August 20, 2007

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Norwegian woodenheads

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Norway had a unique way of handling crime. Criminals were tried, convicted and sentenced just like anywhere else. But then it was left up to the convict to decide if he would actually serve his sentence.

And of course, this does not work. Small wonder that Norway’s reported crime rate is double that of the United States. Police in Oslo are overwhelmed by crime. And a Norwegian newspaper reported that 70% of “Norwegians have no faith that they’ll get any help if someone breaks into their home.”

The problem is that until recently, there was no law that required a criminal to report to prison to fulfill his sentencing. Surprisingly, 80% showed up. Only 20% of the convicted criminals decided not to volunteer for prison time.

Criminals are not very bright people, no matter how many “Ocean’s” pictures George Clooney makes.

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported:

“It’s difficult to make plans for the prison terms when we have no idea who will show up and who won’t,” said Ellinor Houm, director of the Norwegian Correctional Services, section for eastern Norway.

With fewer criminals showing up here than in any other part of Norway, Houm’s in charge of prisons with many empty beds. So far this year, every fourth criminal has not bothered to turn up at the prison gates in eastern Norway.

Prison undercrowding. Maybe they can rent the cells out to people who want protection from criminals. Now for the kicker:

The dilemma facing the prison authorities is that failure to show up at prison is not yet illegal. Although Parliament has passed new legislation making it a criminal offence to skip prison, the law has not yet been implemented and until it is, prison authorities can do nothing but hope that the criminals will eventually show up at the prison gates.

Small wonder, Norway has one of the highest handgun ownership rates in the world. But according to Interpol statistics its overall crime rate is double that of the United States. In fact, the U.S. crime rate is about half that of each of the Northern European countries, including England.

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Nota Bene: Neither the Danmark.blog nor lilliput-information.com show anything what so ever to support this: (quotation from above):

“And of course, this does not work. Small wonder that Norway’s reported crime rate is double that of the United States. Police in Oslo are overwhelmed by crime.” (end quotation)

What we intended to prove and actually proved was that the crime rate in Sweden is the doubled of the crime rate in USA, and we also know why : The foreign immigrants have a crime rate of 3-4 times that of the Swedes.

Please, try seriously to find out and do dare to published the distribution of crimes in Oslo between Norwegians and foreign immigrants. Copenhagen in Denmark does that every year: Latest: 82 p.c. of all crimes commited by youngsters has been committed by foreigners or naturalized foreigners.

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