February 9, 2010

Day Of Denmark – Day Of The Western World

The time is characterized by form without contents

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Praeterea censeo….

Link: The Great Global Warming Swindlehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Mx0_8YEtg
Shown as clear as the day in 2007 (click at the arrow above)

January 21, 2010

The Last Polar Bear

From one of our Swedish connections:

I am duty bound, of course, horrified by the image of Earth’s last polar bear that sits at the end of polarizing piece – where you can see of course really how bad it is lodged with the overheated Earth’s CO2 level.

Yet I know that the global alarms have not even got this right: 1940, when the cold war winter began, there were about 5,000 polar bears. Today, this is 22,000-24,000. Again, the idea here amplifier than the reality. Fear has big eyes.

Fra en af vore svenske forbindelser:

Jag är givetvis pliktskyldigt förskräckt av bilden på jordens sista isbjörn, som sitter på den sista polarisbiten – där ser man ju verkligen hur illa det är ställt med den överhettade jordens CO2-nivå.

Ändå så vet jag att de globala varnarna har inte ens fått detta rätt: 1940, när de kalla krigsvintrarna började, fanns det ca 5.000 isbjörnar. I dag rör det sig om 22.000-24.000. Återigen är tanken här star kare än verkligheten. Fruktan har stora ögon.

Link: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Shown as clear as the day in 2007 (click at the arrow above)

November 12, 2009

Al Gore Knock Out

Al Gore knock out

– he began his propaganda in 1989

The two central peaces of rejection build on:

The Scale:

The truth is, evidence of man’s impact on climate remains maddeningly elusive, in part because man’s impact on climate is so small as to be hard to disentangle from natural variability.

The famous hockey stick graph:

A closer look that revealed that past warmings had preceded rather than followed higher CO2 levels.

January 5, 2008

You Thought You Saw It Coming – You did not, You slept!

The View from Alexandria : “In advanced civilizations the period loosely called Alexandrian is usually associated with flexible morals, perfunctory religion, populist standards and cosmopolitan tastes, feminism, exotic cults, and the rapid turnover of high and low fads—in short, a falling away (which is all that decadence means) from the strictness of traditional rules, embodied in character and inforced from within. — Jacques Barzun 

…gets you an arrest warrant in the United Kingdom, home of the Magna Carta, and gets you fired from the Pentagon—while both are at war with it! Can you imagine, in the midst of World War II, the Churchill government putting out arrest warrants for anyone who spoke out against Nazism, and the Roosevelt War Department firing people who were critical of Hitler? I can’t either.  And I don’t think it would have improved the Allies’ chances of victory.”

The first blog in Denmark that got the warning from forces within the cadres of schoolteachers was http://Danmark.Wordpress.com . Try this and get it translated, we does not have the time:



December 15, 2007

Danish Researcher Paid By The Former Government To Defend Certain Opinion On The climate

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Danish Researcher Accused of Lobbyism

“The former government (before 2001) paid a researcher from Denmark’s Technical University for several years not just to advise the government on questions concerning the development of the climate, but also to work as a Lobbyist for the opinion that man is the main responsible for the development of the climate…, Berlingske Tidende experiences”.
Following TTV2 December 15th 19:40


November 28, 2007

US Agenda and EU Agenda with opposite priority

Some of what happened after the exposure with

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Tech Central Station Bio – Reiter

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Documentary)

International Herald Tribune 1/11/07
as reprinted on Paul Driessen’s EcoImperialism.com

Financial Post (Canada) 04/06/06
Open Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The EU-View:

Let the Bali Eurospin Begin
November 28, 2007| Chris Horner, CEI
EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas gave a press conference to claim victory where there is none, which message was picked up by the home-grown press and doubtless to be recycled at the upcoming talks in Bali, and reminding us more than any other issue “climate change” statements out of Europe require parsing.

Global Warming Well Down List of Issues, Even for Democrats
November 27, 2007| Iain Murray, CEI
It is often suggested that global warming and/or the environment is becoming more important in deciding how Americans vote. The latest poll figures, from the Washington Post and ABC News, suggest that for Democrats in the crucial state of Iowa, that is far from the case.

EU Claims Perfect Accounting (Whatever Its Auditors Might Say)
November 27, 2007| Chris Horner, CEI
The European Commission’s reply–“Any allegation that there would have been double counting is pertinently incorrect.”


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