January 23, 2008

Liberal Fascism or Internationalism that Ends in The Same


Decline and Fall: Europe’s Slow Motion Suicide

by Bruce S. Thornton

“The Totalitarian Temptation from Hegel to Whole Foods

The incoherence of our political discourse results in part from sheer ignorance of political philosophy and its history. Abetted by a superficial media, we trade in sound-bite labels and epithets, free-floating signifiers that communicate not ideas but feelings or prejudices––“conservative,” “liberal,” “progressive,” and of course “fascist” are all terms that seldom have any accurate meaning. This sloppiness makes it more difficult to conduct the political debate where it should be: at the level of fundamental assumptions about human nature, the proper role of government, and the goods suitable for the state to pursue…”


As we see it ism is the one that make a teoretical Europe and a teoretical European, but at least the European is an absolute. You could also call it an ideologic construction. Experience show they all have the same ends.

Daniel Pipes’ outstanding contribution to explain the concept Liberal Fascism

Suppplement: Union There and Returndansk udgave


January 16, 2008


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Bilderberg mentioned in Danish media


“Toeger Seidenfaden uses a full leading article in Politiken today (01/15/08) to defend his ‘brother’ of the masonic loge from among other The Society of Foreign Affaires, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, Uffe Ellemann.
Here he supports Uffe in the claim that Jyllands-Posten’s Flemming Rose himself provoked the Muhammed-Crisis forward, when he ‘ordered caricature-drawings of Muhammed among caricature cartoonists’.
As known there was mailed a letter to all members of Danish Newspaper-illustrators in the union under Danish Union of Reporters with a request to draw Muhammed as the saw him. But when have all illustrators become caricature-cartoonists?
I hope that the chairman of newpaper-illustrators’ union Claus Seidel shows himself now in full size and on behalf of all newspaper-illustrators and requests to spare us for this appellation invented to the occasion.” 
Tøger Seidenfaden is the so-called Responsible Editor on the Danish Newspaper Politiken. Uffe Ellemann is a former Danish Minister of Foreign Affaires Uffe Ellemann-Jensen.


January 13, 2008

Al gore Refuses to Debate CO2-levels and Temperature

Since Al Gore refuses to debate reputable skeptics of global warming, preferring instead to spread his propaganda unchallenged in the mass media, Demand Debate decided to splice together their own ‘debate with Al Gore’ by comparing his claims with their factually-based science.The result: The Al Gore Debates Global Warming Video.

January 12, 2008

The beginning of the homocide in Dafur

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Source: http://www.lnsart.com/Sudan%20Slave%20Story.htm

“…The war between the Islamic north and Christian south Sudan has old roots, stemming back to the 1950s when the country, separated at the time was made one by the western world after World War II. Shortly the country of Sudan was emancipated from England. A war between the two religious factions broke out in 1983, with the Islamic north invading the southern Christians. This is considered the time by which the current struggle is measured. From 1983, it is estimated that at least two million people have been killed in this genocide, mostly Christians, for sure civilians. Early on in this conflict, two professors at the University of Khartoum; Ushari Ahmad Mahmud and Suleyman Ali Baldo learned about the genocide and enslavement being practiced on the Dinka people and had investigated it. What they found was that raiders from the north were killing the men and had taken women and children and into slavery for over two years. They wrote their report in 1987. It was widely circulated and was denied by the Sudanese government. The UN assimilated the report and then discounted it as hearsay. These two humane professors were incarcerated by their government and then were discredited throughout the world. The civilized world would not and could not hear…”

Now you read almost everywhere that the conflicht started in 2003.


As a minor but hopefully enlightening parallel to this: “There was no confirmed homocide on Armenians 1915-1918”


The Chief of Interpol will be convicted

News Bureau Newspaq.dk 11 Jan. 18:54:

The chief of Interpol, who at the same time is in charge as chief of the Southafrican policeforce Jackie Selebi, will be accused for corruption. Jackie Selebi has been link to organized criminality several times and has connections to the criminal Southafrican underworld.  

Now we small bloggers begin to grasp that something has turned totally upside down. For example statistical international comparison of criminalitet has stopped via Interpol. Suddenly this seams clear as the day. Last comparison of international criminality. We have refered the last comparison of criminalitet ever published before it was erased and the continuing publications came to an end. It show that the worst crimes have larger frequency in Sweden than in USA.

It shows that Sweden is worse off than USA when it comes to worst crimes.

It is the same with all comparative statistical analyses. They are doomed when it comes anything involving populations or groups of populations.

[It certainly seems as if my intentions were to find something unfortunately on Sweden, but it was not, for sure!]




Dansk Forskning i Befolkningsforhold (Danish Reasearch on Population) – in Danish


January 5, 2008

Jihad in Europe

From: http://lionheartuk.blogspot.com

The time for talking has ended and a new era has begun. “



You Thought You Saw It Coming – You did not, You slept!

The View from Alexandria : “In advanced civilizations the period loosely called Alexandrian is usually associated with flexible morals, perfunctory religion, populist standards and cosmopolitan tastes, feminism, exotic cults, and the rapid turnover of high and low fads—in short, a falling away (which is all that decadence means) from the strictness of traditional rules, embodied in character and inforced from within. — Jacques Barzun 

…gets you an arrest warrant in the United Kingdom, home of the Magna Carta, and gets you fired from the Pentagon—while both are at war with it! Can you imagine, in the midst of World War II, the Churchill government putting out arrest warrants for anyone who spoke out against Nazism, and the Roosevelt War Department firing people who were critical of Hitler? I can’t either.  And I don’t think it would have improved the Allies’ chances of victory.”

The first blog in Denmark that got the warning from forces within the cadres of schoolteachers was http://Danmark.Wordpress.com . Try this and get it translated, we does not have the time:



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