September 26, 2009

Thw World’s Happiest People Is The Danes

http://www.berlingske.dk/article/20090925/verden/90925002/ (in Danish)

“Danes world’s happiest people

because we have ‘free healthcare’

A popular American television host claiming that Danes are the world’s happiest people because they have “free health insurance,” and it has been outrage. Smiling Danes because of socialism?….”


We love to be underestimated:

We may add that it is free to join the ambulance and it is of course free to be treated in hospital. The reason is doctors, ambulances are free  and nurses and other health workers in Denmark are working as volunteers or slaves, what means they receive no pay. That is why it is free.

Yes, we have a tax-financed welfare system, with metastases to all corners of life, and the latest is that the wealthy get a new environmentally friendly roof on the house with a subsidy from the State, namely the monetary transfer from agents with little purchasing power, the state has no money other than those the state itself issues out of thin air.

It has been the way in Denmark for two generations now, and we hoped Larry King also would pay attention to the results, before continuing the adventure story of this unreal community lifestyle that Danes never asked for, and which therefore has now been thoroughly tested on reality:

http://www.lilliput-information.com/engvelg.html (English version)

http://www.lilliput-information.com/velg.html (Danish version)

The results certainly have materialized. So far. Be so good to eat.


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