September 4, 2008


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’They give birth fewer children’, so few that the official number 347,250 Non-Westeners 1 Juli 2008, documented: http://www.dst.dk/pukora/epub/Nyt/2008/NR339.pdf becomes official number 330,700 in the year 2040, according to Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten 22 August 2008: http://jp.dk/indland/article1417575.ece , even though the immigration continues in even higher speed year after year:  http://www.lilliput-information.com/dk07.html (perhaps a negative number of child births is then the only solution to this most peculiar equation??)

Yes, the number 347,250 Non-Westeners 1 Juli 2008 we had to find and give as supplement to writings in Jyllands-Posten. We went to the official producer of public statistics in Denmark: http://www.dst.dk/pukora/epub/Nyt/2008/NR339.pdf. The number 347,250 already certainly did not harmonice with 330,700 in 2040 in Jyllands-Posten.

Try the link yourself, look in row ‘Ikke Vestlige lande’ and the column ‘I Alt’

Concentrate for at moment, the 330,700 in the projection-point 2040 has perhaps to be reduced even more in new corrected and official prognosis after the latest discoveries (in Danish) about child births, according to JP 22 August 2008. Add to this a SECRET prognosis that the public is not supposed to know about … how can that be, Mrs. Henderson?

In 2007 the Non-Westeners officially gave birth to 2.5 child (in Danish) in average, in 2008 officially less than 2 children (in Danish) according to Denmark’s Statistics. This was written by Hanne Fall Nielsen in Jyllands-Posten internet-edition 22 August 2008 and the printed edition the day after.

In Jyllands-Posten 30 May 2004: http://jp.dk/arkiv/?id=361742 a SECRET prognosis was mentioned. Not even a hint to this SECRET prognosis was given in JP 22 August 2008.

We had to reweil this SECRET prognosis. We had to make make a new total run through of 3*5,742 spreadsheet cells in a varying annuity to be sure to get a much more correct account of the number of foreigners 1 July 2008 in Denmark. We must build on the concept of citizenship, naturalization and a realistic number of child births among the naturalized. The useless concepts ‘immigrants’ and ‘descendants’ with among other things a missing third generation, who gives birth to most the foreign children these years.

This correction is being made on a private initiative alone in Denmark among all the Western countries.

Result: There were more than the double of the official number 347,250 1 July 2008. We cannot let thing made be made by more than doubtful makers of hypotheses and acrobats close to the leaders in Denmark, when it project 200-300 p.c. (read the red section in Danish) differently in a single fall.

An alternative and fresh account of most foreign foreigners in Denmark 1 July 2008: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2008/08/30/dugfrisk-opgoerelse-antal-fremmede-indvandrere-netto-og-nettotilvaeksten-sfa-af-de-naturaliseredes-foedsler-i-perioden-1-januar-1979-16-juni-2008/

766,000-829,000 of total population in Denmark of a little more than 5.4 mill.

Put this information on your blogs and forward it to all your contacts….or make links to it on your blog or your website. You are welcome copy the whole and even give it your signature, if you want to, if you just copy the entire entry and do not add anything to it.!!

It is important to be aware of the timing and of concrete information, perhaps especially in this authumn (in Denmark), where the foreigners policy ranges high on the agenda.

Give the information to your contacts

Give the information to your contacts


J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics), 4 September 2008

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