April 6, 2017


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With IQ average of 90 or less in a group it is expected to top 50% of the individuals in the group suitable for education-training and working. Therefore it has been concluded that they can be taken in this direction in the blind, to bear children, perhaps live on welfare or they just have unrealistic expectations of the recipient country. The fact that almost 53 % represents IQ average less than IQ 90 in 2014 (see page 18 just below the table and diagram 19 A) will increase crime risk /prevalence of crime due to the immigration while reducing training and labor market suitability further in the future in the total group of foreign origin in Denmark, as it is growing

If it is assumed that 16,343 mill. of foreign origins in 2012 – as a result of the so-called census shows – a realistic respective share in the status point primo 2015 is 21 percent of the population, when the correction about naturalization and the descendants of the naturalized from alternative 2 and status relatively is displaced from 11,2 in alternative 2 to 16,3 mill., the development in IQ-average in Germany will change from 98.2 I 2015 to 90.4 I 2072, med 97.2 in 2025 and 93.9 in 2052. IQ-average drops 7.8 IQ-points in 57 years 2015-2072. Among the foreign origins from 88.3 to 79.6. The possibilities of businesses will vanish because about the half of the population in Germany is not skilled for education or work in 57 years, if the immigration continues unchanged.
The share of foreign origin increases to 49 percent of well 105 mill. totally in the population in 2072 assumed the immigration continues as in 2014 with an unchanged division on origins..

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