February 2, 2010


Shall you ever get enough – I think so

30 percent of social workers and so-called case workers have been threatened or attacked, then we obviously have some more uttered to advise and handler futile.

Crimes against these and other vulnerable groups should not be recorded properly

When police officers in gang cities – the five largest – and a couple of threatened in their homes, their cars and outbuildings burned, and their whereabouts limited so we obviously have some more to the band.

When 40 percent of welfare benefits went to non-western immigrants in the late 2005, so of course we must make sure that not less than 50 percent of the welfare is transferred to the group in 2010.

When the violence and the number of homicides and attempted homicides rise sharply, then the number of these offenses, of course, must grow explosively instead. Home Robberies rose in such numbers, 2006-2009: 16-23-56-more than 100, and so they must increase even wilder year by year, of course, increased further and further.

5 times more murders and attempted murders in a 20-years period from 1985 to 2005, although the ethnic Danish population during the same period went back with nearly 300,000. During the same period the number of alien immigrants, however, increased by a factor of 10. 1967-2005, e.g. in 38 years the number of murders and attempted murders have increased by 644% or 6.4 times. From 1967-2008: increased 7.53 times.

Juvenile crime:

The person dangerous crime, as 10-14 year olds registered suspected for: There is an increase of 261 percent over a 7-year period 2000 — 2007, more than double but less than a tripling. The person dangerous crime, as 15-17 year olds registered suspected for: There is increase of 179 percent over 6 years of 2000-2006,
So almost a doubling.

If the idea of one or more reasons were to fall, for example. Somalis in Denmark, then you obviously know that 10,087 Somalis have been granted Danish citizenship in the period 1979-2008, including 1593 in period 2001-2008. They are obviously fewer and fewer when there comes more by immigration and births, than in this exchange and appropriate payment (per kr.1000. nose) turned into ‘Danes’. And you should also know that these numbers obviously have to get up the next 7 years, it is about growth.

When there was someone who could predict what others was not able to discover the first 20 years despite adequate information thereon in all years, and again others who never saw it, was not even susceptible to information, then it is the latter who at most have a full understanding and track and therefore can and should decide most.

They control the country:

DR 9th February 2009: “In all, 7 Danes have been convicted of terrorism and none of those convicted or accused is added from outside. Some are born in Denmark – others have grown up in this country and has acquired Danish nationality … ”

DR: theory: “The rest are neither born nor immigrated” Unfortunately, our logical conclusion.

‘Danish terror against asylum children – reverse torture – is widespread in practice’.

The Danes have only a theoretical relationship or no relationship to other terrorism, and it characterizes their position on the course terrorism.

One of the most well-informed by its ultimate last appearance on TV around 1991 as noted on the typical control male (M / F):

“Even with a curved knife in the belly he will stammer out one last ideological cliché, because ideology is his life. ”

An example of a naive Dane, whose brains are eaten up by ideology

The rest who are not interested in ideology – including their own unconscious influence them – has heard of terrorism and seen it on TV,
perhaps read about terrorism on a blog in a book or a newspaper.

When we in this argument insists that it officially comes to growth all the way around, it’s because we want to see in black and white around the 12th February, the influx continues full game without that in truth is no shift in the composition of immigrater we otherwise have heard repeated many times in the first half of 2009 – it is as long too late.

January 20, 2010

Tomorrow Is G-Day

In its death throes, Eutopia has decided to smash the lights of liberty.
Mark Steyn

after the murders of Pym Fortuym and Theo van Gogh

a line has been draw

According to: http://www.geertwilders.nl/
CNN) — Controversial Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders appeared in court Wednesday on charges of inciting discrimination and hatred that relate in part to his much-criticized film about Islam.

Wednesday’s session at the Court of Amsterdam was a pre-trial hearing and a full trial was due to begin later this year. A court spokesman said the hearing was expected to last one day but could stretch into Thursday.

Wilders, who heads the Dutch Party for Freedom, said he has done nothing wrong. “I will fight,” he promised in a statement Tuesday on the party’s Web site.

Prosecutors initially decided not to pursue the case, saying in June 2008 that Wilders’ statements were not liable to punishment, the Public Prosecutions Service said. They said that even though Wilders’ comments were “defamatory and hurtful to a great number of Muslims,” they fell within the limits of free speech.

January 14, 2010

Economics: The Brief Truth Primo 2010

The industrial production is continual decreasing, lately with a slightly lower slope, and the same is happening distinctly with the world trade in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Protectionism is very tempting to reach for, and the omnipresent cult of environment and climate freeze more than it loosen for the new perspectives including the reorganization to the international competition in the Western hemisphere.

In addition all these initiatives started to end up in the financial crisis, subprime loans and more debt, grants, easy money and easy credits, negative interests continues unaffected. Debt and insecured liabilities and continuous official expectations about higher taxes underline what certainly does not have to be done. The last-mentioned is in force in USA, Europa and Japan, Japan with 20 years recession and old- perhaps neo-keynesian errors of judgements has ended in deflation. It is not much better in Europe. No, nothing point to the right direction as matters look like right now in the beginning of 2010, regardless the share prices shortly showed small local increases over time in the beginning of 2010.

40-50 years of excesses and more than 10 years of loose monetary policy with consumption-economics and hot air bubbles first in market of shares then in market of properties are not nullified in a couple of years. The Keynesian or if you wish the Neo-keynesian treatment is still in front at the mainland of Europe:’The more the households consume the poorer they become, the more the states consume the richer we all become’. With a South- and Eastern Europe put away to Jericho under the regime of Euro, the defending rises of interest from EU, trade obstacles and other kinds of protectionism (the capital flow east- and westwards, and the inflation threatens Germany and France), starts a downward spiral leading to a collapse combined already with deflation in the one half of Europa and an dawning inflation in the other (including France and Germany).The alternative is even more issued means of money, bigger consumption, higher taxes, zero interest and more debt upon the mountain of debt, and this make everything even worse: ‘The patient should not have more of the drug that already made him ill’.The last relates naturally to the fact that some of laws of economics are almost natural laws.The ruling and media have completely missed this, because they believed on and in this world and in unresponsible of the agenda.

The gold price approaches $1200 per oz. from a price of $250 in 2005. And the gold market is not like any other bubbling market as those of shares and property, as we had to hear from the media, and not even just the breeding ground of the speculators. If this price rise of gold continues stronger inflation must follow, and the collapse we have seen until now is then just the summit. The problem is that insecurity at both the market of real production and at the market of currencies almost forces the investors to go for gold, provided the means must be easily and quickly to realized.

Remember, when the retarded dolls in the media report their advises of investment, always to do precisely the opposite. Everything has an end, and the latecomers are the majority, they are the ones to pay for the game always. Do you remember the bubble of share market created by sailable paper and of course false or no real expectations, almost in the style of Bernie Madoff. Once in August 2001 you could read in the papers: ‘Let the children, indeed’. They were invited to invest the savings in the share market. ‘Everything went so well, and we became and shall become very rich’. And it was a lie. ‘More speculation, please’ was the title of an article in Berlingske Tidende. Apart from the title the article contained just empty nonsense, it was without any useful information.

I suppose a majority at the summit expect the problems with a new and for a long time needed international monetary system solved by imposing some kind gold standard. But this has never been the solution to the selfmade problems, and a continuous rising gold price will show, where we really stand when it comes to inflation, unemployment and state debt, but the gold standard is just meaningful in an extremely expanding world economy, as under the birth of Industrialism, and it will make everything worse today, when it is artificial draged out of its historical context, because lots of people cannot look at two phenomenons occuring at the same without to imagine a connection of reason between the two.

A real globalization of all markets naturally demands a new globalized international monetary system. The leaders of the world have to agree upon not ever in the future to be able to choose the easy way out, and at the same time impose a substantial limit the possibilities of speculation that truthfully are pure by-products of those professional-politicians-choises of the easy-money-way out.

14 January,  M. Sc. (Economics) J. E. Vig

November 12, 2009

Al Gore Knock Out

Al Gore knock out

– he began his propaganda in 1989

The two central peaces of rejection build on:

The Scale:

The truth is, evidence of man’s impact on climate remains maddeningly elusive, in part because man’s impact on climate is so small as to be hard to disentangle from natural variability.

The famous hockey stick graph:

A closer look that revealed that past warmings had preceded rather than followed higher CO2 levels.


‘The Fall of Berlin Wall’ has just been celebrated – but what did the fall actually mean?  And when will the next wall fall? – earliest in 20-30 years

Islam means submission – and what does the fall of the next wall REALLY mean?

September 21, 2009

Civil War In France

Media silent

Radical muslims in apartment houses in France are fighting an “intifada” against the Police with violent collisions that injure 14 policemen a day. The Ministry of Interior informe that 2.500 were injured this year.

Fra: http://blog.tv2.dk/literally/entry336142.html (in Danish) Socialism and dhimmicracy, Video: Former KGB Yuri Bezmenov: How To Brainwash A Nation – Full Version (klik på play-knappen for at starte video):

June 24, 2009

It’s Four Minuts To Twelve


May 13, 2009

Correction of the German population balance


Correction of the German population balance

In the Federal Republic of Germany Population, ultimo year 2007: 82,217,800

Of these, following the official number of immigrants: 7,257,000 (8.83%)

Number of naturalizations for the period 1980-2007 is officially: 3,814,730 (4.64%)


Σ N (x) * (1 + r) ^ x, where N (x) is the number of naturalizations in each year, r is the average net growth rate by birth a year of the naturalized with effect from the year of naturalization, x varies 0 to 27

x = 0

The expected number of children after the naturalization (1980-2007): 2,076,058 (2.53%)

Results: 13,147,788 are migrants or descent from migrants (16%) ,

and 69,070,012 Germans in Germany.

This leads to approximately 20% of the birthgiving women are immigrants, and the following equilibrium applies:

0.20 * 3.5 + 0.80 * x = 1.37, where x is

Fertilty of the German women, on average 0.85 children,

if the fertility of migrants in the average is 3.5 children and the general fertility in Germany was 1.37 on average in 2007.

Assume migration continues at the 2007-level with 43.912 plus 156.942 naturalization a year and the growth-rate by foreign births of 4% a year: PV=13,147,788   PMT=200,854   i=4%   n=30:  FV=51,445,585

Projection of the number immigrants and their descendants, year 2037: 51,445,585

With German fertility at 0.85 you face a negative rate of -0.97% a year: 69,070,012*(1-0.0097)^30 = 51,557,625

Projection of the Germans, year 2037: 51,557,625

The biggest group, muslims then take over 13 years later. Compare with the video:



May 10, 2009

Number of granted citizenships in UK 1997-2007 – and a correction of the number of immigrants

Number of British citizenships in an 11 years period

1997-2007 – including a correction of the number of

foreign immigrants

Kilde : http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/pdfs08/hosb0508.pdf

Number of granted British citizenship a year 1997-2007:


In the period 1997 to 2007 1,197,640 british citizenships were granted – with 7-11 percent refusials of applications behind.

Most of the approved applicants had the latest earlier citizenship in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This means we have to account with a growth rate of 4% a year caused by the births among the naturalized in UK.

Alone thoss 11 years’ of granting British citizenship has lead to a population increase of British citizens of 1,397,640 who are counted as british citizens, even though the fertility and other culture are most different from that of the Brits – fertility 3 times higher.

In 2004 the Non-British were official estimated to 8.9 percent of the population, in 2007 this share rose to 10.7 percent, compare with: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/the-united-kingdom-will-have-17-7-mio-more-within-the-next-25-years-det-forenede-kongerige-opererer-fortsat-med-gigantisk-indvandring-i-sine-planer/

This increase will not surprise when you have realized that the total population growth come entirely from an explosive growing immigration, births among the foreign citizens, and in addition the births by the naturalized and their children. The British births do not replace the number of deads and emigrated Brits, the number British births is 43 percent too small. 

This implies that 5.090 million foreigners have to added to the number of children and grandchildren born by naturalised in UK, and we maintain that the number then is more than doubled, if all naturalized children are incounted. Then the share of foreigners is 11-12 millions of totally 61 millions in 2009 – 18-20 percent

Our estimate is totally safe after we have analysed the development of immigration to Denmark and the development of granting of citizenships in Denmark in the period 1979-2006: http://www.lilliput-information.com/uscan.html

Just the 11 years period 1997-2007 in UK add up til 1,397,640 that have to be added to the 5,090,000 Non-UK born foreigners. The longer a period that is corrected the more children have to be added.

Earlier citizenship among the naturalized in 2007:


Please listen and see (and imagine it even worse) :




May 9, 2009

We have too many Chamberlains and too few Churchills in power in a lot of European countries

We have too many Chamberlains and too few Churchills in power in a lot of European countries, say Gert Wilders, Holland.

We have no reservations at all:
We have just Chamberlains and no Churchills in the apparent positions of power in Europe. This means that the elite of Europe scorn those they ultimatively are depending of. In their belief or faith of a totalitarian ideology it shall in its own self-glorification lose all with this command or phrase on its lips in the end:



May 8, 2009

The United Kingdom will have 17.7 mio more within the next 25 years


The United Kingdom

According to: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/population/migration/international-migration/index.html


UK for the period 2004 to 2007.
The size of the UK born population has remained constant throughout the
four year period at around 54 million. In contrast, the non-UK population
has increased from an estimated 5.2 million in 2004 to 6.3 million in
2007, an increase of 21 per cent. In 2004, an estimated 8.9 per cent of
the total population was non-UK born; by 2007 this had increased to

10.6 per cent.

UK for the period 2004 to 2007

UK for the period 2004 to 2007
The size of the UK born population has remained constant throughout the four year period at around 54 million. In contrast, the non-UK population has increased from an estimated 5.2 million in 2004 to 6.3 million in 2007, an increase of 21 per cent. In 2004, an estimated 8.9 per cent of the total population was non-UK born; by 2007 this had increased to 10.6 per cent. Irish and immigrants from the old EU-countries amounted to 1.252 in 2007. This means 5.090 million foreigners. In addition comes the UK born as children and grandchildren of naturalized foreign parents.
Compared with Danish relations the total number of foreigners in UK is 11-12 millions of the entire population of about 61 millioner – i.e. 18-20 percent.

Remember Austria, An Excerpt: “…Max Planck Intitute for Demographic Research reports officially that Austria had 16.6% non-Austrians in the country ultimo 2004. Those non-Austrians do not include naturalized who are born by immigrants in Austria and not grandchildren of immigrants either. This implies that 16.6% has to be even higher, if we intend to count the percentage of inhabitants of foreign origine in Austria…”

18-20 percent in UK also fit the check of births-shares and fertilities:

3.5*x + 1.2*(1-x) =1.87, implies x, the share of ethnic foreign births = 29 percent

Compare with what the media find is fit for you to know

Daily Express – 8.6. 2007: 1,5 million muslims’ ??

Another source: The Muslim population in Britain has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in just four years, according to official research collated forThe Times. The population multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of society, the research by the Office for National Statistics reveals. In the same period the number of Christians in the country fell by more than 2 million (??).

According to: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/population/population-change/population-projections/index.html


Source: National population projections and much more details

With a general or total fertility of 1.87 children per woman (and not 2.1) one would expect a decrease of the population by almost 11% for the projected period of 25 years. But the official expectation points at an increase of 18% instead. All in all a difference of about 29% of the population. This implies that 17.7 mill. more is expected to immigrate to The United Kingdom (at 61 mio. in 2007) within the next 25 years if fertility is assume constant.

The patterns are the same as here, ‘but painted with an eleven times smaller brush’. More foreign immigrants contribute tremendously to the rise in fertility.

The British do not.

But total fertility is not expected to be constant. Total fertility is the weighed average of ethnic fertilities with populations shares as weights .


Source: Office for National Statistics and more details

This means births or immigration implying the same results, and patterns of culture included fertility are much like here.

If you want to read a piece by piece distribution of ethnicity (the closest you get) it is partly possible here (take a very big breath before you click on the link and go to page 34)

http://www.statistics.gov.uk/downloads/theme_population/Population_trends_135.pdf (page 34)


May 5, 2009

Europe comes to an end sooner than you perhaps think


This video illustrate briefly where the

Europeans stands

It can’t be underlined too often:  All fertilities refered to in this video and almost elsewhere are total fertilities that are the weighted  average of the fertilities the ethnic groups in nation that is focused on. This implies that the dismantling run much quicker that also this video shows – 30-40 percent quicker. (Read the Austrian example linked to below):

When you hear fertility 8 in Türkei it is not quite right, if it does not mean that there are born 8 time more children relatively. More young and younger birthgiving women and more children each. In the third world 10 times more births relatively compared with the number of inhabitants is rather common. It is the birth-frequency, not the fertility.

Deciding complement:


Austrian women and Max Planck Institute for Demographics – brief version:



April 26, 2009

The Last Days of Europe

The Last Days of Europe


  • “In Brussels in 2004, more than 55 percent of the children born were of immigrant parents
  • Half of all female scientists in Germany are childless
  • According to a poll in 2005, more than 40 percent of British Muslims said Jews were a legitimate target for terrorist attacks

What happens when a falling birthrate collides with uncontrolled immigration? The Last Days of Europe explores how a massive influx from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East has loaded Europe with a burgeoning population of immigrants, many of whom have no wish to be integrated into European societies but make full use of the host nations’ generous free social services.
One of the master historians of twentieth-century Europe, Walter Laqueur is renowned for his “gold standard” studies of fascism, terrorism, and anti-Semitism. Here he describes how unplanned immigration policies and indifference coinciding with internal political and social crises have led to a continent-wide identity crisis. “Self-ghettoization” by immigrant groups has caused serious social and political divisions and intense resentment and xenophobia among native Europeans. Worse, widespread educational failure resulting in massive youth unemployment and religious or ideological disdain for the host country have bred extremist violence, as seen in the London and Madrid bombings and the Paris riots. Laqueur urges European policy makers to maintain strict controls with regard to the abuse of democratic freedoms by preachers of hate and to promote education, productive work, and integration among the new immigrants.
Written with deep concern and cool analysis by a European-born historian with a gift for explaining complex subjects, this lucid, unflinching analysis will be a must-read for anyone interested in international politics and the so-called clash of civilizations…”


It comes to end with europe sooner than you think

The Third Jihad (to conquer USA)

Complement: Can uncontrolled immigration kill a continent? According to Walter Laqueur, it already has. Laqueur, an historian who’s spent a lifetime moving between America and Europe, is a scholar and public intellectual of international stature. So it’s news when the latest book from so knowledgeable and unimpeachable a friend of Europe echoes and extends the themes of a pugnacious series of American tracts on European decline. Whether European intellectuals will be able to dismiss Laqueur’s The Last Days of Europe: Epitaph for an Old Continent, just as they’ve dismissed so many other such books, is an open question. (It’s tough to discount a book endorsed by Henry Kissinger and Niall Ferguson.) What’s certain is that, in the midst of our own immigration debate, Americans cannot afford to ignore The Last Days of Europe.”

Complement 2: http://danmark.wordpress.com/europas-sidste-dage-english-og-dansk-version/ (with videos)


April 19, 2009

Official Danish Demographic Information is not OK

Women in Austria: Brief version about Austrian women and their fertility

Max Planck Intitute for Demographic Research reports officially that Austria had 16.6% non-Austrians in the country ultimo 2004. Those non-Austrians do not include naturalized who are born by immigrants in Austria and not grandchildren of immigrants either. This implies that 16.6% has to be even higher, if we intend to count the percentage of inhabitants of foreign origine in Austria. In addition the net influx has increased the number further since 2004. A relatively stable and minor number of Westeners has to be subtracted. The official number of foreign citizens in Austria amounted to 9.6% ultimo 2004, we are informed by the same source.

Max Planck Intitute for Demographic Research reports further that the total fertility among women is 1.4 child in Austria , and this number has been persistently stable since the midd 1980s. Eurostat (the Statical Bureau of EU) reported in 2004 that total fertility in Austria was 1.42. In 2005 CIA reported that the total fertility in Austria was 1.36. We know immigrant women from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa give birth to 3-4 children in average. The foreign ethnic fertilty is then 3 to 4 in average. For the total fertility to end up at 1.4 in the country a certain percentage of foreign women has contributed to the births, and a another certain percentage of Austrian women has to give other child-births. As there is a coherence between the percentage of birth-giving women, percentage of population, the fertility among the birth-giving women and the total fertility, it is possible to calculate/estimate the fertility to about 1 child among Austrian women, when we have information about the percentage of non-Austrian (>16.6%) and about the total fertility in Austria (1.4 child). Austrian ethnic fertility is close to 1 like in Germany.

Absolutely none of the results we get on this basic harmonize in any way to any degree with the official information we get about Danish Demografic relations.

The information on Austria originate from Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, and the information (different from the official one) about Danish Demografic relations or about other European Demografic relations that matches the present reported information about Austria, originate from Information of Denmark

Official reliable version

Calculating version with the exposure using the official Austrian information approved by Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Grafic illustration of the difference between the second best and the best projection


J. E. Vig, 19 April 2009



April 16, 2009

Predictability and responsibility, ruthless optimism and blind self-sacrifice


Predictability and responsibility,

ruthless optimism and blind self-


Jehu Lentius – 2.12. 2008

Dansk version

Let us add some own reflections about this ‘baby boom’ phenomenon, by some naivists seen as a welcome and beneficial rise in the ‘European fertility’, by others as the ominous first stage of an accelerating replacement of the British population by another one, i.e., mainly by Muslims and other Third Worlds immigrants.

To make own calculations we must understand that, if the ‘maintenance’ fertility of a population at 2.1 means that the population remains roughly constant, then a fertility of 1.05 (the lowest fertility within the EU is near to 1.1, the average at 1.4-1.5 1)) means that within a human lifetime (about 3 generations) the population will shrink to 50 %, which not necessarily is a bad thing in one of the world’s most densely populated region. But it is fatal, if at the same time and in the same place an Oriental fertility of 4.2, which means a doubling to 200 % instead, takes over. It is fatal for the European culture, for its wealth, for its freedom – it is just the often warned-for way into dhimmitude.

The situation of a rapidly shrinking population means in principle that the normal ‘pyramid’ of a rapidly growing population, 2 parents, 4 children and 8 grandchildren, is turned around: 4 grandparents have 2 children which have 1 grandchild. Western Europe’s endogenous population is today half-ways into this situation and has to be cautious to stay in control of its own fate. Instead, it is embezzling its demographic achievement (of peacefully coping with its own overpopulation) by importing the Third World’s potential for marching straight into the ‘overpopulation trap’, which for underdeveloped populations seems to be unavoidable, when only voluntary means are applied (see the significant difference between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on the one hand and China on the other).

If Muslim fertility is threefold the fertility of non-Muslims (as it is in Britain), this population exchange will pro­ceed surprisingly fast, faster than in many other countries. You may study the curve for France, calculated for actual reproduction (= fertility) rates of 1.4 vs. 3.8 in the chapter about France (page xxx): The same process in Great Britain could be even faster. The ‘break even point’ for France is about 2087 (or earlier) – the one for Great Britain could come around the same time. The prediction by Bernhard Lewis that Europe will be Islamized at the end of this century (2100), which is doubted bay many naivists, could turn out to be still optimistic. What world do we, by deliberately importing Muslim fertility into our own countries, hand over to our grand­children? A giant Gaza North Bank, a British Waziristan – or just a giant European Libanon? Is is possible that the World will see both ‘The Balkanization of the West’ (Stjepan Mestrović), ‘The Disuniting of Europa’ (Arthur Schlesinger jr), ’The Clash of Civilizations’ (Samuel P Huntington) and ‘Eurabia’ (Bat Ye’or) come true, and all four processes happening on the same European ground. The resulting deluge of exilants and refugees will be appalling. The prospects that America, at that point of time, still is a safe heaven for Europeans are bleak. Maybe the waves of fugitives will seek their way to the Eastern countries of the former Soviet block, so long protected by a ‘blessing in disguise’: their long-standing lack of economical and political attractivity, inflicted by the short­comings of communism and its totalitarian ruthlessness. Which we can study in Chechnya, boostered by events like the Dubrovka theatre siege 2002 (at least 170 deaths and 700 injured) and the Beslan school massacre 2004 (at least 385 deaths and 783 injured).

In Dutch Utrecht, lately, the prevalence of immigrants was around 30 %, of children in school around 50 % and of newborn 70 %, which is among the highest in Western Europe. You need not study mathematics or statistics to conclude that this some day in the near future will be the proportion of adults in Utrecht. Their newborn rate will then exceed 90 %. (That was – exactly! – the fate of the Egyptian Copts and of many other religious min­orities throughout the Middle East and many other Islamic realms.) For the liberal modern countries in Europe with open arms for the sufferings, the conflicts, and the misery of the developing World, time is of the issue. Indeed, it’s already running out. The laws of nature work merciless.

One option is surely disastrous: If we will remain passive and allow the problem to culminate as it has done in some 30 countries around the world, today torn by civil wars and terror, we will never be able to find a good ex­cuse. Those who cause, permit or – even worse – facilitate this crucial demographic and even social, cultural, political and developmental shift, shoulder a tremendous responsibility. Especially, because by doing so they ignore their own highly concerned peoples’ explicit will. This is shown by poll after poll all over the Western world. Therefore the people self will not be asked any longer and to respect their opinion will be denounced as ‘populism’ (a remarkable critic, as ‘populus’ in Latin means the same as ‘demos’ in Greek.).

I suppose there is no other way for the concerned European countries, threatened by the loss of their sovereignty and their freedom, to stop this detrimental process than speak out their will louder and louder and be free, resp­onsible and courageous citizens, impossible to overrun by their own governments, blinded by goodwill, seduced by illusions, corrupted by their own ruthless optimism and suffocated by their ill-considered, unlimited and self-sacrificing social pathos.


My comments:

1) According to EUROSTAT the total fertility in the 15 EU old countries and in all the 25 EU countries was respectively 1,46 and 1,49 i 2004. This implies that the etnic European fertilities range from 1,0 to 1,1. This implicates further that the development runs about 40-50% quicker than described in this article. 

The last question is certainly the most alarming concerning the quantative persepctive that nobody has dealt with outside Denmark. Unfortunately I cannot get closer to the source. I can say that the substance of this article matches almost precisely with the results in readings concerning Denmark and Sweden on http://Danmark.Wordpress.com .This could indicate that the mathematics behind the calculations leading to the results might be ok.



Complement on fertility in Danish: http://danmark.wordpress.com/2007/02/05/antal-boern-og-fremmedandel-der-lyves-groft-herom/

Complements on fertility in English:


2. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
Assume for a moment that the increase in fertility from 1.14 to … immigrant-group and continue the fertility-pattern of this group for … 1.14 is the fertility among the ethnic Danes

3. lilliput-information, Information of Denmark, immigrants in Denmark,fag
Provisional comments to newest investigation of fertility among immigrants in … demografic parameter of fertilityamong foreign women immigrated to Denmark. Fertility is the average

4. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
English comments to the investigation of fertility among immigrants in … demografic parameter of fertility among foreign women immigrated to Denmark. Fertility is the average

5. information of Denmark, engsamm.html
The fertility is the number of children … that lead to the small fertility-number 1.2-1.4 … of foreigners, and later on the fertility has most likely fallen further. International

6. lilliput-information, Information om Danmark, fremmede i Danmark, fertt.html
com/italy/life_and_customs/persistent_drop_in_ fertility_res.htm : “. In no … 1.67 if the fertility of women born abroad … in order of Total Fertility Rate (children): Rank Country

7. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
estimating the demografic parameter of fertility among foreign women … calculated by U.N. Fertility is the average number … assume the idea that fertility among the foreigners adjust

8. lilliput-information, knowledge of and solutions to problems within the subjects…
pageid=1089,47613132&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&mo=containsall&ms=fertility&saa=&p_action=SUBMIT &l=dk&co=equal&ci=,&po=equalπ=,) , estimeret til 1,28 hos CIA for 2005 (http://

9. lilliput-information, Information om Danmark, fremmede i Danmark, forch.html
Total fertility in Denmark (a very small country of 5,447,084 inhabitants all in all) is officially reported to be 1.75 child per women. When the most foreign immigrants give

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international competition, the low western fertility, therefore the ageing of the populations, the weight of the welfare system compared with GNP, and the still increasing state-

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