May 23, 2011

‘Von’ Trier and palms of Cannes

The selfnamed ‘von’ Trier is naturally on the folk-replacer team, but only by words, because he’s too stupid. He gets public Danish krones to hire expensive movie stars. What comes out of it, is absolutely nothing of format. Especially his deliberately shaken, handheld camera work testifies to his lack of skill, but it also destroys people’s brains to look at. ‘It’s simply brilliant’.

When the entire media Denmark hills dolt up and argue over reaction toward the reacting, then it is because the point 1 the  media Denmark hates Danes and Denmark and 2 they simultaneously try to make him and us believe he himself above the earth, but notice, only when just the Danish viewers are present in the monopoly-media-cirkus. Trier is in his own imagination absolutely beyond earth (some would say in the clouds where nothing can be seen or heard from the Earth ) because it has gone well for too long with his shit. It is precisely such characterizing dolts who childishly/youthful crave for love and apologies, but only so long as they are taken seriously.

You Americans and English do not know the figure ‘Herbert Schmidt’ from the Danish film ‘Matador’, I think (but just wait*), and there was not a dry eye when he traveled to the civil war in Spain, and especially not when he returned to the Hitler-occupied Denmark and would perform plays. The ideology is the 68-model-like, it is Trier and it is Herbert Schmidt, when they’re on the winning team. You can not be the sole ruler in so many ways. You can try to be evil or good. The self-indulgent is always bad. It is that simple.

Von Trier, Von Leth, McDuck, von Madsen and the others ‘vonner’ among new-nobles of spirit amoebas. They permit themselves everything, and can do anything on public support, and God’s grace and comfort to the dissidents in upstart-denmark, who say: ‘He has no clothes on’.

Reply from Sallieri to Mozart on Mr Summer in the film Amadeus: ‘He has yet to achieve mediocrity’.

And who is this Herbert Schmidt?

*He is Bertold Brecht :

When ideology and reality does not match

“…Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?”

(Bertold Brecht)

Until they reach their end-solution (I heard in England last year):



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