January 26, 2009

Pat Cordell’s comments to The Netherlands’ charge against Geert Wilders


Listen to Pat Condells’ comments to The Netherlands’ charge against Geert Wilders


I am sure The United Kingdom and Denmark will not leave The Netherlands in the lurch.

Supplement on ‘RESPECT’ made topical by Danish mainstream-media themselves yesterday:

I have stolen the code from: http://hodja.wordpress.com/2008/03/08/pat-condell-om-per-larsen-og-mange-andre-tumper/


January 24, 2009

1147 burnt cars in cities of France New Years night – 30 p.c. more than last year

Extract from :


“On New Years night a few weeks ago, young Muslims in France rioted. They burned 1,147 cars in several French cities. It’s not the first time this has happened and French police were out in force. Still, there were 30% more cars burned this year than last. French media won’t call the rioters what they are however…”


Precisely the same Dhimmi-Policy in Denmark. The most crazy is that if you use the official number of inviduals in the potential target-group you get a supplus-criminality amounting to about 7- 8 times the Danish criminality, and if you use the corrected figures from Information of Denmark you end up with a supplus-criminality of 3-4 times.
And on the other side: It’s simple proportional calculating with any intentions.


The Beginning of The United States Of America

The history of Wall Street is long

A little from the beginning of Wall Street:

Originally there were 13 colonies in America. They were called New England and were colonies of England. Here they used their own money. There were several, they were called ‘colonial script’ and everything went very well. There had been international disagio-problems, but that could not explain, what was planed to happen now. When the colonists made their money themselves, they were apple to control the purchasing power. The English bank managers did not like that, they wanted to control the monetary-system like they did in England. So they introduced their monetary system and decreased the amount of money to about one half. Now the happy living in the colonies was totally changed. Unemployment and poverty were the result. The rage was turned against the Englishmen and the War Of Independence started. Two of the leading figures behind this revolutionary war were the experts of finance Robert Morris and Alexander Hamilton. The later became Finance Minister under George Washington. It was not a good idea to try fund the war with England by tax-collecting, because taxation always hamper people. The French participation was financed (with Necker as an adviser) by loans too (1,2 billon Frcs). Necker was much more a clever man of finances than he was a skilled and wise statesman.

For this reason and for another reason the authorities let money-emission do the work to get the war that was wanted by few. They issued Government Paper and other instruments of debt of the bearer types. They sold them to ordinary, good citizens, who bought them for their true money earned by hard working. They sold paper money via the federal government, the single states and municipalities. When the war had ended, they also gave some of the paper and a little real money to the home-coming soldiers. The value of the papers depended of the possibility of the state to be solvent and of it could/would honour them to an acceptable course. While the time passed the most did not count on the paper, so they used it as wallpaper and labels. But with Hamilton as Finance Minister something was planned to happen. The single states (in America) made paper money to an amount of 210 mill. and The Union 360 mill. dollars under The War Of (In)dependence. Then the paper dollard had to fall. In 1779 you could exhange 38 paper dollars with 1 silver-dollar, the year after 100 and in 1781 some times 1000 paper-dollars for 1 silver dollar. Then they were drawn back, and for 100 dollars you got 5 dollars of interest-bearing certificates. Only a little returned, because they had been use practically as mentioned.

The first time the passing of the new law, that was know only by a few, failed, but in 1790 Thomas Jefferson returned from France, where had been American ambassador in Paris and adviser for the French revolutionaries. With his help they succeded as planned in America. Now the law could come to reality – 14 years after the Declaration Of Independence? The Congressmen listened to the proposal with deepest surprise, but the speculators that had planned it from the start did not.

The papers should be honoured to nominal value, and the debt of the single states should be paid by the federal government too. Now the speculators hurried out in the country to buy paper quietly from the people who did not know the law-proposal. Alexander Hamilton wrote til George Washington that he long ago had learnt that the public opinion was of no value. The money to buy the paper came from new Government Paper sold to the same people 25 years (one generation) after the war.

In this way the citizens paid the cost of war, and the paid to be ruled in the future. Wadsworth, who was a member of The Congress for Connecticut, transmitted the ships to the South States to buy all the paper, they could get. The rumours told about unjustifiable manoeuvres ‘behind the scene’. They were told so loudly that the New Yorker newspaper Daily Advertiser even calculated, what the different speculators could foresee to earn, if the law passed through.

This calculations showed that Robert Morris would pocket $18 mill. (in the years 1790-1792), Jeremiah Wadsworth $9 mill. and Governor Clinton $5 mill. Fisher Ames and Christopher Gore were also members of the syndicate. The enthusiasm was as you will understand on the boiling point in coffeehouses of Wall Street, where the speculators had their headquarter.

The only thing that was missing was to enclose the admission to the growing activity in Wall Street. Too much publicity, and too much public participation could damage the speculation, and do it too uncertain for the participants. This was not managed ‘in the right way’ (nearly the same) until after The Civil War 1861-1865. The War Of Independence should perhaps rather have been called the War Of Dependence instead.

Based upon the movie ‘John Adams’ and among other things upon Robert Warshows Wall Street, Copenhagen 1933.


January 12, 2009

We may experience a change – perhaps better times after all



We may experience a change – perhaps better times after all

A war of terror is perhaps too difficult to bring to an end without too many limitations and lost of citizens rights.

Right now the sheep are being separated from the goats. The split of Jew haters and Jews supporters may be the first step. When it has been going on for some time the violence will increase. The split we experience will of necessity naturally spread to the whole of Europe.

This must lead to split of EU on the real or the concrete level, no longer on an ideologic phrases and general camp following including new-Mercantilism and Eurabia.

Ideology gathers, but reality spread.

Earlier we actually have heard tiny peeps about an Europe with much less USA-involvement or without speculators’ involvement from the unknowing-parrots who have not understood that especially such a system has basicly been made by themselves.

They and their predecessors have even done the same time after time, but most of them are historyless and just blinded by their own power positions or ideologic dreams about an abstract future, yes, then they don’t expect the big pendulum of history that always returns, because it is the same people, the same human characters that  make the mess every time. In addition they even have abolished the human characters via Etic Order, and created a new man to consolidate their power or secure themselves.

Ideology, Etics and Politics had to be melted together, two generations at the summit claimed, because they got their will by using their brains without wisdom.

Perhaps it shall give the necessary result that will show itselves if it does: war of terror and treachery may perhaps be turned to a frontier war, where the enemies know each other and respectively their real alliances.

This war can then be won.

J. E. Vig, Denmark

January 10, 2009



“Bretz’s Flood: The Remarkable Story of a Rebel Geologist and the World’s Greatest Flood

by John Soennichsen

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ISBN13: 9781570615054
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Publisher Comments:
Channeled Scablands, between Idaho and the Cascades, is a unique landscape of basalt cliffs, dry waterfalls, canyons, and coulees. Legendary geologist J Harlen Bretz was the first to explore the area, starting in the 1920s. This dramatic book tells the story of this scientific maverick — how he came to study the region, his radical theory that a flood of biblical proportions created it, and how a campaign by the mainstream geologic community tried to derail him for pursuing an idea that satellite photos would confirm decades later.

“J Harlen Bretz was an unusual geologist: more than a maverick-turned-icon, more than a conscientious and thorough field worker, and more than a demanding professor, he also had a remarkable sense of humor and the strength to persevere despite professional obloquy. Author Soennichsen (Live! From Death Valley) delivers a vivid portrait of the man whose pioneering work began by accident, when a 1921 summer field trip to the Cascade Mountains fell through. Instead, Bretz led his students on foot through the Washington Scablands around Spokane, and returned every summer after with his students and family to map, measure, and record the unique terrain-including the gigantic ‘ship’ of eroded basalt at Grand Coulee and the dried remains of the world’s largest waterfall. Bretz’s conclusions, of a massive flood unlike anything ever observed, met with intense opposition (largely from those who never observed the Scablands in person). Only over time, and with the advent of aerial photography, were Bretz’s ideas confirmed; it’s now known that glacial Lake Missoula drained dozens of times, each time unleashing a vast flood across the Pacific Northwest. Soennichsen’s book explores a fascinating life in science, and should have appeal for Pacific Northwesterners and science buffs. 20 b&w photos.” Publishers Weekly (Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.)…”


Similiar happenings in other scientific and practical areas:

The Collapse Of Agriculture Bank (Denmark, 1923)

A few perhaps, many more would be rather surprised, if the ideological, New-Mercantile immigration project to the Western hemisphere should not have the same impact.

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