September 14, 2012

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, tortured and murdered by jihadist savages

Jihad savagery in action

Source: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2012/09/in-any-war-between-the-civilized-man-and-the-savage-support-the-civilized-man.html

“U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, tortured and murdered by jihadist savages. (Photo via KSFO.)

Remember Pamela Geller’s ad? “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.” The MTA and the Leftist media was in a tizzy over the word “savage.” You can’t call jihadists who murder Israeli civilians and celebrate the murders by passing out candies “savages.” That’s demeaning! It’s…racist!…”

Warships on their way

May 18, 2011

The Norwegian Employers Association calculates almost as badly as I do

‘The Norwegian Employers Association calculates almost as badly as I do’

Source: http://www.nho.no:80/article23322.html

Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon in Norweigh has publiced a press release that almost is something ‘not suited for the net’ under the system with information that totally (let’s say) undermine the official Danish immigrants’ costs. Twice the Danish official reports and also recently estimated the costs to less than 20 billion DDK yearly. Now the Norwegians have calculated the costs concerning immigrants’ load in Norweigh to about 60 billion N.kr.

[take into account that our total public budgets are at least 20-30 times smaller than the budget of USA]


It is more than most peculiar taking into account that children born in Norweigh and naturalized is not included in the calculation (that alone shows that 60 bill. N.kr. does not do it), that has become custom all over the Western hemisphere. Add to that a much smaller number of immigrants and their children in Norweigh compared with the number in Denmark. In addition immigrants in Norweigh much more often are employed compared with those in Denmark.

Danish net expenditures concerning immigrants

Precisely five years after we began the blog:  http://Danmark.Wordpress.com   

Thank you Norweigh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUtiIMZIVOU

May 18th 2011,

 J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics)

February 9, 2010

Day Of Denmark – Day Of The Western World

The time is characterized by form without contents

In addition

Praeterea censeo….

Link: The Great Global Warming Swindlehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Mx0_8YEtg
Shown as clear as the day in 2007 (click at the arrow above)

November 16, 2007

What we stand for may differ considerably from the mainstream delivery of so-called information

A few have asked what we stand for

As anti-puppets or perhaps dissidents in a most threatened Europe, here it is:

My aim is to inform facts. I don’t deliver anything I believe in or that I just think of as interesting. Hope you notice my documentation and my objective argumentation. As I see it the immigration-project concerning the establishment of a New Mercantile European state based on oil-trade and immigration to Europe to replace the nations is the most servere problem to warn of. My nation Denmark is about 1000 years old, and I don’t accept that one or two generations shall succed with dissolving it for their own private purpose or any ideological brain-spin .

Those were the words you could have found it by looking a bit for it.

I will add: arrogant ignorance we cannot bear

November 14, 2007

Liberalists lost – Internationalists won – or …ists always win until truth take over


‘Liberalists’ lost – ‘internationalists’ (who

basically are identic) won by cheating

Translated by Michael Laudahn at: A fairy tale of 1001 nights – from H C Andersen country Denmark and added a supplement

The Rockwool Foundation has now reached a similiar result which the Danish Welfare Commission furnished a year ago.

The group of non-western immigrants as a total receives twice the amount of cash aid and cash-equivalent services, than this same group as a total pays into the cash register through taxes and duties. Put differently, non-western immigrants charge the public sector
– which gets its spending power from businesses and their tax-paying employees – on average twice as much as they contribute.

That’s the way the development has gone since 1984, the year we got the famous ’83 foreigners law, which basically opened the country for free access and stay within its borders, while the foreigners’ legal matters were treated applying appeal after appeal, along with a reversed onus of proof and a worldwide jurisdiction. After this election Denmark become a non-constitutional state where applicants can stay and work, where (by law) rejected applicant can stay and (by law) rejected applicants can work. The present government still has the absolute majority, included the party that tolerates it; but nothing has happened since 2001 and nothing shall happen in the furture. As the country’s best brains had warned right from the start how the result would look like, one imagined that they (tn: the government) would find to reason, after all.

However, this is as illusory as the idea that the worst ideologists would convert to the world of reality.The treason committed against the country is so heavy and the situation so comfortable for the worst (tn: the foreigners), that this development may continue until the total deletion of the danes.

The balance equation from the country of the blissful (theory): influx of non-western migrants plus growth of the number of non-westerners by births, covered by number of naturalisation documents = number of fled ethnic Danes.

According to the balance equation from the country of the blissful (practice), the exchange of the country’s rightful citizens procedes as planned, quietly and calmly, even unnoticeably. Of course, this costs enormous amounts and expensive standstill afterwards, which has been determined through calculations by Rockwool Foundation and the Danish Welfare Commission. But just imagine how good the country will be once the population has totally been exchanged against non-westerners.

On the way there, there sure was plenty of noise at the warning signals, and the economy didn’t get the manpower they allegedly were short of. The Danes were good for nothing, and public servants steered – along with the ‘internationalists’ of the redeemer industry – the influx of new foreign clients into the country, whom the public officials in charge were supposed to practice their art on and earn their living with. There was the number of expelled from the unemployment funds, but were not counted – like in Sovjet – not to destoy the good feelings towards the official number of unemployed.

Behold, this is a true fairy tale. And they all lived happily ever after.


November 5, 2007

You Must Choose Between A Caliphate Or More Tightened Western Rule

A Choise between a Caliphate and a more tightened Western Rule

“Or just about the Iraque-War on the scene or what is the same on the European TV-stations?”

What concerns Arabic means and Europe, Bat Ye’or writes in Eurabia, and the Euro-Arabic Axis: “The Arabic countries contributed with big sums to universities, centres of Islamic studies, international communication agencies private, government organizations to win the opinion of the world”. Just a fragment of this in Danish and a little in English on: http://www.lilliput-information.com/mani.html.

From Jerusalem Post – en boganmeldelse af Bat Ye’ors Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis : “How is it that ten percent of France is Muslim, 15% of Denmark is Muslim and close to half of the births in the next generation will be Muslim? Imperious mosques and lawless Muslim neighborhoods dot the landscape of major European cities. And Spain willingly and meekly chose to acknowledge its Islamic past, and that pro-Arab opinion is rampant and anti-Israeli sentiment vitriolic.”

Euro floats in Arabic oil, while the countries of which the Euro has been made to rise have moved close to zero growth with an enormous unemployment since the currency was introduced. EU possibly contributes to terror too: Euro light floats in oil , http://www.lilliput-information.com/ncen.html og http://www.lilliput-information.com/euara.html (read also below).

Islam on its way

These past 60 odd years the West has been on the defensive trying (ineffectually) to keep Islam at bay and Islam has been on the offensive their declared aim being to convert by armed force the infidels except the Jews whose eradication from this planet has been (with Europe’s quiet acquiescence) pronounced, save young Jewish maidens destined to be parceled out to the harems of the faithful. It was in 1915 that the Caliphate (aka the Ottoman Empire) decided to exterminate her Christian-Armenian subjects (1.6 million by conservative estimate) and incidentally, showed their Germans allies the proper way to conduct genocide; and on Sept 9th, 1922 in the port of Smyrna they butchered Armenians, Greeks and Jews, sparing neither age or sex, to the tune of 100,000 (?).

It was shortly afterwards that Turkey, now a secular republic expelled all the Greeks from Anatolia where they had been living since the days of the Greek city-states.War does indeed make strange bedfellows. The Caliphate’s allies, Germany, Austro-Hungary & Bulgaria, Christian nations all, made no attempt whatsoever to help their co-religionists. In 1915, Germany had several division stationed in Mesopotamia who could easily have stopped that slaughter, but the only nation to protest that holocaust was the United States but as she was, military speaking a nullity, the protest was simply ignored.

As an aside, when the Turks had finished butchering the Armenians and were about to start on the Jews, the Germans stopped them. Go figure.But Islam as a whole went on the offensive in 1947 when Britain (then still Great) abandoned her imperial responsibilities when she allowed India to slide into anarchy, 700,000(?) of her subjects brutally murdered and tens of millions driven from their homes in a state of beggary, a calamity for which Mahatma (“give us chaos”) Gandhi that apostle of non-violence, must share the moral responsibility together with Lord Louis Mountbatten of Britain & Mohammed Ali Jinnah of the Muslim League and, incidentally, helping to usher in the first of the religious wars that are even now raging all over this planet and which finally came to these shore on Feb. 26th, 1993. In all these religious wars, with the exception of Northern Ireland, Islam has been the aggressor.One item amongst dozens should suffice. In the 1960s Islam exploded in both Indonesia as well as Malaysia in righteous wrath against the Zionist-Imperial Infidel, but as there were no Jews and very few Westerners to kill, the Chinese had to play the role of the victims and butchered they were in the tens of thousands, and now that the U.S. once again has moved against Jihadistan, the Chinese may very well be called upon to act again as victims.

In the Western world new mosques are going up every day; everywhere where Islam rules, the synagogues, some dating back to Babylonian times have already been shut down and such churches that are still open are on sufferance.

Equally, wherever Islam has seized power all the Jews have been expelled from territories where they have been living since Babylonian, in some cases Assyrian times, and such Westerners that are still there are either diplomats, journalists or Western renegades selling their expertise to Islam.

In the West, every major and many a minor university has at least one chair devoted to Islamic studies every one of which are staffed by Islamic scholars. How many Islamic universities have departments of Western studies? And how many (if any) of them are staffed with Western scholars?

On September 11th, 2001, when New York & Washington were successfully attacked, (Islam 19, Infidels 3,000), the Arab Street went delirious with joy and not just in the Middle East but also in all Islamic enclaves in Europe. And how did the West respond? The opinion- & decision-makers fell all over themselves in their haste to explain Islam to the infidels, to the point that His Holiness, the Pope, the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Britain went to the Mosques, and assured us and more important, themselves, that this is not a religious war. Unfortunately, the other side insists that this is a religious war and that they mean to win it.

Islam tried three times, Poitiers, 732, Vienna 1588 & 1683, to conquer Western Europe by force of arms and each time they were turned back—just. But now, there is no need for Islam to march for the third time on Vienna, nor burst once more across the Pyrenees for the enemy (is there a more appropriate term?) is already within the gates. Europe is and continues to be inundated by a tidal wave of asylum-demanders & illegal immigrants none of whom bother even for an instant to hide their venomous hatred of the West and all it stands for; and the governments of Europe are paralyzed by political-correctness, inertia or sheer moral cowardice to stop that invasion.

In France, a junior minister admitted, that the government was afraid that their local Muslim population might have gone on a jihad should France have decided to join the United States in going to war with Iraq or any other Muslim nation. For the time being, the French government tries to deflect the jihadists by throwing them their Jewish citizens as a sop, but it is only a matter of time before the holy warriors get tired of torching synagogues and kosher shops and turn their attention to churches (as happened once already in England) and wine & pork shops. (Anybody noticed how ‘quiet’ the Arab Street has become since Jonathan put on his hobnailed boots and kicked butt?)

In Holland Islam has achieved that critical mass of 10% – (IoD: at least 10% multiplied with 1.5-2.0 in Denmark) and a 10% minority full of passionate intensity & burning with fervor to spread the word can always achieve mastery over the apathetic 90% who have lost faith in their institutions and traditions; aided and abetted by Islam’s useful idiots, the European intelligentsia (God, what a hateful Russian word) who in their relentless culture war against the West are doing invaluable service to ensure Islam’s victory by making the West lose trust in their institutions, denigrating her accomplishments and making them ashamed of their past. (Treason of the intellectuals?)

In Britain, what the Spanish, French & Germans tried to do and failed; Islam succeeded and did so without firing a shot. There are now places in Britain where the Queen’s writ no longer runs but Sharia rules. This loss of sovereignty was amply demonstrated in 1988 when the ruling Ayatollah of Iran issued a death sentence against one Salmon Rushdie the author of the Satanic Verses. The Muslims of Britain made it quite clear that the pronouncement of an Iranian cleric took precedence over the laws of Britain (which goes some length to explain why Britain had to drop the ‘Great’ from its title). By the way, I understand that there is a bitter joke making its round in Britain that Europe will soon be renamed Eurabia.

And how has Europe responded to these and other threats? The European Parliament has recently passed legislation that will make a letter like this a criminal offence both to the writer as well as to the recipient should the latter fail to alert the authorities. In Germany, the dominant power of the European Union, this is known as Anmeldepflicht.


What would have happened had Islam won the battle of Poitiers (and it was a dammed close thing)? Let Edward Gibbons (1737-1794 author of The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire tell it in his own inimitable way:

A victorious line of march had been prolonged above a thousand miles from the rock of Gibraltar to the banks of the Loire; the repetition of an equal space would have carried the Saracens to the confines of Poland and the Highlands of Scotland: the Rhine is not more impassable than the Nile or Euphrates, and the Arabian fleet might have sailed without a naval combat into the mouth of the Thames. Perhaps the interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet.

Although Islam was stopped cold at Poitiers and Vienna, she conquered and held in subjugation for several hundred years present day: Albania / Bosnia-Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Crete / Cyprus / Greece / Hungary / Montenegro / Portugal/ Romania / Serbia / Spain / and that’s just in Europe.

Although Islam promises every hour on the hour to slaughter Jews wherever they can be found, the principal victims of their righteous rage to date have been: Christians (2 millions minimum) / Buddhists / Hindus (700,000?) / Sikhs / Muslim (Shiites vs. Sunnis) Jainists / Parsis / Pagans / Animists / etc. etc. etc. with Jews at the end of the line. Islam does not discriminate; it is an equal opportunity killer.

It is a perfect indicator of the time we live in that the leaders of the West: political, scholastic, ecclesiastic, and above all, the pontificators of the Fourth Estate simply cannot bring themselves to face, let alone to state the obvious fact that the West is immeasurably superior to Islam. Harmony in music / perspective in painting / painless surgery / the eradication of many diseases that had plagued mankind throughout the ages / the abolishment of slavery / the harnessing of electricity, of steam and oil / the principles of flight, including into outer space / of photography / household plumbing (let us pay homage to the lowly Western plumber for it was he, not the medical profession, who banished cholera, dysentery & typhoid) / telephone, television & the computer/ the list goes on and on. Further, the universal languages of the arts & sciences are: English, French, Italian & German all Western tongues. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Islamic students go to Western universities in their tens of thousands, very few Westerners attend Islamic universities save for religious studies.

E. David Litvak

EU millions: Was aid handed to terror gangs?
The European Union [ EU ] is a representation of the efforts of Comrade Bill Clinton, continued by Pres G. Bush, in a program called “The Free Trade Area of the Americas” or “FTAA” for short. Opposition by some of the South American countries has caused the current administration to shorten it down to “The Central America Free Trade Agreement” or “CAFTA” for short until they can club the recalcitrant SA countries into submission. The current disastrous NAFTA would be replaced by the FTAA.The person who is the prime negotiator is a fellow named Robert B. Zoellick, currently on the Federal Payroll of the Executive Branch, in the titled position of “US Trade Representative”, a Cabinet Ranked job. He is a long time member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Since the FTAA/CAFTA is being patterned after the EU, you may wish to subscribe to several organizations in England and other countries who are trying to save the Sovereign Nation Of England, and their own, from becoming another slave state of the EU and its soviet styled government. France and Germany have teamed up with Belgium to become the total dictator of Europe. The organizations that are fighting to keep England a sovereign nation are listed at the end of this document. For God and Country, FSI, DEO VINDICE, Chet. IT BEGAN with a suspicion in the mind of two MEPs, Ilka Schröder and François Zimeray, that European Union funding for the Palestinian Authority was being diverted into the pockets of terrorists. By the time the EU working group had finished its investigation, it had uncovered evidence to show that Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian president, had personally signed cheques to people linked with terrorist activity. This week, fresh allegations have surfaced that money intended for use by the Palestinian Authority for legitimate purposes has been siphoned off by corrupt officials, ostensibly to pay the wages of 7,000 non-existent staff. But rather than prosecutions and the recovery of misappropriated funds, the investigation has concluded with a whimper, petering out in two conflicting reports and an inconclusive debate.What it is has provided, however, is a salutary lesson in the Labyrinthine workings of the EU and the possibility that future donations may be Subject to rather more scrutiny than that which applied to the $246 million (£134 million) handed over without question to the Palestinian Authority.Ms Schröder and Mr Zimeray’s determination uncovered a murky world where money from the EU’s constituent states was channelled into the pockets of dubious figures in the Palestinian Authority, and from there into the pockets of Palestinian terrorist groups. They were unlikely champions of such a cause: Mr Zimeray was a French socialist MEP; Ms Schröder, a German Green MEP and later an associated member of the Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left. What they shared was a frustration with what they regarded as the EU’s implicit support for the Palestinian Authority, regardless of whether it was right for wrong.Ms Schröder was in no doubt about what had happened to the money. In an open letter, she wrote: “It is a well known fact that the EU-funding for the Palestinian Authority was channelled to a black budget. It is also well known that the Palestinian Authority has financed a murderous anti-Semitic terrorist war against Israel. Israel provided the European Commission with proof of this use of EU-funding in May 2002. Since then, the commission denies having any knowledge of this specific use of the money and the Conference of Presidents successfully stalled an inquiry committee on this issue.” But from the start, it was an uphill battle. Chris Patten, the EU foreign affairs commissioner, was against any investigation, arguing it amounted to ignoring Palestinian suffering. Ms Schroeder could not stomach that argument: she accused Mr Patten of “winking approval of terrorist attacks funded by the EU”.Mr Zimeray and Ms Schröder pressed ahead and, after four months, had the 157 signatures they needed for a vote on the matter. Mr Patten’s attempts to persuade Euro MPs to drop the matter were rejected, and the parliament set up a working group to look into the claims. Already, officials in Brussels were admitting they could not account for every penny spent by the Palestinian Authority. When Mr Patten protested that there was no need for further investigation because the International Monetary Fund supervised the EU’s funding arrangements, Thomas Dawson, the director of the IMF’s external relations department, made it clear it could not monitor or control every item in the budget. Even Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian finance minister, admitted the system was open to corruption. Meanwhile, the working group ploughed on with its investigations, uncovering plenty of evidence to suggest money had ended up in the wrong pockets. The evidence suggested that money paid to the Palestinian Authority may have found its way to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a group responsible for hundreds of attacks on Israeli targets. There was even evidence to show Mr Arafat had signed payment orders for thousands of pounds for people directly involved in terrorist activity. But when it came to their conclusions, they were divided on how much credence to give to the evidence they had uncovered, with seven members believing it was not of sufficient quality to stand up in court and six prepared to accept it. Ms Schröder was unimpressed with their efforts: “The working group was established in order to downplay the importance of the issue,” she wrote in a letter to the group.Charles Tannock, the Tory foreign affairs spokesman in the European Parliament and one of the authors of the minority group’s report, called it a whitewash. He said the majority report had chosen to ignore signed payment orders by Mr Arafat to the tune of $39,000 (£22,000) “to people linked to terrorist activities or their families” on the basis that they amounted to circumstantial evidence only and did not prove that payments had been made. “I am very suspicious about giving money in cash to a theatre of war where corruption is endemic,” he said. Mr Tannock said that he believed about 270 million (£178 million) had been paid to the Palestinian Authority over a two-year period, with the money going into a single account. “It was all paid into a pot to finance a variety of things, some of them legitimate and some dubious,” he said. He demanded a committee of inquiry into the payments, but the request was vetoed and it is unlikely further investigation will take place.But even as the working group was winding up, new evidence was emerging about the fate of the EU’s cash. Mr Zimeray and Ms Schröder had alsopersuaded OLAF, the anti-fraud office of the EU, to begin its own investigation into what had happened to the money. Its report is not yet out, but already evidence is emerging that some of the money was used to cover the salaries of thousands of security force employees who existed only on paper.An examination of the payroll of the Palestinian Authority’s national security force, under the command of General Haj Ismail Jabber, revealed that about $2 million (£1.1 million) a month was paid to General Jabber to cover the salaries of 37,000 security force members. The payroll showed there were only 30,000 people on the staff. The EU working group may have concluded its investigation, but others are still searching for the truth. Ms Schröder and Mr Z imeray spotted the flaws in the argument this time, but there will have been other occasions, many more, when money has flowed out of the EU coffers without check or balance.What appears to have prompted these two MEPs to place the greater good of the EU above political convenience – and there is no doubt that both would have found life easier over the last year had they ignored the voice of their consciences – is a sense of outrage at the knee-jerk response of the European Parliament to automatically back the Palestinian cause without pausing to consider what would happen to the money they so readily handed over.Too often in Europe decisions are taken without fear of being held to account: on this occasion, the guilty parties have merely had a warning shot fired across their bows. Fraud, corruption and mismanagement are woven into the fabric of the European Parliament, say its critics. It can only be hoped that this time, however hard senior EU powerbrokers attempt to place political convenience ahead of financial probity, it is not the end of the story.

End of Msg
from Chamberlain.

July 2, 2007

Two of the hunted foreign terrorists in Britain are psysisists – ‘extemely calming’ – and it is even worse

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The most stupid and unqualified terror-attacks ever attempted

Extracts from: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6259924.stm

“Police are urgently hunting at least one person over attempted car bombings in London and at Glasgow airport.

Five people – none thought to be British – have been arrested so far in Paisley, Liverpool and Cheshire…”


“…On Monday, Staffordshire Police closed off Priam Close, in Bradwell, not far from Chesterton, where one of the people being held, Dr Mohammed Asha, lived.

Dr Asha, who worked as a junior doctor at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, was arrested on the M6 in Cheshire on Saturday night…”


Two of the suspects are physisists; it is extremely calming to know that Denmark also plans two import more of those and and other heath care workers from South-Asia and the Middle East. To the ‘clever’ argument: THEY ARE NOT SO ALL OF THEM, we have to reply with question: Would you please sort them, and tell us which percentage to accept just before one of your family has to be treated?!

To get a clue


7 arrested Middle Easteners, two of them doctors, one is still hunted. The one doctor drove the car into the terminal in Glasgow. They are all linked to the London car bombs with gasolin, gas and nails.

Even later:

Of 8 5 were doctors and 2 other health care workers. 45 muslim doctors plan to attack USA from inside.

Lots of details:

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