June 17, 2008

The number of Rape-Crimes increased by 257 p.c. in Sweden in a period of ten years

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Report from the official Swedish BRÅ shows that the number of rape-crimes rose by 257 p.c. from 1996 to 2006. This implies an yearly increase of 9.9 p.c. Drug-rape has been included in rape-crimes from 2005, but that does not alter the picture.
Now we need the distribution of criminals on Swedes on the one side and on the other side the group of foreign citizens, naturalized foreigners and the offspring of the latest (but Sweden does not publish that).

The distribution when we look at Danish (next to Sweden) relations:
Extracts from: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2007/01/27/unge-med-anden-etnisk-baggrund-end-dansk-truer-med-vold-og-terroriserer-med-sms-er/ (in Danish):

“That 40 p.c. of all convicted for rape-crimes are immigrants or their descendants, that 50 p.c. of all criminals in our capital Copenhagen have another etnic background than Danish, that 80 p.c. of all convictions concerning violence commited by youngsters less than 18 years are those of young second- and third-generation of immigrants (in 2004 82 p.c. (in Danish)), that the same group occupy 70 p.c. of all the country’s special secured institutions for young criminals, that the jails, the prisons (including the new-built ones) and the centres of crises are filled to the limit with persons from the mentioned group, and the violence has increace by 57 p.c. in just the last two year in the schools could perhaps indicate that something is totally wrong or some does not match up in the information we are given…”

The foreigner share is larger in Sweden than in Denmark, so the share of rape-crimes, assumed the pattern of actions are pretty much the same in the two countries, definitely is larger than 40 p.c. in Sweden.


June 16, 2008

Please, can somebody help me with information?

Can somebody help me with information clarifying the sources/links to the book or extracts from it and the writer Tilden? 
After having tried all the sources of this file I find it has disappeared. Perhaps it told too much truth.
Book Review  

Ashby Bladen, former columnist Forbes Magazine:
Albert Friedberg has performed a real service in unearthing and republishing this unnoticed gem. Freeman Tilden was a man of classical education and historical insight, which most professional economists emphatically are not. Writing on the eve of the Keynesian revolution, Tilden emphasized many ancient truths that economists have insisted ever since are fallacies, but the veracity of which we are presently seeing demonstrated once again. As a post-Keynesian financier I would not wish to be quite as straight-laced as Tilden is. But it is daily becoming more difficult to dispute his conclusion: “Once introduce the notion that in contracting a debt, the debtor has thereby added something to his own or to the community’s wealth, and you have created a labyrinth into which a million optimists are eager to flock, but out of which most of them will stumble, sooner or later, disillusioned, seedy and sullen.”

Tilden makes with admirable clarity the point that civilization depends upon the framework of orderly and reliable expectations provided by the general observance of contractual obligations, so that political abrogations of debts tend to destroy the fabric of civilization itself. He also deals with the wiping out of the real value of debts through ruinous inflation, which in the past was the result of war or deliberate governmental fraud. But the specific threat we face today is a new twist upon these ancient practices. It is that national governments, strengthened by the centralizing consequences of two world wars and terrified by the growing danger of a return to the deflation and depression of the 1930’s, will use the credit of the sovereign state to guarantee all the private liabilities, and bail out all the overextended debtors, whose collapse would otherwise be likely to bring deflation and depression upon us once again…

Mr. Friedberg, in his concluding Commentary For The Eighties, makes some suggestions… [H]is basic principle is to reduce the reliance upon political guarantees of the liabilities of financial institutions to a point at which the concern of depositors and other individual creditors for the safety of their funds once again forces a prudent self-discipline upon the lending policies of those institutions. With that, I heartily agree.

Book Description
Published in 1935, at the depth of the Depression, A World in Debt is a powerful indictment of the debt system. Is is written in eloquent but non-technical language with profuse use of clasical sources. With a foreword and a commentary by Albert D. Friedberg, the republisher, a noted currency and commodities analyst and seculator.

About the Author
Freeman Tilden, 1883-1980

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