April 29, 2008

The longer they stay, the bigger the number the more crimes they commit



The longer they stay, the bigger the number, and the more crimes they commit

Danish version

“Every fifth male descendant of immigrants got at least one sentence in 2005. It’s more than twice as many than among Danish people in the same ages…”  
“22 p.c. – more than every fifth – of male descendants of ages 20-29 years old was convicted for one or more crimes in 2005. The corresponding number for etnic Danes in the same ages was less than the half, 9.8, while 12.5 p.c. of the young immigrants were convicted…”
Today reality is precisely as we have described it to become twenty years ago, and latest a few years ago: The longer they stay here, the worse they become, the average number of births a women rises, they speak our language even more imperfect, and they are more unemployed and more active concerning crimes in second and third generation compared with their parents. We have at least six good reason for counting the immigrants correctly and place the responsibility right: 

Six good reasons: http://www.lilliput-information.com/six.html

If it continues apparently without any sense of reality and rational reasoning for more than 1-2 years more, and it is not then turned upside down to repatriation Europe’s way into Dark Ages has definitively been chosen by roadmap-marionets who in reality rule this country and Europe.       

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 Danish women should especially think carefully

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