September 5, 2013

Obama-visit And New Stronger Agenda In Sweden


The media notes that 2 mio. refugies have left Syria and 7 mio. have left their homes. 27 mio. inhabitant in Syria.


permanent stay to all Syrians in Sweden and invites the rest of

Syrians to come to Sweden eventually apply for permanent stay

in advance.

Sweden has a population of 9.6 mio.

Source: Migrationverket, Monday 2 September 2013: http://www.migrationsverket.se/info/7595.html

Sweden has about 30 p.c. immigrants and their children (officially 26.6 p.c. ultimo 2011). SKL (an association of municipalities) in Sweden will multiply the immigration to Sweden with ten. It was while the number each year was much smaller than today. Total population in Sweden was 9,596,436 1 January 2013. Last year the immigration to Sweden was 110,000 nett. The new proposal implicates 350,000 a year and 8,050,000 without births and deads included in 2035.

The same day as the new proposal of free immigration to Sweden from Syria we calculated that Sweden had 16 years more
with ethnic Swedish majority. Now the development certainly develops.

Year 2012 57 p.c. of all social security-payments in Sweden went to immigrants and their children. ‘Inrikes fødde’ (born in the country)
instead of immigrants it’s called, but there are two generation of foreign origins born in Sweden. So it’s even worse. Cost involving welfare-workers is not included.

We then conclude: The Swedish government wants Sweden to go bankruptcy before islam takes over.

November 18, 2007

Its a matter of life or death not to overlook any consequences


Baron Bodissey on:

“..No, Islam isn’t reformable. The only possible solution then, apart from a global war to the death which nobody wants, is to separate ourselves from the Islamic world as much as possible…” “…No, I have never suggested expelling all of them, but the most hardcore ones who push for implementing sharia laws here need to be deported, yes…”

The Baron is not thinking entire logically to the end on the consequences: Even if we stopped immigration to Denmark or to Sweden tomorrow mathematics simply implies that the Muslims would become a majority just 7-8 years (source in Danish) later than would be the fact, if it just continued as last year, because there is absolutely no adjustment of fertility towards anything like the Westeners’ fertility – on the contrary (source in Danish) – dispite of what we are told by politically correct media. And it would be stricktly against both the intentions and the intensions of the Elite not to secure an increasing number inhabitants/ subjects by immigration of immigrants who add to the average fertility, especially to do the trick (in Danish):

In short:

The balance of the Bless Country:

the number immigrated muslims plus the number of births from their country-women a year must equal the number of naturalized a year that must equal the number emigrating etnic Danes the same year.

That’s a trick: “Nothing happens, but our mentality and the colors of our eyes”

J. E. Vig, 18 november 2007

November 8, 2007

Moslems run Sweden Down

Moslems run Sweden Down

[Moslems run Europe down is the truth to make the light Euro float in oil]

One and a half years before the European Union and the member countries this year decided to open entirely up to immigration the following could be read in the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende stringtly refering to the original American source, Weekly Standard.

Source : http://www.berlingske.dk/udland/artikel:aid=552736/ (here the echo of Weekly Standard, refered to below)

A translated extraction of Danish version:

”One of the leading conservative magazines in USA takes Sweden in hand. Moslems are running the Swedish down, you read on frontpage of Weekly Standard. Denmark and Finland on the other hand have read the writing on the wall”

“While the neighboring countries Denmark and Finland has seen the light and stopped the free immigration…”

Information of Danmark:
What you just read is a lie of the biggest in the 21. century.

Main source: Pay-article in The Weekly Standard

They had liked Jyllands-Posten later on August 9 2005 succeded to give Scandinavian reporters, readers, viewers, other reporters here and abroad, and also a substantial part of the general public both here and there the impression that the responsibles finally had read the writing on the wall in Denmark after having got “the new government” re-elected.
It was simply a lie of dimension.

The whole wretched business is due to fact that the ruling government with the media succeded with making the Danish public believe that a slowing down of the immigrant-stream of Moslems into Denmark was introduced by “the new government” – in the summer 2005 we should according to the media and all who can talk in TV have reached a point where they were (nett) on their way home, among other in the Jyllands-Posten August 9 (in Danish) and briefly in English. We had to give our protest against this nonsense in English too as Jylland-Posten was not able to let us reject its serious mistake until Daniel Pipes had let us document the facts August 20 2005. Jyllands-Posten still stands less than two kilometers from here, and that is good.

Mass immigration continues even stronger year after year

Take the camouflage-play

Take the accounting-teatre

The author of the article in The Weekly Standard is Christopher Caldwell. He has written excellently about politically incorrect sensitive facts of Sweden earlier, even about the corrected (and therefore politically incorrect) number of immigrants in Sweden to get very close to the truth:

J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics)

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