February 8, 2011

What makes me less secure about PEW-information

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What makes me less secure about PEW-information

– although its all-included figures of the world and a very fine makeup of their presentations  
My first concern is that I know the premises of statical methods. Just a tiny few nations in the Western World register religious links and therefore they can’t count them either.
If I had asked: How many bugleries in Somalia i 2009? The answer would have been something like this: Forget it, they do not even have a central statistical unit in Somalia or Sudan. How does it come that religious links then are so fully secured in the results of PEW?
When I make an efford to get the PEW’s raw-data I certainly do not find any, but I find something summarised written about their methods: Questions to an extract of the whole muslim population or to an extract of whole immigrant-population or to the whole population in a country are central. It is very interesting to find out how they do their work about finding the statistical wholeness, choosing the representative extracts, using interviews or questionaires to secure the consciousness of the number muslims and muslims’ ability/propensity to lie when asked questions concerning their link to religion in an immigration-country and at home – and to check the method further.
Especially when you read their contribution concerning Denmark:
“…2010-2015 about 4.000 muslims will arrive in Denmark according to PEW, while close to the end of projected period, 2025-2030, close to 3.000 will arrive, in the whole period of five years according to PEW…”
On Friday or next Monday I easily proves that more than 4.000 arrived in Denmark from countries dominated by islam … in 2010. And for all eventualities, all experience for 25 years shows they certainly are not Christians.

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