November 16, 2007

Jihad has begun in Amsterdam, The Economist wrote three years ago

“Islamic terrorism in Europe

Islamic terrorism in Europe

Nov 11th 2004
From The Economist print edition

“THE jihad has come to the Netherlands.” That was the verdict of Jozias van Aartsen, parliamentary leader of the power-sharing Liberals (VVD), after the violence following last week’s murder in Amsterdam of Theo van Gogh, a film-maker, by a Muslim radical. Attacks on mosques and Muslim schools were met by retaliatory attacks on churches. A raid on a terrorist cell in The Hague turned into a street battle featuring hand grenades and wounded policemen, before two suspects were arrested.

This sorry tale raises a big issue not just in the Netherlands, but across Europe: how far should liberal societies tolerate the intolerant? For 20 years the instinct of many has been to defend the rights and cultures of growing numbers of Muslim immigrants, even radicals. Any other approach, it was feared, would pander to racists. But both multiculturalism and tolerance are now under broad attack. …”



Burning cars all over Amsterdam for at least 6 days, we wrote 22 October this year
Amsterdam er overtaget skrev vi den 22. oktober (in Danish)
We did not write much more than we translated here.

Did you follow the TV-reports on the Amsterdam fires. In Europe there were none.


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