April 17, 2014

The EU wants to legalise pedophilia

This issue is much more important than it seems at first sight, and similar tendencies in other countries suggest that they all have a common origin : The EU. Unfortunately the mindset behind all this is so unlikely that ordinary peope refuse to believe it. Which gives the instigators a tactical advantage. But let us consider another area first: biology.

Most female animals become enraged if their young are attacked. They try to save them unless the situation is hopeless. The culture conflict ensuing from immigration from under-developed countries that we are now caught up in is not a war with weapons but a war against the individual. He or she continually and increasingly risks being attacked randomly in the street and kicked beaten sometimes even to death. Women are attacked and raped.
Believe it or not, a similar attack is being planned at the apex of society. The target is again the individual but this time the violence is not physical but psychological. The procedure is simple: Ways – often very simple ways – are found to take the child from its parents. The immediate excuse could be – as is often the case in Sweden – that because the parents sometimes prefer to give their children elementary education themselves. And this is forbidden. The children who have been removed from their parents are put in the care of foster parents or sent to an institution, where they are purportedly better off. But in some cases the authorities have been obliged to pay the separated children damages for their lost childhood once they have reached adulthood.

All-powerful authorities can also remove children in more discreet ways. Children can be tricked into accepting splitting their families via forced schooling without understanding what is at stake.

This underhand method started with the Lisbon Treaty in 2008. Its text permitted new legislation legalising pedophilia, the sexual abuse of childfren

The background for this move was the immigration tidal wave of “unintegrateable” muslims from Africa, who all insist on holding on to their “culture”. A part of this culture is permissible pedophilia both inside the family and in the tradition of child brides. For non- muslims this idea is repugnant, but having for some years advocated sex in all its forms the next step after acceptance of homosexuality is logically pedophilia, and a Swedish sex- society, RFSL, (campaigning under the guise of equal rights!) has been accepted by the UN in 2007 as a consultative body for several countries.

The EU has now in conjunction with WHO (World Health Organisation) proposed obligatory sex-education for kindergarten childrem (WHO recommends this from birth!) in all forms of sex including pedophilia. This should come into effect in from the year 2015. Many parents have protested that the right to bring up their children has been taken from them by offical authorities and that the natural order of things has been reversed. WHO contends that sex-education in all its forms is absolutely necessary for the children’s health and well-being. Parents og course are not pleased at the idea of lubricious political sex-education, but they don’t have a leg to stand on
Many parents will disagree with my objections to all this, because they cannot imagine that things will go as badly as I predict.. But they will. I have seen all this before, in the seventies, when school teachers used pornographic teaching material and even pornographic magazines. A parent’s revolt agains the EUs planned sex-education is already underway in southern Germany where there have been demonstrations against it, and in Switzerland parents are working for a referendum on the subject

The Swedish “Scandinavian Committee for Human Rights” targets parents and purports to protect children’s human rights. Its members try to prevent unnecessary amd distressing removal of children from their parents. These often take place on thr basis of dubious contentions and under the cloak of a professional vow of silence”.

Sweden is notorious for this sort of thing as it often turns out that the fosterparents and the institutions to which the children are assigned are not properly checked for bad behaviour including pedophilia. The Swedish state plays down these dreadful incidents by paying compensation to the children for the loss of their childhood.

I It now turns out that on March 19th the “Scandinavian Committe for Human Rights”has took part in a big conference in the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee (PETI) re. forced removal of children and forced adoption of Children in Great Britain.

The number of children involved was apparently about 1000 a month without anybody intervening.

It has also come to light that NKMR sent a report on conditions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland on december 23rd to PETI but that they have not yet received an answer.

One picture and text from the conference said everything, because it gave people the maximum shock – also known as the truth. Supreme Court judges were actually involved in a child-sex network: The British queen’s advisor and founder of a pedophile ring opposing the incareration of criminals. Lord Justice Adrian Fulford was last year appointed advisor to the British queen. He was also an important menber of the notorious pedophile group for exchange of information (PIE). The police suspects the group are abusing children “at an industrial level”. Fulton has been revealed as one of the principal campaigners defending PIE, who demand that the age of consent for for sex with children (pedophilia) should be set at six years of age.

This is a sick society. Muslims want to import their “culture” to Europe and are hindered by laws outlawing pedophilia. So the EU gives in as it always does. This trend is so difficult to understand that many will think it’s all a misunderstanding. They want to believe that the family is still protected by recognised parental authority. But this is no longer the case. A powerful dictatorship of the elite can do whayever it wants.

Gertrud Galster

April 6, 2014


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