April 6, 2017


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With IQ average of 90 or less in a group it is expected to top 50% of the individuals in the group suitable for education-training and working. Therefore it has been concluded that they can be taken in this direction in the blind, to bear children, perhaps live on welfare or they just have unrealistic expectations of the recipient country. The fact that almost 53 % represents IQ average less than IQ 90 in 2014 (see page 18 just below the table and diagram 19 A) will increase crime risk /prevalence of crime due to the immigration while reducing training and labor market suitability further in the future in the total group of foreign origin in Denmark, as it is growing

If it is assumed that 16,343 mill. of foreign origins in 2012 – as a result of the so-called census shows – a realistic respective share in the status point primo 2015 is 21 percent of the population, when the correction about naturalization and the descendants of the naturalized from alternative 2 and status relatively is displaced from 11,2 in alternative 2 to 16,3 mill., the development in IQ-average in Germany will change from 98.2 I 2015 to 90.4 I 2072, med 97.2 in 2025 and 93.9 in 2052. IQ-average drops 7.8 IQ-points in 57 years 2015-2072. Among the foreign origins from 88.3 to 79.6. The possibilities of businesses will vanish because about the half of the population in Germany is not skilled for education or work in 57 years, if the immigration continues unchanged.
The share of foreign origin increases to 49 percent of well 105 mill. totally in the population in 2072 assumed the immigration continues as in 2014 with an unchanged division on origins..

April 24, 2015


…The real economic downturn (the lack of growth in production) due to competition on wages, other labor costs and a sea of charges, leading the labor-intensive productions away to low-wage areas or to knee and closure. Since we can not compete in the same productions with wages that are 8-10 times lower than under the Danish taxation-welfare-wage level, was a conversion of programs, productions and industries essential. This situation of wage competition will be in effect for many years to come, and the transition has been neglected the first least 35 år.The tax base is simply being eroded while the reflag and closures continue with increasing speed. In addition a dominant immigration has been ac-cepted from højfertile low-IQ countries/regions, of which half or less than half are suitable for training and labor: The fol-lowing percentages of the foreign origins are unfit for work and education in Denmark (DK), Ty (Germany), No (Norway) and in the United Kingdom (UK):

Government debt has to be settled at least kept strictly under control in Germany, England and Denmark, and in addi-tion growing aging problems to become bigger and bigger throughout Europe with additional public expenditure on older upheld the approach to the working ages increasingly deteriorated due lack of births. The problem with the lack of births over Europe was created by pervasive welfare systems elitist promoters (not citizens). Since the effects of which turned out to mainly lack of population reproduction, the same responsible felt the need to consider the most fertile immigrants to come. The ideology promised just the elite that education was simply a matter to anyone who came here.

A country like Norway might make such an idea real due its oil fund and the country’s huge outstanding debts, but it did not. Every country has to create an active future, a dynamic business and educational development with demand generation and earnings purposes. Otherwise welfare can not be financed in the long run. UN warned against the taxation financed higher education with free access already known in Danish Perspective Plan II in 1974. The listed problems, Europe can not solve at the same time by changing some of the items on the finance laws, cut a little here and there, order some more payment instruments issued and thus create nominal or only inflation growth, so the increase in pro-duction display similar to real growth, but is nothing more than nominal growth equivalent to inflation or less. This will just worsen the problems and slow down/impossible to do any conversion. It is the traffic that is driven so far in this country. Not only Denmark is threatened by the killing stagflation (stagnation and inflation at the same time), but also the other European countries with a few exceptions. With negative growth for three consecutive years, while the government debt increased with the increase in domestic consumption has been running and was started with the so-called financial crisis as a result. The expansion must therefore be ensured by production life to get a solution that is not tempting inflation-prone….

Read the entire analysis in pdf-file: http://www.lilliput-information.com/Europe-driven-to-Suicide.pdf

May 31, 2013

Tommy Robinson, leader of English Defence League (EDL) speaks out about the public beheading in UK

Tommy Robinson, co-founder of the English Defence League, sounds off on the horrific public murder and mutilation of English soldier Drummer Lee Rigby in the Woolwich area of London. As Robinson explains, the savage attack indicates that the dark future awaiting the United Kingdom is closer than most realize.

He used to be a plumber until Muslims spat on his soldier-friends returning from Afghanistan.That made him angry and he decided to risk everything to stop Islam. He is regularly harrased by both the police and Muslims. Take a few minutes to listen to world famous, straight talking Tommy Robinson:

Se videoen med Tommy Robinson: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/frontpagemag-com/tommy-robinson-on-woolwich-islamist-terrorist-attack/ (have 1/2 min. patience)

What the West needs to know (have 1/2 min. patience – and send further out anyway)

September 7, 2012

Paul Weston speaks at the International Free Press Society, Canada, 19 February 2012

Even though Paul Weston is sending his message with The British Freedom Party 25 years too late so let him be listened to:

Great Britain’s corrected population account

Korrektur der deutschen Bevölkerungs-Gleichgewicht

August 13, 2011


Professor (emeritus) dr. phil. Helmuth Nyborg has recently achieved research results that are fully accepted and admired internationally – but not in Denmark – caused by the politically correct elite who does not accept all differences depending on to which side they come out.

Some and hopefully still more Danes find this childish – as they realize that such a peculiar sets of concepts are certainly not valid since the logic is abused and certainly will disappear in the long run.

You have an abstract to his research results here where you also can read/buy the article:

The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection





Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU6ZCBLC0ME

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZQjAHSPY7s

July 26, 2011

Very Popular Video On Exponential Calculation In An Easy Way – But Something Does Not Add Up When It Comes To What Is Illustrated

This video gives me associations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-QA2rkpBSY


Exponential growth: Population – Energy + this supplement:


All the production that is labor intensive and often also the most energy consuming is being outsourced now. What remains is the company cars, private cars and what is left of household energy consumption. In the West we will use much less energy in the future and finally nothing, as you will see below.

So energy consumption here has certainly not the consequence that we should lower the Western birth rates, as suggested in the video, because the West’s energy-consumption according to the video is much too high (it looks like a reprise of the arguments from the Club of Rome: ‘Limits to Growth’ in 1970s). The consequence is simply that Western populations are becoming extinct regardless of everything else and leave the area for immigrants and their descendants from areas with lower average IQ than here. But before that happens, do we will watch a dramatic decline year by year basically.

Demography is a terrible calculation, and it is logical, consistent and almost irreversible in reality it is used on together with the birth-giving women.

Exponential growth is one thing, the curve inverted, you could call exponential ‘shrinkage’. And such a public funded and privately consumed so-called welfare to accelerate the time of death closer and closer every minute. A welfare system is also just partially introduced in the U.S. that has just hit the debt ceiling. Oh, my God!

The war may continue in Europe – the old playground. I type ‘continue’ because it has been going on for years. It began again in the West in the financial systems, as with fault-immigration and the corresponding lies, and then in the stakeholder countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

But basically we are being destroyed by inflation and indebtedness made by mad and deeply naive, even over appraising politicians.

The current central issue is quite another than the West’s energy consumption:

With an official Western fertility in Western Europe at 1.38 – even some what lower, as I have shown – it will take at least 80 years (3-4 generations) to change the fertility back to the required 2.05 (not 2.1 or 2 , 11, 2.05 is probably because infant mortality has just been reduced to the bottom in the West). And in that period (80 years), we can not keep the area with the aging, which also occurs as a result of the protracted fertility decline … .. without very drastic measures.

The only adequate birthgiving peoples descend from areas with low average IQ compared to IQ here, and the same with their descendants born in the West. We definitely can not use them fully in productive activity due to of our even increasing need for IQ, because the wage-intensive productions have just outsourced to low-wage-areas. Where you find low wages and average high IQ, development combined with little developed, privately financed welfare, they will not emigrate when it goes well, and it would, as I mentioned, not do any good here if they did, the fertility is still too low.

Welfare systems and fault-immigration, which was set finally 40 years ago are accelerating the deroute even more, because immigrants on average is af load with a considerabely more than 3 times more of the welfare-yield for just 5-7 years more in the West, then the system goes kaput, at least here because pensions and housing benefits are not to be financed to retired people with anything that is a priority almost as high. It is that simple.

We have even counted at least two generations from now before there probably will be Western Europeans, with enough resistance to halt and reverse the influx of lower average IQ. Western Europeans (as we have experienced several times)  will then prefer their greatgrandfather’s generation for the grandparents’ and the parents’, because in the first, after all, were a few that made an effort to correct madness up …. , Western Europeans will anyway be a minority in just two generations from now, given continued immigration, and even a considerable minority of the young / younger ages  in 40 years. It is not the relative size that makes it, necessarily.

Whether the international monetary system can be designed in time, properly with real exchange rates and hence the zero-inflation as one alternative and dictates as a second, before we become totally disabled by immigration from areas with lower average IQ than here is an open question. They presumably chooce the precious metal coin basic, although it is purely a historical relic related specifically to the emerging industrialism’s frenetic growth: So there is something to speculators too.

Greater instability could easily come soon, for it is easier than the perpetual negotiation of conflicting interests with fewer an fewer opportunities for consensus and simultaneously increasing the creeping low inflation to keep the madness going combined with zero or negative real growth, while more and more anxious subjects will show themselves. With great instability perhaps we get some things put in place.

This can not be understood by but a small minority, some reject my English (you should try Danish), others because they think they live in an imaginary world, and still others because they do not understand logic. Now, 128 is not always preferable to 1-3.

J. E. Vig, Denmark, 26 July 2011

July 18, 2011



European tax-funded recruitment offices for labour in the capital Praia in Cape Verde (islands) in West Africa in 2009, and in Mali, West Africa also opened a similar office in October 2008. There is no real growth in Western Europe. But the Lisbon Treaty the EU has committed to purchase 50 million more non-western immigrants in addition to at least 50 million already funneled into. There are also tax-financed job-enlistning-offices at several locations in Eastern Europe to invite Eastern Europeans to Western Europe.

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/78180/50million-invited-to-Europe

In Denmark non-Westerners consumed 30-35% of the total welfare in 2010, meant to replace the earned income and pensions, when you left work or missed work / you were excluded from labourforce after unemployment. The percentage has been calculated taking into account all tax payments along with irrefutable facts provided by the public, government’s Welfare Commission.

Sources: Welfare Commission 2005     Information about Denmark 2010

In Sweden  ‘foreign born’ consumed 60-75% of social expenditures in 2010. Taxes were not included in the calculations, but otherwise the rates are very much in line with shares in Denmark. If anyone with a foreign background were included it would have been considerably higher percentages. Two generations of ‘born in’ Sweden, but called Swedish, though they certainly have a foreign background.

Sources: Affes Blog    Central Statistical Bureau

In Norway, the immigrants consumed 60 billion nkr. of the welfare schemes at a little more future unemployment the Norwegian version of the Danish Employers’ Confederation claims. The same source claims there are nearly 300,000 immigrants in Norway. In Denmark, the officially number 1 January 2010 was 540,000 and 561,000 the first January 2011. In Denmark foreigners officially cost 20 billion ddk. yearly. Unemployment and exclusion from the labour market are much smaller in Norway compared to Denmark. So fewer immigrants with lower unemployment costs after the reported almost three times more per year in Norway. Source: Brochmann-utvalget

I wonder what’s going on? No, we know what is going on.

In Denmark, immigration actually costs more than 10 times more than the officially announced, namely 30-35% of all welfare expenditure in 2010 that was 752 billion ddk totally,  i.e. 225-263 billion ddk. What is it in just those circumstances that makes Denmark more solid than Greece, which first and foremost is ‘for sale’ on bonds somewhere (?), maybe along with Italy?

On 30 June 2011, we read Ralf Pittelkov report on the cause of Greek tragedy. First EU ‘responsibility back to Greece’s accession in 1981, then to Greece’s own risk. For this last particular: “… The responsibility lies, of course, especially in Greece itself. The economy is marked by a sweltering high and ultra inefficient public sector, widespread corruption, a grotesquely flawed tax system and a lousy productivity … ”

It is so typical Danish, not one bit better than the so-called senior economists in banks, each day give their views on the economy, including the euro and European integration. Only one way, and it goes just keep coming, and when the road then turns out to be a blind, and they even have overlooked the sign that signaled just that, then the opposite way, so it goes just keep coming. Indeed we must be in breath, the worst of us, but all along we kept nice and quiet, for all the world. Politicians would lose face.

If the thought has occurred to them that conditions what repair readiness concerns that Denmark has the world’s largest consumption relatively to production, in no way better, rather worse a few years to come. The agencies’ inefficiency is given the same, corruption takes many forms – it can show itself as unhealthy, excessive nepotism and lack of competition (in a small, easily manageable country) in the clearest – and the taxes and thus wages are the highest in the world. This is achieved no matter the remaining business productivity. Resources are a little lime, a little clay, a little salt, a little gas, a little oil … and for a short time even a little IQ.

Denmark 2-4 years more before it looks like Greece

We wrote something about the pyramids – maybe inverted pyramids:  http://danmark.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/hojt-pa-en-gren-en-krage-knald-eller-fald-fredag-eller-snarere-i-naeste-uge/

Ebbe Vig, Information about Denmark: They are trying to put Europe deserted for the parent Europeans, Arabs have to pay European States’ debt, and fill the area with immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. It all happens with agreements with hosts of other than of European populations. It can not be said to be wise. When it is not wise, then you can very easily get to the assessment that it is stupid. Evil is easier to adjust to, because you often can adapt to it. Stupidity is unpredictable concerning both decisions and actions.

This is confirmed by a German who uses Denmark as an example in a major review of the planned Eurabia. Already in 1980s, we were informed that Denmark is used as a pilot country. It was reported by a chat participant from one of the blessed savior of agencies on a strategy course: http://michael-mannheimer.info/about/comment-page-1/ # comment-1359

May 27, 2011


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The results we reached in the research with Professor emeritus Helmuth Nyborg show this. The article was publiced in Aprilnumber 2011 of the journal Personality and Individual Differences, journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/paid.

A short abstract: https://dissidentpress.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/index-population-account-corrections/

In Germany, Britain, Austria, Norway and Denmark you do not depict the reality from the official based information when you make calculations/estimations involving ethnic descendants for research on diseases or other characters known to or expected to be descendence-related.

Look the world map and read the distribution of average IQ:

Richard Lynns’ og Tatu Vanhanen’s IQ-distribution on the globe. Smaller picture with signatures’ explanations: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_and_Global_Inequality

IQ-distribution on a bigger world map without signitures’ explanations: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2b/National_IQ_Lynn_Vanhanen_2006_IQ_and_Global_Inequality.png/400px-National_IQ_Lynn_Vanhanen_2006_IQ_and_Global_Inequality.png


The same results i Germany


January 9, 2011

Index-Population-Account-Corrections Are Offered Here

At least in Germany, Britain, Austria, Norway and Denmark you do not depict the reality from the official based information when you make calculations/estimations involving ethnic descendants for research on diseases or other characters known to or expected to be descendence-related.

StatistikBanken (SB; the official source of DK population statistics; http://www.statistikbanken.dk/)

publishes immigrant statistics each year for: 1) Total DK Population, 2) Number of foreign citizens/citizens of foreign origin distributed on citizenship including children born abroad, 3) Number of naturalizations of the year including the children born before the naturalization. The children born to foreign citizens/citizens of foreign origin in DK are counted as Danish citizens and so are the children born to naturalized citizens after the naturalization. SB also maps a number of so-called immigrants and their descendants deviating even more from a proper statistical recording in population-related research. The total common birth rate and the total common mortality rate are also published each year.

This legal place-of-birth types of classification means that it becomes increasingly difficult with time to tell apart ethnic Danish citizens from Danish citizens of foreign origin, and that we can no longer reliably identify citizens by COO, nor determine the exact number of children by citizens by COO in the official statistical bulletins. One consequence of this ethnic mix-up is that it artificially raises estimates of ethnic Danish (sub)-fertility, and lowers the typically higher fertility of citizens of foreign origin, as will be documented below. Another consequence of the legal ethnic mix-up is that it prevents an objective analysis of the effect of immigration from various countries on Danish phenotypic and genotypic IQ. A proper demographic analysis requires information about the number of children born to foreign citizens and the number of children born to naturalized citizens year by year.

The present analysis is actually based on official counts from SB, but uses them in a way that, at least partly, circumvents the mix-up problem. A download was first made January 1st. 1979 to determine the actual number of citizens and people of foreign origin with an address in DK and registered in the central person register.

Changes in the status for 1979 were then checked January 1st. 1980 and again each January 1st. for the following years until January 1st. 2010 with respect to 1) the number of foreign citizens the year, 2) the estimated number of children born to all foreign citizens in DK, 3) the number of naturalized individuals, and 4) the estimated number of children born to all naturalized individuals the year based on the total birth rates given by United Nations (UN: http://un.org/esa/) for each of the 235 COOs, and on the total common mortality rates for DK. The difference between the total published population count and the partly estimated number of citizens of foreign origin provided here is the estimated residual number of ethnic Danes.

On January 1st. 1980, the birth rates for the 235 COOs and the total common mortality rate in DK constituted the  “interest rates” of increases for the status in January 1st. 1979. The number of foreign citizens and the number of naturalized citizens in1979 were then added. This process was repeated the following year (1981) based on status per January 1st. 1980, and each ensuing year.

The model for analysis was thus to retro-correct the official population counts for 1979-2010 for each of the 235 COOs in a year-by-year fashion, by balancing the ratios of official UN birth rates (b) against the total common mortality rate for DK (d) for the year immediately before, and add the increases in the number of citizens of foreign origin (ifo) and naturalized people (inp).

This annuity model:

Status count 1979 x (1+(b-d)/1.000) + ifo + inp

was administered each 1st.January throughout the period 1979-2010.

The retro-estimated numbers for 1979-2010 were then used for projection of further population growth for the period 2011 to 2072. 1) the average of ethnic Danish net emigration of 2700 per year for the period of 1997-2007; 2) The UN-recommended birth rates for all developed countries of 9.6,  reduced by 1/10 of a point from 2032 and every seventh year forward (even though we estimated it to be 9.3 at January 1st. 2010 by a weighted average based on the UN-recommended foreign birth rates; 3) The official SB registration of the population count and the total common birth- and mortality rates in DK, where the total mortality rate is the arithmetic average of the rates 2007-2009; 4) The net number new immigrants per year for each the 235 COOs, where the average is calculated from the numbers for the latest seven years.

The annuity method presented above was also applied in the projection, but the last two parts of the formula (ifo + inp) were substituted by the number of net immigration per year, that is, 17.170.

The national average IQs, provided by Lynn and Vanhanen (2006) were then weighted separately for each country each year according to its proportional numerical presence in DK, and presented as retro-estimated IQs categorized into 5 IQ bands for 1979-2010. The weighed IQs were then projected for the period 2011-2072.

The official number of citizens of foreign descendence January 1 and the official number of naturalized each year, the total number of citizens in Denmark are given by SB. The parameters are the birth rates of the foreign descendants in their origin (in the case of 14 p.c. difference) recommended by UN, and the total and separate birth- and mortality rates in Denmark build the net growth rate by births as shown above.

Other subjects on our site::

Statistical measures and tests


International Economics

Monetary Issues

New System of International Payments

November 26, 2010

Index-Population-Accounts-Corrections Are Offered Here

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National Population Accounts: http://www.lilliput-information.com/index-population-account-corrections.pdf

In Britain, Austria and Denmark you do not depict the reality from the official based information when you make calculations/estimations involving ethnic descendants for research on diseases or other characters known to or expected to be descendence-related.

Naturalized and children of naturalized are counted as citizens of the nation they or their children immigrated to, and children of foreign citizens are in worst cases also counted as citizens of Britain, of Austria or of Denmark not as foreign citizens like their parents.

Our correction:
To correct this account according to the ethnic descendence we use the yearly (1 January) number of immigrants of foreign descendence, and corresponding to this number we add there to their expected number of births nation/area by nation/area of descendence and subtract the number of deaths in the country they immigrated to. And naturalized the same. The annuity-method then used in order to retro-estimate and project a more correct number of citizens with foreign descendence.
This means that the population-account is being corrected for the period 1979-2010 in a retro-estimation.
The difference in Denmark amount to 14 p.c. in 2010 totally for the 241 descendences in Denmark based on the birthsrates of descendence recommended by UN. And a even more realistick estimation result in a difference of 26 p.c. And given the official counting-categories will remained unchanged this difference will increase substantially in the years to come.
The variables in use are the official number of citizens of foreign descendence 1 January and the official number of naturalized each year. The parameters are the birth rates (in the case of 14 p.e. difference)  recommended by UN and the total mortality rate in Denmark.
Our correction and the projections for the future do not yet include distribution on sex and ages till now.

J. E. Vig,  M. Sc. (Economics), Denmark

British Professor Speaks Out: Whites A Minority 2066

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Extract from: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3234028/Oxford-professor-issues-shock-population-warning-for-Great-Britain-by-2066.html#ixzz16N2YZLAk

“WHITE British people will be in a MINORITY in their own country by 2066, an expert warned last night.
David Coleman, professor of demography at Oxford University, said they will make up less than HALF the population in just over 50 years.

And soaring immigrant birthrates mean white British kids will be in a minority of youngsters in the UK even sooner. The dramatic decline will be fuelled by record-breaking levels of immigration, coupled with the departure of thousands of Brits for a better life abroad, the population analyst said.


He added: “The US, by comparison, is now about 65 per cent white (non-Hispanic) and that group is projected to fall to 50 per cent by 2045…”

February 9, 2010

Day Of Denmark – Day Of The Western World

The time is characterized by form without contents

In addition

Praeterea censeo….

Link: The Great Global Warming Swindlehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Mx0_8YEtg
Shown as clear as the day in 2007 (click at the arrow above)

November 12, 2009


‘The Fall of Berlin Wall’ has just been celebrated – but what did the fall actually mean?  And when will the next wall fall? – earliest in 20-30 years

Islam means submission – and what does the fall of the next wall REALLY mean?

June 24, 2009

It’s Four Minuts To Twelve


May 13, 2009

Correction of the German population balance


Correction of the German population balance

In the Federal Republic of Germany Population, ultimo year 2007: 82,217,800

Of these, following the official number of immigrants: 7,257,000 (8.83%)

Number of naturalizations for the period 1980-2007 is officially: 3,814,730 (4.64%)


Σ N (x) * (1 + r) ^ x, where N (x) is the number of naturalizations in each year, r is the average net growth rate by birth a year of the naturalized with effect from the year of naturalization, x varies 0 to 27

x = 0

The expected number of children after the naturalization (1980-2007): 2,076,058 (2.53%)

Results: 13,147,788 are migrants or descent from migrants (16%) ,

and 69,070,012 Germans in Germany.

This leads to approximately 20% of the birthgiving women are immigrants, and the following equilibrium applies:

0.20 * 3.5 + 0.80 * x = 1.37, where x is

Fertilty of the German women, on average 0.85 children,

if the fertility of migrants in the average is 3.5 children and the general fertility in Germany was 1.37 on average in 2007.

Assume migration continues at the 2007-level with 43.912 plus 156.942 naturalization a year and the growth-rate by foreign births of 4% a year: PV=13,147,788   PMT=200,854   i=4%   n=30:  FV=51,445,585

Projection of the number immigrants and their descendants, year 2037: 51,445,585

With German fertility at 0.85 you face a negative rate of -0.97% a year: 69,070,012*(1-0.0097)^30 = 51,557,625

Projection of the Germans, year 2037: 51,557,625

The biggest group, muslims then take over 13 years later. Compare with the video:



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