September 28, 2006

You have a task to undertake

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When you ask for “stop immigration”, you get “stop illegal immigration to USA”

Guess what you get when you search for “stop immigration to Europa” 
Why don’t you?

Or try to record what the non-European say about the Europeans when they crowded. We know pretty well how the conversions run. We have contact to a most language-knowing, Cristian Armenian in Jutland


September 27, 2006

Britain’s first Jihad Training Camp

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An extraction from: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23365480-details/Police+swoop+on+Britain’s+first+’jihad+training+camp’/article.do 

3 September 2006

“Anti-terror police raided what is believed to be Britain’s first home-grown jihad training camp in the grounds of a former English ballet school.

They rounded up a network of alleged terrorist recruiters after spying on them at the secluded country mansion…” 

“…The arrests follow renewed criticism of the police and security services over their failure to curb the activities of extremist Muslim clerics who continue to praise acts of terrorism against the West.

Among those being monitored is Abu Abdullah, a British-born firebrand who is an associate of jailed hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza, who has been alleged to have links to the Jameah Islameah School.

Last week, Abdullah was quoted praising the July 7 London Tube and bus bombers and defending suicide attacks against Britons.

The operation follows claims that some of the July 7 bombers were involved in jihad training activities within the UK, although there is no link to those arrested.”


Returns to training camp in Bosnia:

18. august 2005:


Jihad-training in Norway:

26. september 2005:


(in Danish)

Jihad training in America:

27 May 2005:


September 3, 2006

English versions of files in Danish

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A growing number of entries are being presented here:

Until then: http://danmark.wordpress.com/tag/english-versions/

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