May 5, 2009

Europe comes to an end sooner than you perhaps think


This video illustrate briefly where the

Europeans stands

It can’t be underlined too often:  All fertilities refered to in this video and almost elsewhere are total fertilities that are the weighted  average of the fertilities the ethnic groups in nation that is focused on. This implies that the dismantling run much quicker that also this video shows – 30-40 percent quicker. (Read the Austrian example linked to below):

When you hear fertility 8 in Türkei it is not quite right, if it does not mean that there are born 8 time more children relatively. More young and younger birthgiving women and more children each. In the third world 10 times more births relatively compared with the number of inhabitants is rather common. It is the birth-frequency, not the fertility.

Deciding complement:


Austrian women and Max Planck Institute for Demographics – brief version:



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