xenophobia and intolerance is emphasized.

Close mutual European-Muslim influence on radio, television, newspapers and magazines is to bring about cultural understanding. The EU will actively promote such mutual influences. Youth exchange is one of the instruments for cooperation between future Euro Mediterranean generations. Barcelona declaration adopted at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference [27-28/11/95] [Story continues beyond image insert]

Title page of flyer produced by the Association Dansk Kultur.

The Danish text reads:
Free Muslim Immigration to Europe
Secret EU-deals with 10 Asian and Northafrican countries

The original flyer (pdf) in Danish containing the text of this article
Open letter to the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

from Anders Bruun Laursen, June 27. 2006

To the Prime Minister

Allow me the following three questions:

Question 1: Why have you, our politicians, and the media told us nothing about the Euromediterranean Project, which has been in existence for more than 10 years now?

Question 2: Why is our 1000-year-old identity, religion and culture to be removed and replaced by islam?

[…] thus dismantling our religion and culture, which are called ‘stereotypes and prejudices’.

Question 3: Do you believe, that the credibility of your government and confidence in the undemocratic EU will grow, as we ‘grassroots’ spread knowledge about the Euromediterranean/Euro-Arabian project?

Do you not think it is about time for you and your government to start informing us thoroughly about the Euromediterranean Project and its propaganda machinery?

E-Mail Answers from the Danish Prime Minister – Aug. 29.2006:

Let me begin by correcting the misunderstanding that the work to create a free-trade area with the southern neighbours of the EU is identical with EU-membership… […]

Read all of Anders Bruun Laursen’s questions and the Danish Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen’s answers here.

[continued] The EU Offers the Populations of 9 Muslim Countries Free Movement of Goods, Services, Capital and People into the EU.

In return for concrete political and economic changes the EU offers integration in the expanded internal market of the EU and the possibility to obtain free movement for goods, services, money and people.

Association agreements have been made with all partner countries except Syria (Abstract from 28.11.2003 account of Euro Mediterranean Foreign Minister Conference in Naples held on 2.-3.12.2003!!).

Negotiations about Turkish EU entrance began in 2005.

Note: The account was published by the EU-commission 6 days before the Foreign Minister Conference!
So – who rules the EU? Read the account here: 6th Conference of Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers Naples, 2-3 December, 2003

Confirmed by the Danish Prime Minister on 29.08.06 in correspondence. However, the Prime Minister twice refused to inform why he, our governments and the media have kept absolutely silent about the Euro Mediterranean Project.

Three weeks after the terror attack in 2001 on the WTO Center in New York, the EU knelt before Islam, and the Euro Mediterranean Project is now being used as a lightning conductor.

‘The ministers declined as both dangerous and unfounded any connection between terror and the Arab and Muslim world. In this context the importance of the Barcelona Process was emphasized by everybody as a suitable and recognized instrument to promote a dialogue between equal partners and civilizations.

The ministers agreed to work on deepening the on-going dialogue between the cultures and civilizations, especially wanting to direct attention towards youth, education, and the media’.
Account from the 5.-6.10.2001- Euro Mediterranean Foreign Conference in Brussels.

The European Union and the European Council Want to Remove Our Ancient Identity

‘Cultural policy must avoid the popular distinction between ‘them’ and ‘us’, even mentioning ‘the other’ , as this opens the gate for imposing collective identity on the individual’.

Traugott Schoefthaler, head of the Anna Lindh Foundation, a Euro Mediterranean propaganda apparatus). See Dialogue to Hospitality (pdf).

‘Identity is the root of all conflicts’

(World Culture Forum Alliance, founded by the Ford Foundation, which is inextricably tied to the US Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA. The EU and the European Council are also attached to the WCFA)

The Danish Foreign Ministry is educating us from our ‘stereotypes and prejudices’ towards Islamic culture – and so reflects the program of the Euro Mediterranean propaganda apparatus: the Anna Lindh Foundation, founded by the Arab League, the EU, European Council, and the UNESCO:

Norwegian Flag EU Model
‘We will tackle stereotypes and prejudices and ignorance and change the daily ‘news journalism’ to portray every-day life of ordinary people, which can create identification and fascination – and intercultural understanding. We will tackle our stereotypic images of people from foreign cultures and make new experiments with pictures in public places, in the media, and advertising.

And we will have common projects with people from other cultures. We will develop the intercultural skills of journalists, school pupils and artists and exchange people from these groups with (muslim) colleagues. We will manage art and cultural productions. We will train the school teachers and influence their education to be multicultural.

And we will influence the curricula of the schools to become multicultural by means of revision of existing textbooks and educational materials.

We will arrange giant Muslim Youth Festivals – like the ‘Images of The Middle East’, which lasted 6 weeks in 2006 in Denmark.

(Also read Speech by the head of the ‘Danish Center for Culture and Development’ (CKD) – run by the Danish Foreign Ministry – on the 13.05.2005 in Rabat). Olaf Gerlach Hansens speech in Rabat, Morocco 13. Juni 2005 | Danish version

In a correspondence the Danish Prime Minister on the 12.09.2006 refused to inform why his government gives in to the above educational policy initiated the Arab League and the EU.

The EU and the CKD of the Danish Foreign Ministry have made cooperation agreements with the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, which aims – according to article 5a of its charter – to spread Muslim ways of thinking and living in the entire world. Charter of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – ISESCO | ISESCO aftale underskrevet

The Euro Mediterranean Project is a Great Step towards the One-World State

‘When limitless continental democracies and cooperative assemblies are possible global democracy is just around the corner’ (translated quote from ‘Bud på en helt ny dagsorden’ (pdf)

Zealous Muslim immigrants crowding to Denmark are being heartily welcomed by the Danish government (Caption under the flyer’s reverse side image)

Our Politicians Believe That Our and Islam’s Aim (i.e. the aim of the ‘Holy’ Quran) Is the Same

‘Our obligation to the values that mean most to us – freedom, tolerance and justice – has grown even stronger and deeper since the London bombs. So has our relationship with the Islamic world, which also shares our common ideals, today.’

(Margaret Beckett, the UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten on the July 7 2006)

Our Media Are Managed by Higher Authorities and Keep Totally Silent on the Euro Mediterranean Project

‘The Freedom of expression is central to the values and traditions of Europe. But its preservation depends on responsible behaviors by individuals. By extension, we do not believe the media should be regulated from outside, but rather that you find ways to regulate yourselves.

In considering the question of self-regulation, I would also ask you to think about the need for monitoring from within your own professional bodies. I am convinced that will have a significant impact.’

(Benita Ferrero Waldner, European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighborhood Policy)
Benita Ferrero-Waldner – Intercultural dialogue: the media’s role Speech/06/321 [scroll down on that page]

‘We will identify a nucleus of journalists and analysts around which to develop a structured, sustainable system of information exchange and publication focused on North-South understanding.’

From Euromed & The Media

Where do they learn this?

In 2005 the Audio Visual Observatory of the European Council held a Symposium in Moscow to learn all the tricks from the Russians, who have great experience in this field. Euromed & The Media (pdf)

All internet links were valid June 11. 2007

Published by The Association Dansk Kultur in protection of the Danish Constitution of 1953.


Support this folder – giro 1-688-7250

Translated into English by Anders Bruun Laursen from a flyer distributed by Dansk Kultur. Layout, formatting and added images by Balder.org.

German translation of this article

Dansk version


More comments from Anders Bruun Laursen:

The Greatest Act of Treason in History

Who can mention an act of treason to Europe greater than the Euro-mediterranean Declaration and Project (EMP)?

The added flyer has been issued in Denmark in comparatively few copies – but has nevertheles aroused some stir.
The flyer does not include the tremendous efforts made by the Euromediteraneans to brainwash our youth. Look here, for instance:

For 12 years now European politicians and media have remained entirely silent about the formidable Euromediterranean Project. And, in fact, it even began already in 1973 with the European – Arab Dialogue, which was nothing but submission to Islam (Bat Ye´or: Eurabia 2005).

The EU grants free movement to muslims from 9 countries into Europe. Thereby, the EMP will change our demographic composition and so our ancient European culture, religion and identity into a totally foreign and unwanted Islamic identity in a few years after this opening of the floodgates to a rapidly increasing desperate and fanatic Islamic birth surplus without room or means to survive at home. Already now Muslim birth rates in Europe threaten the survival of European culture.

Our politicians seem to use Islam as a deliberate ram to crush our identity, culture, Christian religion and national states in the name of globalism – which was originally called The New World Order – mentioned five times by president Bush sen. during the first Iraq war. Significant Dates in the Creation of the New World Order. And this latter term is still used by Mikhail Gorbatchov.

The EMP is not only a brick for the globalistic masons: It is their ideal model for a one-world state. Eurabia The Euro-Arab Partnership

Anyway, knowledge about the contents of the Euromediterranean Project should be able to bring about further “No”s in national referenda on the new EU-Treaty, which is a prerequisite for the implementation of of the Euromediterranean as a Union. By the way, since 2005 a Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly convenes regularly. Margot Wallström – The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Euro-Mediterranean partnership

However, it seems that our politicians are scared of more referenda – and will try to see a “mini-treaty” through on the sly, instead.

Are we helpless against these dictatorial initiatives by the EU?

No. If we can mobilize enough protesters via the blogs, we might gain access to the media.

Especially if we give notice to terminate our newspaper subsciptions, if these papers will not bring our protests. Mass protests could still turn our politicians away from their dangerous way to the Euromediterranean dictatorship and sharia.

Can we organize to stop the Euromediterranian frenzy?

Anders Bruun Laursen

Comment at Balder Blog:
Articles published at Balder Org solely reflect the opinion of the authors. Publication here does not necessarily mean we endorse or agree with the views or opinions expressed.


Translated into English by Anders Bruun Laursen from a flyer distributed by society Dansk Kultur (Danish Culture). Layout, formatting and added images by Balder.org.



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