April 6, 2010

Welfare Experience Concerning Non-Western Immigrants In Denmark

Things to have in mind as an American

Two generations of so-called welfare financed by taxes and consumed almost entirely privately resulted in a very interesting information from the official Welfare-Commission with so-called welfare-experts taught to tell what the politician don’t dare to say themselves and to defend any doings (within their expertice) of  any government  – a so-called buffer:

Non-Western immigrants in Denmark consume 3.47 times the amount of welfare in average compared with the average of the Danes (self-knowledge usually is a good thing even though we knew and also told it right from the beginning):

So, if we allow a little mathematics:
x/(1-x) * Danes’ share in p.c. of the population/Non-Westeners’ share in p.c. of the population =3.47

where x is the percentage of Non-Westerners’ consumption of the entire welfare-budget.
(we can ignore the Western immigrants, they are very few, and they mostly come here to work)

Result: x= 30%, even though we calculate with just 11% Non-Westernes – perhaps 15% is even more realistic (check the table). We are not allowed to know the correct number og Non-Westeners, but we must pay anyway, so we get the politically correct number instead partly to make us pay.

This means that the Danish welfare-system that was bound to collapse when the hippy-generation of rulers had become pensioners and was expected to have eaten up all national resources precisely by the time of their death will collapse in 2-4 years from now instead.

Our prognoses for the last 23 years got very close to the truth – and we can even proved it!

April 1, 2010

Danes world’s happiest people (??)

Danes world’s happiest people

because we have so-called  ‘free healthcare’

A popular American television host claiming that Danes are the world happiest people because they have “free health insurance,” and it has set outrage. Do the Danes smile because of socialism?
We may add that it is free to join the ambulance, and it is of course free to be treated in hospital. This is linked to fact that doctors, ambulance and nurses and other health workers in Denmark are working as volunteers or slaves. They receive no salary, they simply work for free. That is why healthcare is free.

Yes, we have a collective tax-financed welfare system with metastases to all edges of life, and the latest is that wealthy people get a new environmentally friendly roof on the house with grants from the state, ie money transfer agent from preferably the least purchasing power, the State has no other money than the money the state issues itself out of the blue air.

It has been the way in Denmark in two generations now, and the results Larry King was also in the spotlight before he continues adventure story about the unreal community lifestyle that Danes never asked for, and so now has been thoroughly tested reality:

http://www.lilliput-information.com/engvelg.html (English version)

The results have proved what reality is. Be so good to eat.

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