December 29, 2014

Young Couple Attacked With Out Any Reason

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“Christmas Eve should be a evening of joy”, but not for Mads and me, Nanna Skovmand writes. She and her husbond was on their way home attacked in Copenhagen by Somalis and badly wounded. Totaly without reason, absolutely mind lefted, perhaps because they were Danes and actually look like Danes.
The Young couple had taken af taxa from til Christmas Party by the parents of Mads. On the way to the frontdoor a 16 years old Somali cryed out several times: “Do you have a problem?”. Mads asked: “What do you want?”. The Black – Somali – jumped from a bike and hit the Dane with a bottle in the head. Almost at the same time two or three more armed with bicycle chains came to support their aggressive fellow. Mads shouted to Nanna that she should run away.
Nanna recounts:
I thought they would kill him. I tried to tear the attacker away from Mads. The small, shabby and cowardly boys threw me on the asphalt and called me a whore. The Somalis beat the defenseless woman with bicycle chains several times in the face and in the head, after which the cowardly gang fled.

The responsibility are definitely that of the Danish governments’ and the Danish politicians’ on the Christian Bouncy.

October 30, 2007

And Mass-Immigration Continued And Continues Even Stronger

This was published by Daniel Pipes New York Aug 20 2005 before the newspaper JYLLANDS-POSTEN (2 km. away) that reported false reacted
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It has gone totally off

Denmark’s Statistics reported in the series News From Denmark’s Statistics no 339, August 9th 2005 of fewer Somalis in Denmark, and of an decrease in the number of immigrants in Denmark in second quarter of 2005 while 125 Somalis net more arrived here. And that is certainly not the worst: The newspaper Jyllands-Posten’s reporters got it all wrong, because they did not notice that 3052 and their children were given the Danish citizenship by naturalization on June 14th this year, and because the reporters also chose an useless statistic – the one accounting matters not individuals. It is the truth!The result was that the number of immigrants officially went down with 315 in the second quarter of 2005 even though the number really went up with about 6,000-7,500.Then I am asked, who has to bear the heaviest responsibility. Nobody, of course. Perhaps we should ask the court of law?
I would say: CERTAINLY NOT!

Full documentation in Danish : http://www.lilliput-information.com/vild.html

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